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Coronavirus update

UK holidays and also holidays to Europe are all going ahead as scheduled

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Please be patient when contacting us,  we are a small company of only two staff

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Booking Your Flight

Please always try to book your flight through a website or agent who are ABTA and ATOL members and pay with a credit card..Book a flight with a COVID guarantee who will refund you if the holiday does not go ahead. (such as Easyjet)

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Brexit - travel rules have changed.

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Travel Insurance

Always make certain that you have insurance cover as soon as you book your holiday or flight. If you do not have an annual travel insurance policy you can take out cover just for the dates of your holiday at any point prior to the holiday taking place. The Post Office Travel Insurance includes cover fro Covid.

Taking out cover straight away ensures that should anything unexpected happen that is covered by the insurance policy  you can make a claim . Travel insurance policies vary enormously ALWAYS read the small print

Brexit and how it affects your travel

Passport You will now need at least three months validity left on your passport when travelling to an EU country and probably 6 months for further afield. Be especially careful if you renewed your passport early last time you renewed as this does not include the extra time on your passport between the actual renewal date and the date it was due for renewal. Follow this link, click on the country you are travelling to and then click on Entry Requirements

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)  which gave free, or reduced rate, healthcare when visiting the EU has been replaced with the UK Global Healthcare Insurance Card (GHIC).

This is free of charge, visit to obtain yours. You can continue to use your old EHIC until it expires. Neither of these cards covers Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. Do not forget to take out additional travel insurance as these cards do not cover all costs should you become sick or injured when in an EU country.
Remember that the GHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. It will not cover any private medical healthcare or costs, such being flown back to the UK, or lost or stolen property.

Updates - flight delays

My flight has been delayed. Can I get compensation?

Check the Citizens advice website for detailed information by following this link

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Airlines don't have to pay out for delays caused by snow because weather is classified as an "extraordinary circumstance" – though some airlines may issue a refund at their discretion. For those of you flying to India you are almost certainly on a non EU airline so contact them direct to see exactly what you are entitled to.

According to Which magazine you can challenge your airline if you don't agree there were extraordinary circumstances – for example, if you are told you can't fly due to the snow, but other flights are departing. "Airlines may stretch the definition of extraordinary circumstances further than they should."

Which Magazine  states:-

If the delay is not caused by extraordinary circumstances you will be entitled to compensation under EU rules, but only if you are flying with an airline based in the EU or with a non-EU-based airline flying from an EU airport, and only if the delay is for two hours or more. If you are flying somewhere else or with a non-EU-based airline not flying from the EU you'll have to check that carrier's terms and conditions.

If you are delayed for two hours or more you are entitled to: two free phone calls, faxes or e-mails; free food and drinks; and free hotel accommodation if you need to stay overnight.

If your flight arrives at its destination three hours or more late you will receive compensation of between €250 and €600, depending on how far your flight takes you. So you'll get €250 if your three hour-delayed flight travels 1,500km or less (ie, London to Amsterdam), but €600 if your plane is delayed by four hours or more and travels at least 3,500km (ie, London to Sydney).

My flight has been cancelled. Will I get my money back?

If your flight is cancelled you should be offered either a refund or an alternative flight to your original destination.

For compensation you will have to look to the EU rules again, though if the delay is caused by snow – and thus an extraordinary circumstance – you might not get anything. If you are covered by EU regulations you will be entitled to travel assistance (such as help with rebooking for a later date) as well as meals and accommodation etc. Check the official EU website for more on your rights.

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Welcome to Free Spirit Travel, UK's leading provider of yoga holidays


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Abra Willis

Abra Willis - Hatha Yoga & Yin Yoga

Abra has been practicing yoga for a long time  and has been teaching since 2014. 

She is Triyoga and British wheel of Yoga trained and she continues to attend many yoga workshops and courses continuing her yoga studies.

Abra teaches various styles of yoga including hatha, vinyasa flow, yin & restorative, alongside specialist classes for mental health and chair yoga.



Soulful Flow and Yin Yoga with Abra Willis

This will be a holiday of true wellbeing with two daily yoga practices.

We will slowly unfurl our bodies, exploring our yoga practice and on the way nurture our souls and just let that quiet revolution take place in the most beautiful surroundings.

The classes will be fun and we will let yoga make us happy ♥

Morning practice will consist of a soulful flow, carefully curated throughout the week to include conscious breathing and pranayama.

Evening practice is always yin, a deliciously soft, relaxing and vital practice ♥

Adrienne Riel

Iyengar Yoga with Adrienne Riel

Adrienne has been teaching yoga in South Oxfordshire, Reading and Henley area for just over ten years now. She has lots of experience teaching beginners and people who consider themselves ‘too stiff’ or ‘not flexible’ enough to do yoga, especially more mature students and men..

She is passionate about enabling those without confidence to stride forwards in their own personal practise to develop at their own pace in a non competitive class. Everyone is made to feel welcome.She has a gift for teaching with compassion and laughter, enabling those who doubt themselves to go beyond their own physical, emotional and spiritual expectations - leaving them full of confidence and delight in their own achievements.

‘It’s all about learning your own limitations and realising that each day we wake up our body and mind are different from the day before...’

Adrienne originally studied the Iyengar Method and became a certified teacher in 2009, she still maintains her own personal practice and professional development in her yoga teaching but presently is exploring her own style as she is free spirit ( no pun intended ) - using her experience to offer a fun environment in which students can learn and self progress.

I very much encourage people to build some home practise into their daily lives. Teaching on Zoom over lockdown has taught me a more down to earth style where people can use everyday household objects to enhance their yoga; sofa’s, chairs, walls, baked bean tins, dressing gown belts, doors and walls. I’m a great fan of walls, they teach us stability, alignment, offer support, great for simple inversions...tons of reasons to use a wall..The whole experience of being in peoples houses has been very intimate and lots of fun!’


Your Yoga Holiday

Morning classes will start with simple poses which will gradually move towards more advanced poses, ensuring we are working safely with maximum benefit to flexibility, strength and wellbeing.  We will use blocks, bricks, belts and blankets to help us achieve our full potential.  The class will end with a 15 minute relaxation leaving you energised for the day.

Evening classes will be a shorter session of recuperative passive poses, followed by deep relaxation and pranayama which will compliment the morning practice. 


'If you are travelling by yourself, so am I, so there will always be someone to chat, wine and dine with.  I aim to make everyone feel welcome into our holiday Iyengar yogic family'

"Words cannot convey the value of yoga - it has to be experienced"

Alessandra Margarito

Flow Yoga and Pilates with Alessandra Margarito

This is a week devoted to improving core strength and body alignment. There will be a Flowing Yoga class in the morning and a Pilates class in the afternoon.

Alessandra is an intuitive yoga teacher who is experienced at guiding students of all levels though the fundamental steps of their yoga practice. Her clear teaching approach is strongly influenced by studies of anatomy giving her an understanding of how to ease bodies of all shapes and sizes into a comfortable beneficial practice.


The morning Yoga class will be based on the precision and breath work of Hatha Yoga with emphasis on flow, to create an uplifting, yet grounding practise. We will work in a progressive manner throughout the week, building a foundation for a strong integral practice exploring both classical and creatively sequenced sun salutations. We will be using the awareness of the breath to aid movement and use movement as a focus for relaxation and will finish the morning practise with some restorative yoga.

The early evening class will be a creatively adapted Pilates matwork session, drawing from both the classical and the evolved repertoire, with emphasis given to moving to the rhythm of the breath. Over the week we will be exploring a series of sequences which will tone and strengthen the whole body thus perfectly complimenting the morning yoga practice.

Alessandra's creative approach to body alignment will benefit anybody who wishes to experience greater energy, dynamic relaxation and a sense of freedom in movement.

Alessandra enjoys teaching at all levels and runs workshops and retreats all over the world as well as running her own Yoga and Pilates studio in London.

For more information about Alessandra go to her website

Alex Reed

Alex Reed - Hatha Yoga

I’m Alex Reed and I started Good Life Yoga in 2013 in order to share my passion for yoga with people who need some balance in their busy lives.

It is my secret weapon against stress, anxiety and aging! Keeping strong and flexible in mind and body is proven to help us live longer and more fulfilling lives.

In my practice and classes I try to bring a fresh thought to each session – to find curiosity and genuine interest in what is happening in our minds and bodies on the mat.



My personal practice is influenced by some incredible teachers who were students of an innovative Italian yoga teacher called Vanda Scaravelli. She took traditional yoga practices deep into her own body and guided her students to do the same. Inspired by the youthfulness, joy for life and twinkle in the eye of these teachers

I try to practice and teach with fresh eyes and an open mind each time, guided by the bodies and personalities in the room.

My goal is to stay young as long as possible and help my students find their joy and youthful spirit too.


What to expect on a yoga break with Alex:

This is a holiday rather than a retreat so while the focus of the week is yoga, there will be plenty of time to relax, socialise and enjoy the local surroundings and on-site activities.

On offer will be two yoga sessions on the majority of days, an energising morning session featuring flowing sequences and a relaxing evening session prior to dinner; this could be restorative practice using bolsters or gentle postures, breathing practice and meditation.

One day will feature an optional silent group walk.

The rest of the day is yours to enjoy and make the most of this special time you've set aside for yourself. 

Ali Dyer

Ali is a Senior Yoga Teacher with 16 years teaching experience.  Ali's teaching style continually evolves being a reflection of continued study and self-development and the many hours supporting and working with students. What remains constant is her passion to keep learning and to keep sharing.  She is strongly influenced by kinesthetics and somatic bodywork thus supporting the mind-body to facilitate a deeper connection physically emotionally and mentally.  Ali's sense of humour and warmth keep classes fun and engaging whilst progressing students at their own level.



Her yoga tutelage and training includes SATYA with Tias Little, Anusara with Bridget Woods Kramer, Yin teacher training with Sarah Lo, iRest Yoga Nidra and Meditation training Level 1 & 2 with James Reeves, Restorative Yoga training with Judith Hansen Lassater.

Ali currently teaches privately and at several local Yoga Studios and training centres. Prior to teaching Ali was an event producer and [years] before that a Mounted Military Policewoman.  Yoga has been her greatest joy and solace - "it continually evolves with me, helping me find pathways to a more authentic, healthy and happy life"

During this holiday there will be two classes per day plus meditation:

Early morning Meditation [optional].  This will be a guided practice and suitable for all levels of experience. For newcomers a chance to learn in a progressive way and for seasoned meditators the opportunity to dive in a little deeper.

Morning Yoga sessions will begin with centering, after which we will awaken the body with gentle stretching before moving into a sweet and well-structured hatha flow.  We will wind down with cooling floor sequences, a little more stretching, a short meditation and Savasana.   You can expect to feel rejuvenated, energized and ready for the delights of the day.

In the Evenings the sessions will be gentle and tender enabling you to: connect with your mind-body; ease patterns of long held stress and tension and induce healing and wellbeing.  Each day will vary and include aspects of yoga such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra.

Ali's style of teaching is structured and fun.  The emphasis is on empowering students - through the sharing of knowledge and key teaching principles - to deepen their practice safely and effectively.  Suitable if you are a complete beginner or seasoned practitioner.  An opportunity to take time out of your busy life, to share fun and laughter, learn something new and experience happiness and wellbeing.

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you soon.





Allison Alexander

 Allison Alexander Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga

Allison Alexander is passionate about all aspects of yoga, and knows from her own experience how life enhancing and transformational this practice can be.

She loves to share the potential of yoga, believing it can help each of us cultivate deep inner fulfillment, a greater sense of meaning & freedom and a stronger connection with the natural rhythms of life

Her thoughtful teaching encourages you to find the joy of deep connection with the body, the heart, the mind and the soul.

Allison teaches a flow style practice, using the integration of breath and body to move from one wonderful posture to the next, holding the poses long enough to experience them deeply and uniquely for each person. In this way the practice becomes a moving meditation which has the potential to enhance physical strength & flexibility, improve psychological focus & concentration and create emotional peace & tranquility.

Allison has been influenced by the wisdom and experience of many wonderful teachers, and is fortunate to have been trained and encouraged by many knowledgeable yogis who have guided her and continue to do so.

For Allison yoga is a joyful  life long practice to which she is dedicated. She is continually expanding her knowledge and experience. She is an experienced 500 hour Yoga Alliance teacher, teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

All practices of Yoga will include asana, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation.


Start your day with an energising, joyful practice.

On this retreat the morning practice will be a grounding and energising Hatha Flow which will include asanas, pranayama, and meditation.
We will create strength & flexibility for the body, focus & concentration for the mind, peace and tranquility for heart and soul.

The evening practice will be a relaxing and restorative Yin and Yoga Nidra.

We start with a slow flow sequence, using the integration of breathe and body to move from one powerful posture to the next.

We will create warmth and heat for the body, focus & concentration for the mind, peace and tranquility for heart and soul.

Once the body is warm and supple we are ready to glide into the slow, held postures of the yin sequence.

Amy Redlar

Amy Redler Scaravelli Inspired Hatha Flowing Yoga

Amy is a health and well being expert with over 20 years experience of working with individuals and organizations as a yoga and Pilates and baby massage teacher and Thai Yoga Masseur. 

Her background is varied from working in 5 Star spas to drug and alcohol groups, schools and adult education as well as teaching on overseas yoga holidays. 

Amy was named one of Londons best complementary health practitioners in The London Evening Standard, and her work has been quoted and acknowledged by the media over the past 10 years, appearing in numerous publications such as The Times, The Sunday Times; Vogue; The Scotsman on Sunday and London's Time Out, Shape Magazine, Tattler and numerous other heath magazines.

She has appeared on BBC radio Scotland talking about yoga and has also appeared on Breakfast TV.


During the week's workshops we will learn ways to release tension, allowing the spine to lengthen, to awaken lazy muscles and calm down busy ones, learning to breathe and move more freely.

Particular attention will be given to breathing, to the work of gravity, and to the releasing of unnecessary and unhelpful muscle contraction and tension through breathing techniques and postures.

Amy's style of teaching is precise but flowing, fun yet structured. With an emphasis in releasing blocked energy and restoring the body's natural ability to enjoy and recuperate.

This course is suitable if you are a complete beginning in yoga or a teacher with many years experience and anywhere in between having the golden opportunity to spend some quality with yourself and take some time out of your busy life.


For more information about Amy visit her website at


Andi Theophilou

Flowing Hatha Yoga with Andi Theophilou

Andi has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching for 8 years.

She is a 500hr qualified teacher having trained with Yoga London and Jason Crandell Yoga, pre-natal training with Yogamama and she has recently completed Gary Carter's Anatomy and Movement training.  

She teaches mindful, Flowing Hatha Yoga. Her style is down to earth, playful and explorative, focussing on mindful movement, strengthening the body and calming the mind.

Slowing down the flow allows her students to become aware of their bodies and move with more control - it's challenging! One size doesn't fit all and Andi encourages individuals to adapt the practice to their own bodies and ranges of motion.

Andi also teaches relaxation sessions which are gentle and restorative, incorporating pranayama, myofascial release, meditative movement and somatic movement flows, which help to release tightness and tension in the whole body.



Andi will be offering two yoga sessions per day.

Classes will be flexible depending on the participants and will progress through the week as we build awareness, strength and stamina.

Typically the morning session include pranayama (breathing techniques), a warm up, flowing hatha yoga and will end with relaxation.

Classes will be themed focusing on concepts (e.g. Finding Balance, Effort and Ease), or in groups of asanas (e.g. backbends, forward bends, twists, balance),  the format will be flexible, according to the needs of the group.

The early evening session will be relaxing. This may focus on exploring groups of postures or parts of the body, somatic movement or myofascial release and end with a long relaxation to leave you feeling restored and revived.

Andrea Teja

nid%3D1693%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneYoga with Andrea

Andrea is accredited as a Yoga Elder by the Independent Yoga Network. She completed a 3 year training with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2000 and is also a BoxingYoga™ instructor.  She has many years experience in classical Raja Astanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga.
Andrea has developed her own teaching style through Nature's Rhythm Yoga which is based on traditional Hatha Yoga and comprised of 4 themed classes that attune you to the Moon's cycle, bringing you into the flow and coaching you in rhythm with the energies that make up the whole of our Universal existence and experience.

"Through my personal yoga practice I've realised that we each have our own story that is being told through our body, postural alignment, our lifestyle & developed habits. The yoga classes I teach are based on the Moon's cycle, using a variety of both dynamic and static postures as well as breathing techniques, mantra and the harmonic resonance of the solfeggio 396hz and 528hz sound bath chimes to teach others about the different energies that make up the whole of existence and for a deep journey into the heart where the body, mind and soul meet."

Andrea Turnball (Cook)

Hatha Yoga with Andrea Turnball

Andrea, after practising yoga for many years and realising how transformative the practice was and how it alleviated the stresses of her busy lifestyle, was well and truly bitten by the yoga bug. She subsequently completed her yoga teacher training withthe British Wheel of Yoga.

For Andrea, yoga is about health and happiness, cultivating balance and living with your heart wide open. 

She teaches Hatha yoga, combining creative sequencing, mindfulness, connection with the breath and relaxation, plus a dose of inspiration to help her students deepen their practice.


Happiness, peace, love and calm already exist within you.  Yoga is a personal journey that allows you to shine through, both on and off the mat.  Our practice will stretch and strengthen our bodies, teaching us to move mindfully and connect with our breath.  It will nourish our souls and teach us the freedom to be still.


Your Yoga Holiday

Our morning practice will be a balanced and holistic flow of sequences to energise you for the day.

Our evenings will be Zenyoga - to unwind with more restorative and relaxing Hatha Flow focusing on healing and letting go.

We will learn and practice pranayama and simple meditation techniques that will help to create a calm, creative and peaceful state of mind. 

We will also include yoga nidra and sleep preparation sessions.

"The Heightened awareness I experience through my practice is what continues to draw me to my mat.  My passion is to share the positive effects yoga has had upon my life in the hope of spreading this positive effect onto others"

" Hi Jilly, I wanted to let you know what a fabulous 2 weeks I had with Andrea and the group in this great location at Palm Tree Lodge.
Her teaching and dedication to the group were outstanding. From our gift at the beginning of the first lesson, all the way through to the beautiful closing class with decorated yoga shala and personalised cards. I have been doing yoga for 20 years and still learnt so much from her teaching and her kind hearted way of being. That so many of the group have already rebooked with her for next year says it all ! Wow.
Thank yo
u"   Melanie - Palm Tree Yoga, Kerala, India January 2020

Angela Hulm

Anglea Hulm - Iyengar Yoga

Angela Hulm has practised IYENGAR yoga since 1980, and taught in schools, and colleges for over 30 years.

She qualified as an Introductory IYENGAR yoga teacher in 2005, and as a Junior Intermediate Level 1 teacher in 2008 so she can support you to practice gently, or to challenge your self with deeper practices and a fuller range of postures. Angie lives in West Wickham, Bromley, Kent and teaches in local halls. Angela also has a fully equipped At Home yoga studio with dwi pada viparita dandasana bench, rope wall and yoga swings.

Warm hearted, passionate and knowledgeable; Angie will help you to learn how to practice Iyengar yoga. 

She attends regular classes with senior Iyengar teachers, and in 2016 was taught at RIMIYI in Pune, India the home Iyengar yoga


About Iyengar Yoga

The Iyengar method of yoga is named after our teacher Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar.

The teaching helps you focus on correct alignment of the body in poses ensuring you’re working safely, with maximum benefit to your flexibility, strength and wellbeing.
Classes generally start with simple poses and gradually move towards more advanced poses, ending with a period of relaxation. Props, such as blocks and belts may be used to enable you to work correctly and achieve your full potential.

The postures are very precise and you will be guided through them by Angela who is qualified to make appropriate adjustments for different physiques. You will leave the class feeling lighter and calmer. The benefits of Iyengar yoga are greater flexibility and strength, and better physical health.

As you continue with your practice, psychological and spiritual benefits begin to appear. 


Website:       Facebook:

Angus Ford-Robertson
Angus began teaching meditation in 1999 when he was invited to teach in UK Prisons by the Prison Phoenix Trust. In 2001 he qualified as Yoga teacher in Canada, trained by the Sivananda Organisation. Since then, he has been teaching full-time as Director of the award-winning Battersea Yoga Centre in London. He teaches internationally each year at spiritual centers around the world.
Much of his teaching is informed by his time spent with Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) and Ajahn Sumedho at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in the UK. 
With regards to Yoga, his style is deep, gentle and elemental - integrating a wide spectrum of Yoga styles; Hatha, Vinyasa, Scaravelli, Yin, Restorative, Mindful, and Bioenergetic. Expect the unexpected, the left of centre and lots of fun.
Angus is a qualified practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist and holds a Diploma with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. He specializes in the treatment of stress-related conditions. He is also a Rosen-inspired massage therapist, offering hands-on therapeutic work on most retreats and holidays.
He is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and is employed by the NHS to provide specialist mindfulness courses.
Beyond yoga, motorbikes, songwriting and roaming the planet, Angus' other loves include his partner Nadia, his three boys Rowan, Conor & Finlay and his daughter Freya.
Ann Brandon

Ann Brandon - Hatha Yoga

Ann has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years. 

She trained with British Wheel of Yoga obtaining 500 hour certification. 

She has also undertaken BWY Meditation module, Yin Yoga training with Norman Blair and recently BWY chair yoga for seniors. 

She continues to update her training with workshops and retreats in the UK and overseas.

Her approach to yoga is lighthearted and fun whilst paying particular attention to alignment and breath and making yoga accessible to all with modifications and use of props.  She is a lover of being upside down and her classes often include opportunities for inversion.


On some of her yoga holidays Ann teaches with Katy Broomfield details below


Katy Broomfield - Hatha Yoga

Katy has trained with the British Wheel of Yoga (500) hours and is an advanced yoga instructor, with 20 years’ experience in teaching.

She runs private classes from the yoga studio she set up in 2021 and is also certified in Prenatal yoga, Yin yoga with Norman Blair, Thai Yin, and Meditation. She is a BWY Foundation course instructor and has completed the foundation in Yoga Therapy. Her latest training is linking her M.A art with a foundation M.A in psychotherapy.

Katy takes a slow approach in her yoga classes with a focus on good alignment, she creatively weaves breathwork and props to modify postures to suit everyone.

Her classes are deep, fun, and experiential.

Anna Georgiou

Anna Georgiou (BWY Dip)

Anna began practising yoga in 1999, and qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2007, followed by a further month's study at the Khrisnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India in Feb 2008. 

Prior to her yoga training, Anna studied Reflexology, Massage and Dance. She has also studied with some of the world's leading teachers: Sarah Powers, Donna Farhi, Paul Grilley and Max Strom.

Anna's teaching is influenced by different styles of Hatha yoga.

Her approach is creative and welcoming and she delivers a safe and well rounded class which can be enjoyed by all levels and ages.   With attention to alignment and a focus on breath and movement co-ordination, her class caters for the individual, allowing to build strength and flexibility, promoting a healthy, happy and balanced life!

This retreat will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy two yoga sessions per day, allowing the individual  to build and take their yoga practice to a deeper level. We will explore different types of Asana, pranayama, meditation, and Yoga Nidra (deep yogic relaxation).

The morning session will be dynamic and energising, while the evening session will include more restorative and rejuvenative  work with some Yin postures to help balance the Yang active posture work of the morning. 

There will also be plenty of time to relax during the day, helping to bring harmony back to mind and body!


Anna Wolfenden

Scaravelli Inspired Hatha Yoga

This week of Scaravelli-inspired Hatha yoga, led by Anna Wolfenden of the Yoga Studio in Southwold, will provide an opportunity to develop a personal yoga practice in a beautiful setting. It will focus on finding ways to unravel the body to experience freedom in the postures and develop a deeper understanding of how yoga may be useful in everyday life. Hatha yoga is primarily the study of postures (asana), breathing with awareness and attention (Pranayama) and relaxation.
Anna's yoga, inspired by the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli, is shaped by the attentiveness to the breath and the journey of undoing tension to reach the pose, rather than just doing the pose. As we learn to become more attentive to the breath and make friends with gravity, we are better able to find the poses without tension or resistance. This is indeed a yoga holiday which will provide the chance to practise more intensively in a beautiful place.
Anne-Marie Newland


Anne-Marie qualified in 1984 with Swami Vishnu Devananda of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Neyyar Dam India

What is Yoga?

I always begin my courses with this most important question; what does the word Yoga mean? I ask my class how many of them were told the meaning of this Sanskrit word. I have not had anyone put up his or her hand and say 'me!'

I started my Teacher Training School in 2003. I had studied Iyengar back in 1976 with Maxine Tobias when Iyengar visited the UK. I enjoyed the technique and strict alignment but felt there was something missing. I did not know then that Iyengar was not an integrated Yoga; in other words the pranayama, basic meditation principles, theory and asana brought together in one class. During my years as a Dancer, Drummer and Fashion designer I was lead through a series of Epiphanies to the doors of the Sivananda Yoga Centre London.

That was in 1983. My life changed forever. After keeping to the Sivananda principles for many years I started to train in Astanga with some eminent teachers and found the grace and strength changed another part of my practice. However all the styles I had practiced did not provide for me the teachings and principles of the mind, body and breath that Sivananda did. But I am creative and passionate and desire knowledge and truth from all I do. Yoga is to work together, Mind, Body and Breath

I realised that I had boxes of knowledge stored in my head and heart. I opened them up and Sun Power Yoga was born. I have had the privilege of learning more than one style of Yoga each one giving another dimension to my own personal practice and to my levels of technique but in the end Yoga is a Spiritual Path and in no way could I claim to be a Yoga teacher or trainer if I did not embrace the very essence of Yoga.

I read a book recently by a very knowledgeable teacher. The content and instructions were as good as mine! In other words
I was reading from an experienced teacher with great observational skills and detailed eye for Anatomy. But in the first chapter she said we would find no reference to Yoga theory or its Spiritual roots. I was a little surprised and disappointed. Swami Vishnu always said the Yoga would have to bend to accommodate the Western Mind but I don't believe it should be compromised!

It takes courage to practice the OM at the end of the class but to have knowledge and not to give it is a sin. Deciding who to give your knowledge to should be based on the layering of that knowledge, sprinkling the seeds so that they grow but to deny your students the experience to make up their own minds is just arrogance. I encourage our teachers to be Authentic, Honest, Courageous, to show humility, to learn from their students and to be truthful to them. We want you to be a teacher who wants to teach for all the right reasons not because it may make you money, though that's great too but to know why you are teaching.

Yoga Family

Breathing as One. The Yoga Family means that no matter what our age or background Yoga is an aid to a busy and often stressful life. Families are the anchor to a happy child or an appreciated parent.
Practicing this Ancient Art as a family is healing, restoring and joyful.

Sun Power Yoga is a Family and our school has built a community to support each other and to be respected by each other. In the end it takes not only THE EYE AND THE HAND BUT ALSO THE HEART to be an INSPIRATIONAL YOGA TEACHER. We are made up of Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents, of young people from all backgrounds, races and religious backgrounds.

We consider it our responsibility to aid the transformation of our students into the people they aspire to be.

The Subtle Body and the Physical Body

Learning to teach Yoga to others requires the knowledge of the body, its Anatomy and Physiology and how the systems of the body work. For me; the work of Sivananda has been profound because as a Medical Doctor, he understood the body and its relationship to the mind.

There is another body too, the Subtle body the body that works with the Chakras and the emotional body. The word Hatha is often misunderstood. It is not a style of Yoga but a Path of Yoga. It is the physical aspect of Yoga Philosophy. Raja Yoga is the road to Meditation and is the highest Road, Karma Yoga the Yoga of Selfless service such as the work of Mother Theresa for instance. Bhakti Yoga the Yoga of Devotion and Jana of Knowledge, these are paths we can take to finding out about our Spiritual goal. So Hatha yoga is a journey from outside in. As we are human we think we carry our body so it is an excellent place to begin!

Knowledge cannot be given by word thought and deed only; you must also add the heart

Annie Hayes-Pantony

Annie Hayes-Pantony Vinyasa Flow Yoga

My mission is to help people on their journey to find the best version of themselves, finding strength mentally, physically and emotionally.

My hope is that I will inspire even those new to yoga, with my enthusiasm and energy.

I will always adapt and modify my teaching to allow everyone to feel included and welcome in my class, without exception.



“We can only do what we can do in this moment and that is enough”



My practice
I specialise in vinyasa flow, focusing on the breath(pranayama) through the fluidity of the postures (asanas)

Focusing on our breath helps us be in the moment while helping our body transition through a sequence of postures.

My practice will help you build body strength along with the core focus always being on the mind.

My mindful approach using yoga philosophy in my classes will help you delve deeper into your practice, and my well-being approach will serve to feed your heart, body, mind and soul.

In a loving, kind way I will lead you through stretching, strengthening and toning your body, giving gentle adjustments to allow you to deepen your practice.


RYS 200 yoga alliance in Greece
RYS 300 yoga alliance in Turkey
Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga with Yoga Mammas Putney
All qualifications meet required standards of Yoga Alliance UK


Antonello Di Curzio

Antonello Di Curzio is a Senior Yoga Teacher.

His registered as E-RYT 500, ÔÇ£an authorized Director and/or Primary Instructor of a 200 and/or 500-Hour teacher training programÔÇØ.

He underwent extensive training in many areas of the Yoga system under the guidance of the world renowned masters he was lucky to study with.

He also specialises in anatomy, which informs the healthy movement patterns, the postures and variations used and the structure of the practice he delivers.


Antonello teaches a creative, yet therapeutic, form of dynamic yoga that maximises the benefits of the practice and results in a more round and uplifting experience.


Classes unfold organically, so all abilities (except complete beginners) are welcome.


For more information on Antonello visit his website at


Babs Lehner-Platts

nid%3D1071%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneVinyasa Flow Yoga with Babs Lehner-Platts

You can choose to transform anything in your life and a yoga retreat with Babs provides a great environment to make a start!

Having successfully led numerous international retreats, Babs teaches in a holistic and very intuitive way. Every retreat is different, as are her students. She creates a unique program, which allows everyone to learn at their own pace whilst experiencing Yoga as part of a group.

Babs teaches Vinyasa Flow, a purifying and re-balancing practice where breath and body movement are one.


She encourages you with clear instructions, giving detailed explanations and corrections on alignment throughout.


The class is designed for any age or fitness level and make it the perfect program from the beginner to the more experienced student.  Babs invites you to learn more about philosophy and the spiritual aspects of Yoga, such as meditation and self enquiry, to help you deepen your understanding and practice.


Babs understands her student's need to have a 'good time'  so there is always time to chill out and have a laugh as well!  You can enjoy your private space and/or being part of a group. 


A typical Vinyasa class will start with Pranayama (breath control), followed by flowing sequences of standing postures, incorporating balances leading into mat work to focus on core stability, stamina and flexibility.


Deep stretches, relaxation and meditation will bring the class to a close


For more details on Babs visit her website at




Barbara Gordon

Sivanada Yoga with Barbara Gordon

Sivananda is a soft gentle style of yoga with emphasis on breathing and relaxation. Barbara is one of the original Free Spirit teachers, highly qualified with extensive knowledge and a respected Yoga Teacher Trainer.  

Born in Scotland, she began her yoga studies in London and from there went to the Sivananda Ashram in Val Morin Canada to study with Swami Vishnudevananda in the Sivananda style of teaching yoga.   


"Having taught for over 40 years I teach from my experience and understanding of the human body that I have gained over this time.

Each person is an individual and this is how I teach. Once I start to work with people I can intuit what each individual needs, every body is different. When working with a group there is the opportunity to develop each person as they require.   

Each class contains asanas pranayama and meditation and according to the group needs it can be adapted to suit. I discuss this at the beginning of your week. "   


  Classes are ideal for beginners or advanced.


Barbara also holds regular Teacher Trainings 3 weeks in length, usually held overseas, culminating in a Yoga Alliance 200 hours teaching certificate.  These can be found in our Training section of our website.



Becky Crepsley-Fox (Spooner)

Becky Crepsley-Fox (formerly Spooner)

Becky was born in Somerset and always dreamed of becoming a dancer. At age 18 she gained a place at Stella Mann professional dance school and trained for 3 years to become a professional dancer.

Upon graduating, Becky started working front of house at a gym and attended her first yoga class.

She started using yoga as a tool to increase her strength and flexibility for dancing but the more she practised yoga the less she wanted to dance.

Becky soon took her first of three (so far) yoga teacher trainings and started teaching yoga right away. Alongside the yoga training, Becky also trained to become a personal trainer and a children's yoga teacher.

Now Becky loves yoga for the physical and mental benefits, she has taken meditation courses and is a tantra practitioner.

Becky now lives in north London with her partner and 3 cats. teaches 5 styles of yoga; Hatha, Vinyasa, Rocket, Ashtanga and Yin and teaches full time in yoga studios around North/East London.

In Becky's classes, you can expect creative sequencing and a strong emphasis on the breath. Becky is very good at  adapting a class to mixed level groups, always teaching with many variations so everyone in the class can practise to their own abilities.

Becky uses her knowledge of the body from her dance and personal training schooling, her knowledge of the mind from meditation and tantra education and her knowledge of yoga from all the many styles she practises and teaches.

She uses all of this information to create inventive and inspiring yoga classes.

On the retreat, the morning classes will be based on uplifting energetic energies giving you the vitality you need for the day and the evening classes will be based around grounding energies to get you relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.



Becky May

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Becky May

Becky first came to yoga in 2001 during her university finals and was blown away by its calming yet energising effects.    


She went on to practise hatha yoga for a number of years, before discovering ashtanga yoga in Coventry in 2006. She immediately fell in love with the dynamic style and its tradition of regular, steady practice to heal the body and calm the mind, and eventually trained to teach ashtanga under the instruction of her teacher, Ervin Menyhart, alongside teacher training with the internationally renowned David Swenson in 2007.   


In 2012, Becky also completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher training in vinyasa krama sequencing with the Freestyle Yoga Project, to enable her to teach vinyasa flow classes alongside ashtanga.  She regularly attends workshops with renowned teachers such as Richard Freeman, John Scott, Kino McGregor, Liz Lark, Hamish Hendry, Joey Miles and Nancy Gilgoff, in order to keep improving both her own practice and her teaching.  She remains an avid ashtangi in her personal practice but enjoys mixing it up in her teaching!       


She has been teaching vinyasa flow and ashtanga classes in Warwickshire for the last eight years and has also led retreats in Morocco teaching yoga to surfers and in France, working with skiiers/ snowboarders, allowing her to indulge her own love of getting active in the great outdoors!    


Becky is also a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and is fascinated by anatomy and how the body works. She enjoys using intelligent sequencing to work up to challenging postures, allowing the body to open up gradually yet deeply.   


Her classes are challenging but always fun, accessible and inclusive, by providing lots of options through the class and lots of encouragement – the first stage is believing in yourself! Becky also provides a lot of information about the body through the classes and uses her knowledge to tune into individual needs quickly, using intuitive, tailored adjustments.    


On this retreat expect a strong vinyasa flow morning class to get you fired up for the day, and a more gentle evening class with deep stretching and guided relaxation, including yoga nidra.  The week will also incorporate daily pranayama (breath-work) and guided meditation and we will also look at some of the philosophy behind yoga by focusing on a different theme from the yoga sutras each day.   


Her aim is that you leave feeling informed, refreshed, relaxed and inspired!

Bella Somerville

Bella Somerville

Bella’s yogic path has led her from a tea estate in Sri Lanka where she was born and where she spent her early years surrounded by eastern philosophies and spiritual practices, to the present day as an adopted ‘Brightonian’, coming to this vibrant city to visit friends in between her travels, and never leaving.

She experienced her first yoga class in 2000 and she’s not looked back since, subsequently spending the last 17 years dedicating herself to developing her spiritual practice both on and off the mat.

She is registered with Yoga Alliance UK having completed her training with Allie Hill and teaches full-time in Brighton and the Sussex area where she is a popular instructor within the local community. She has taught at the Brighton Yoga Festival for the last 2 years as well as regularly donating her teaching skills to charities and local events.


Bella teaches hatha and vinyasa flow, as well as more meditative yin and restorative practices.

Her classes are creative and playful with an emphasis on strengthening the body, calming the mind and staying centred because as she says: “nothing is more precious than being in this present moment, fully alive, fully aware”.  

Her teaching is compassionate and honest, always inviting students to be curious in their practice, weaving inspirational quotes and yogic texts into her classes, yet always relating to the bigger picture by encouraging students to be in harmony with themselves not just on their mats but also in their lives.

Added to this is her contagious energy and deep passion for sharing the benefits of yoga with all ability levels, no matter what age, size or experience so students leave her classes feeling inspired and alive!


About the Kerala Retreat

India is the home of yoga and what better place to experience this spiritual practice than in the tropical warmth of Kerala in early April. It seems natural that we associate feeling warm with a sense of well-being and relaxation, and when the body is warm, the muscles and connective tissue become more elastic allowing you to go deeper into a yoga pose as the body opens and becomes more flexible.

This retreat is open to all levels as modifications and variations will be given throughout so beginners as well as those with a more skilled practice will be safely challenged.

Each class will be an eclectic hatha experience, with a focus on the fundamentals of a structurally sound yoga practice. Precise alignment in standing, seated and reclined poses are woven together by a slow flow, and each session focuses on a unique foundational movement pattern and is sequenced to steadily build those movement patterns into more challenging asana.

The morning classes will start with centering and pranayama (breath work) to cleanse, ground and energise us, before moving into a deeper, invigorating combination of hatha and vinyasa flow yoga. With a sense of playfulness and exploration, each student on their individual level will work on improving flexibility, strength, stamina and balance, delving deeper into postures empowered by their breath.

The late afternoon sessions will be a yin-yang practice, a more explorative and workshop-style class, bringing into balance the passive and active aspects of yoga with energising yet restorative asana, holding postures longer to allow a deeper release both in the mind and body.

Bella makes an ideal host for our retreat to Kerala having travelled extensively in India, and through her upbringing feels naturally at home on the subcontinent. A great listener, with an infectious laugh, and zest for life, she intends her retreats to be fun and uplifting, a chance to make new friends and discover the amazing culture of India, and above all, a transformative yoga journey into the self, by the self, for the self.


“The Yoga retreat in Turkey with Bella was an incredible experience and I am still buzzing from it!  The hotel staff were all so professional and kind, everything was at hand, the food, pool, and all the facilities, just superb. What made the holiday sublime, however, was the incredible yoga we shared.
Bella set such an inclusive tone where all levels were able to access the practice in their own way. The excursions were wonderful and I still smile when I remember swimming next to the waterfall after our into the mountains. I would recommend Free Spirit with Bella to anyone who is a seasoned yogi or even a complete beginner.  Bella is a very special teacher indeed and her experience in running retreats certainly shows.  The sense of warmth and cohesion in the group was something very special.  I will be booking again, of this I am certain. Thank you for some very special memories as well as the fantastic yoga.”

Mary-Lou - September 2022


I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful Yoga holiday I had with Bella in Ischia. Her yoga as always was inventive, stimulating and sensitive to all the Yogi's on the holiday. Her passion to make the holiday (we call it a holiday rather than a retreat!) a wonderful experience for all of us, was embraced by open arms by the Yogi's. The group bonded extremely well and we spent most of the time in each other's company. The hotel with Michele as our main point of contact was perfect for this week - he looked after us very well.  The food (delicious), accommodation (simple but clean) and surrounds ...breath taking ... were a delight Thank you!

Lisa Baderoon - September 2017


Dear Bella, Thank you so much for such a positive and uplifting experience in Kovalam, and for your wise counsel. I have not felt so calm and relaxed for a very long time. I feel so very privileged to have been part of this retreat, meeting such a great group of people and the yoga. I already knew you were a good yoga teacher but the thought and planning which you had clearly put into each session was exceptional! Thank you and love,

Alison McMillan-Puri - Palm Tree Kerala April 2017

Beth Win

nid%3D808%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneBeth Win - Urban Yoga Monkey

This intimate weekend break in beautiful Italy will offer 6 yogamonks* sessions that invite you to explore your mind, body and spirit. The practice leads to physical release, emotional expansion and mental clarity.

The Yogamonks method introduces a loving and holistic way in which to move, making your yoga practice inspiring, effective, fulfilling and transformative. Therapeutic massage, accupressure and reiki are available at special retreat-discounted rates

Expect Dynamic Vinyasa that will challenge you to your very core and involve your entire being.

Learn how to practice with precision, move with fluidity and grace as you discover your own path to effortless and expansive living.


"I use the Yogamonks method to stimulate the muscle of awareness as its this awareness that reveals our attachments to our conditionality.

Beneath this however our awareness strengthens our connection to our heart and our true, authentic nature"


For more information on Beth Win visit

Bev Hethrington

Beverley Hetherington - Yin & Yang Flow Yoga

Hello, I’m a Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist and Yoga Teacher and I live in Brighton.

I have been practicing yoga since being introduced to it by my mum when I was 8 years old . I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Allie Hill and Toni Ann Roberts and have been teaching since 2012.

My  post graduate yoga includes training with  Ellen Lee, John Stirk, Gary Carter, Amarjeet Bhamra, Jim Tarran, Marc Aquaviva, Tabitha Tarran and Ben Wolff to name a few, along with completing a Partner Yoga Teacher Training with Sevanti of Unity Studio Brighton.

Classes begin with a question to the students; is there any specific area you would like to focus on for your practice today?  Once the areas of focus have been established if requested the class begins, which often includes learning the mechanics of the postures as we transition and the opportunity for students to ask questions.

This way the class can be offered to benefit all levels giving each student the chance to do as much or as little as their breath, body and practice requests.

In addition I often relate to how we function internally, enabling us to gain a deeper awareness of how the postures help us to connect.

For me yoga offers the time to become aware of how the breath leads the body into movement whilst the mind observes, this gives us the opportunity to acknowledge and expand the space between our thoughts, inviting us to delve deeper into the moving meditation that is our yoga practice.

Our Weekend Of Wellness at Champneys Spa Henlow

We meet our fellow yogis and introduce ourselves.
Following getting to know each other a little we move towards our opening Hatha flow practice and observe the connection between breath, body and brain.
Our yang approach invites us to be aware of the superficial muscles in the body, which love warmth and movement enabling us to ease our journey away and settle into our body and surroundings.

After practice we freshen up and meet for dinner, if you wish to dine alone you are most welcome.


Saturday Sunrise Practice; we begin sitting in contemplation and meditation. Slowly we invite an awareness of the breath rhythm and this guides us towards our solar powered practice, we finish with pranayama (breath control) to cleanse and prepare the body for the day.

Afternoon Yin/Yang Practice; we begin with yin, slowly transition into yang and return to yin. Yin yoga gives us the opportunity to sit with ourselves and explore, as we hold the asanas (postures) for longer periods of time this evolves into a deeply meditative practice. Our yang practice by contrast to the earlier stillness will invite mantra (chanting) and mudras (hand gestures) both empowering the exit of obstacles from mind, body and soul.


Sunday Sunrise Practice; we begin sitting in contemplation and meditation. We find a friend and invite the awareness of the breath rhythm together. This offers the practice of partner yoga to unfold as we are able to support and surrender with trust at the same time. This fun, playful practice offers the opportunity to learn about our partners practice as well as our own and how some asanas are far more accessible with the support of another.
We move towards closing our practice together with hand massage and giving thanks to each other for our weekend.


During our time together I will be teaching techniques for continued self regulation so when we return home we may use these to remain grounded and calm.



Brigitte Riley (formerly Brigitte Rooney)

   Brigitte Riley - Hatha Flow Yoga

* Please note Brigitte's holidays are not suitable for beginners

Brigitte has been an established yoga teacher for 19 years.

She is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, which is the highest accolade in professional yoga teaching.

She is always evolving her teachings and is particularly recognised for her in-depth anatomy and biomechanical knowledge.

Her expertise lies in correcting mis-alignments within the outer physical body, as well as yoga practices that promote therapeutic healing for the inner subtle body.

Brigitte is also known for her love of fluid creative vinyasa flow, her unique playlists, her inspiring writings, her philosophy on life and her ‘keeping it real’ wisdom. Her authenticity, natural warmth, playfulness and heartfelt approach radiate through in to her teachings.

Her mission is to encourage students to not only open up their bodies, but also their minds, so that they may discover new levels of healing, opportunity, possibility, creativity, transformation and adventure in order to live the most amazing life possible.


Morning sessions will begin with a quiet centering, followed by Pranayama then a Creative Vinyasa Flow practice, closing with Meditation and Relaxation.

In the Evenings the sessions will be slower and will vary each day to include all aspects of yoga such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Somatics, Pranayama and Chanting.


Brigitte’s beautifully designed classes are a culmination of her years of experience and her innate ability to connect with her students. She manages to gently encourage her beginners, yet stretch her experienced yoginis; to be soulful, yet playful, all at the same time. Brigitte’s authenticity and wonderful philosophy make every session meaningful, and her teachings always inspire me to take something forward into my daily life. Whether it’s vinyasa, yin, meditation, or nidra, she brings her own unique magic every time, and her sessions and retreats always leave me feeling ‘smoothed out’ in both body and mind.  – Lorie

Brigitte’s classes are inspiring and profoundly moving, the perspective that she brings is one that always resonates on a deep level with me. The flowing commentary, instruction and spiritual reflections are simply beautiful. There is something hypnotic about her classes because the physical and mental focus are entwined to support each other. Brigitte has a soothing reassuring warmth in her voice conveying expression and real clarity, which gives me clarity over the minor tribulations in my every day life. I continually feel a freshness, depth and new energy to my own practice now, as what I have learned comes back to me in little realisations every now and again. Through Brigitte’s teachings, I actually feel different about myself and the world around me. I hope in the future many more people will get to experience and appreciate the gift of yoga practice with this special lady. – Sharon

Brigitte is an amazing person and brings all her skills, passion, compassion and joy of life in to her classes. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you always learn something new to help you on your journey. – Deborah

Brigitte teaches from the heart, underpinned by a wealth of knowledge and experience. She just seems to know when you need an easier option or when you need to be challenged. Her vinyasa classes can be strong and dynamic or smooth and soulful. Her yin classes will stretch your muscles and her restorative classes leave you nourished. She can guide you in meditation and relax you with yoga nidra. Her urban retreat days and her international retreat holidays will leave you completely refreshed and relaxed. Brigitte is a compassionate and caring person with a love of life and a sense of humour. – Karen








Carmen Dolz

Carmen Dolz
Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner
Qigong teacher
Natural Nutritionist

Carmen is a Brighton-based holistic therapist who offers Jin Shin Jyutsu, Qigong and natural nutrition.

She is interested in promoting self-care for health and wellbeing. She treats people on a one-to-one basis and teaches both Jin Shin Jyutsu (self-help) and Qigong.

She has been practicing Qigong for the last 12 years and last year she qualified as a Qigong teacher so that she can spread the word even further.

Qigong for yoga holidays

This year Carmen is working with our yoga teacher Kathryn Banks for a week of yoga , qigong and optional classes of the other therapies Carmen teaches. They are teaching at Dalyan Delta in Turkey and this is a fantastic opportuinty to combine your yoga practice with some additional skills.
The Qigong we will be practicing is called Yuan Gong. It can activate and promote the energetic flows in the body. Qi (pron. ‘Chee’) -life force, vital energy- and blood will flow more smoothly and harmoniously. This will not only make one feel refreshed and light but also improve health. It can also strengthen the physical structures such as the skin, muscles, tendons and extremities. It will combine beautifully well with Kathryn’s yoga class.

We will be doing around 4 hours of practice (one  class of yoga and one class of Qigong) a day.

Please visit for more information on the type of Qigong that Carmen will be teaching in the retreat.

Caroline Wickham

Caroline Wickham - Hatha Yoga Flow

‘Enthusiasm, Energy & Experience’  This is how Caroline’s students have described her and why they enjoy her classes so much! She has a long-standing teaching background, originally trained as Physical Education teacher specialising in Human Movement Studies. She started her Yoga teaching career in Guernsey back in 2006 and has witnessed many shifts and changes in the yoga world. She has enjoyed taking Free Spirit retreats since 2013.  An eclectic mix of Hatha, Flowing Therapeutic and Yin Yoga. Caroline’s classes will be challenging, creative, exciting and with an emphasis on ‘fun’. Her classes will focus on the needs of the students and offering the best suited postures to help heal injuries and release tight joints. The intention will always be maintaining optimal health and good energy flow. This practice is open to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced students and teachers.

Your Yoga
Caroline will make sure you get an all-encompassing experience during your yoga retreat. Each day will commence with the option of early morning meditation and pranayama with opportunities to chant and learn about healing mantra. If you don’t already have a meditation practice, this is a great opportunity to start. There will be a short break before the morning Hatha yoga session, which will consist of vinyasa flow to heat the body and then specific work on selected asana. Each yoga class with follow a theme or have a specific intention so that our work on the mat relates back to yoga principles and into life off the mat.

The afternoon yoga session will complement the morning one so that we maintain a good balance of Yin and Yang, dynamic and yielding, energising and healing.  There will be plenty of opportunity for yoga nidra and relaxation.  Caroline holds the Advanced BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) Diploma and is recognised by the European Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation, the world governing body of Yoga.  She originally qualified as an advanced SunPower teacher with Anne-Marie Newland in 2008. She has also studied under the expert tuition of Duncan Wong, Ana Forrest and Cameron Shayne and recently qualified as a Qigong Yoga teacher with Mimi Kuo-Deemer. She is constantly learning and adapting her teaching skills to suit the individual needs of her students.

Her most outstanding achievement as a Yoga teacher has been a long-standing commitment to teaching in the Guernsey Prison (with  the Prison Phoenix Trust) and helping inmates find meaning, purpose and healing in their lives. 

Cat Duval

Nine Lives Yoga with Cat Duval

Nine Lives Yoga is all about living every breath with presence and playfulness.  Experience how yoga can inspire you to live life passionately, playfully and fearlessly with an open heart, a free mind and a strong, flexi and capable body. 

The only one who has the power to give you that permission is you

About Cat Duval
Yoga is my life and Acroyoga is my passion.  I take a multi-disciplinary approach and am trained in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Unity Partner Yoga, Sun Moon Partner and Community Yoga, Acroyoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Positive Visualisation, Hypnosis and NLP as a Practitioner.  I completed my first teacher training qualification in 2010 and have been continuing my training regularly ever since.

My intention is rooted in engaging with people of all shapes and sizes and abilities and making yoga accessible.  Yoga is for everybody with every body type and is a pathway for growth and expansion in ourselves, so we can be empowered, confident in our skin whatever our shape and fully present in our lives.  
There are so many wonderful techniques that help us carve our own way forward.  I love working with people individually, or in partners and groups, to create programmes that suits personal motivations and aspirations. Helping yoga students develop and wholeheartedly embody their own practice.

For more information visit my website

Catherine Annis

Originally a professional dancer, Catherine Annis has been practicing yoga for nearly 30 years, and is well known for her imaginative and light hearted approach.


She holds a Masters degree in ballet studies and is a qualified Thai massage practitioner, and it is this interest in the body that informs her practice and teaching.


Catherine studied Iyengar, Astanga and various forms of Hatha yoga before gravitating to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, and now teaches one of the few Scaravelli inspired teacher training courses in the UK.


Classes are generally slow paced and alignment focused, unfolding gently to release long held habitual movement patterns and reveal the natural freedom of the body, particularly the spine.
The yoga is suitable for everyone, including complete beginners and more experienced students. The retreat will be the perfect antidote to busy lives. During our time together we will learn to move with more ease and freedom and explore fresh new ways of looking at our practice.
There will be two classes each day, including some meditation and breathing practice. Moving at our own, individual pace, we will learn to relax completely, let go of unnecessary tension, and move closer to the quietness that is inside each of us.


For more information, please visit Catherine's website:


Catherine Gallagher

Catherine Gallagher - Hatha Flow & Restorative Yoga

Catherine completed her teacher training at "Be-Yoga" in May 2016 and completed another 200 hour qualification with Rachel Brathen "yoga girl" in Aruba in October 2017.

Catherine's advanced teacher training qualification is why Vidya Heisel at Frog Lotus Yoga International, Spain

Catherine has worked extensively in this industry since initially qualifying and beginning her yoga teaching career as the residential yoga teacher within the London headquarters of a global corporation.

Since leaving London, Catherine has run her own classes, workshops, private sessions and led daily classes at commercial studios and spas around Sussex.


Catherine now specialises in running international and UK yoga retreats. Her classes and retreats focus on compassion, acceptance and self-love combining both dynamic asana practice, pranayama, meditation and deeply restorative relaxation techniques, taught truly from the heart.

Retreat classes:
·    Progressive themed and thoroughly planned 90 minute morning Vinyasa Flow classes
·    Deep 90 min evening Restorative yoga classes to find your Zen
·    One guided yoga nidra session
·    Extra Private tuition available


For more information, please visit Catherine's website


Celest Pereira

A professionally trained dancer and marital artist, with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy; Celest is a yoga teacher with true depth of knowledge and awareness on the body, how it works and what it can do.


Her love for yoga started ten years ago in London and this love for yoga took her on a journey to India, the spiritual home of yoga, seeking to really understand the philosophy and history of this great discipline and art form.


Celest describes yoga as a 'living art' because in her eyes it keeps changing and transforming itself, adapting to the environment and the challenges the practitioners face.


Her teaching aims to deepen intensify her student's understanding of, not only their body; but the nature of their minds as well; always using the breath to bridge the gap between the two. Her passion is working with city professionals; giving them the tools that they need to lead increasingly healthy and balanced lives.


Stemming from her dance background, Celest teaches a Dynamic Vinyasa Flow class that links the asanas (poses) together into a challenging but therapeutic practice.


Interspersed throughout the hour and half practice, she breaks down advanced asanas to suit the individual, always mindful of each student's capabilities, while motivating them to advance beyond their preconceived beliefs of what they thought they were capable of.


It's this approach and Celest's unique personality which has led to the same students learning from her over the last 7 years


Celia Caplan

Celia Caplan Flow Yoga

Celia has been a yoga teacher since 2014 and completed her advanced yoga teacher training early 2020.  Over the years her motivation for practising yoga has changed from a physical necessity due to years of running and tennis, to a lifestyle choice.

Celia completed her yoga teacher training with Brian Cooper of Union Yoga. She teaches Ashtanga yoga, Flow yoga and Chair yoga in the St Albans and Harpenden area. She continues to regularly attend yoga teacher training classes in many diverse areas of yoga to enhance her yoga knowledge and teaching.

This week will offer students not only the opportunity to relax and de-stress in  beautiful surroundings but develop their yoga practice.

Celia approach is strongly influenced by anatomy studies to help all students of varying experience, body structures and physical history to move forward in their yoga in a mindful way.



Each morning will begin with pranayama, followed by an Flow based class.

The class will be adapted to the students requirements, focusing on  precision in poses and on the development of breath work. There will be a high level of individual help.

The early evening class will take the form of a workshop, looking more closely at particular asanas and using a combination of short sequences and partner work to help students move more deeply into the poses.

These workshops will also use restorative yoga, meditation and yoga Nidra to bring the evening session to a close.


Charlotte Watts

Charlotte Watts - Yoga for De-Stress and Relaxation

I am a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK, practising since 1997, teaching since 2007 and trained with the Vajrasati School of Yoga (RYT500) in Brighton. I teach with an emphasis on mindfulness so depth and strength can be fostered within yoga practice as your body needs -  helping release stress, not adding to it..



I have continued to explore this essence of finding our authentic selves through yoga, with further training with teachers including Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi and Tias Little and Mindfulness and Yoga training with Cathy-Mae Karelse.

As a Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher in Brighton and London, I specialise in stress-related issues such as anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression and burnout. This has culminated in my latest book The De-Stress Effect (Hay House 2015).

Yoga’s focus on calming the nervous system, attuning to our mind-body needs and dropping beneath brain chatter perfectly complements my nutritional therapy work, especially with an emphasis on mindfulness within both.

In this way I can work with clients in well-rounded and truly holistic mind-body health programmes.



Why is this yoga more ‘De-Stressing’ than others?

It’s a known fact that a regular yoga practice helps relieve stress, so why on earth is this class specifically given the title ‘De-Stress’ you might well ask….. Well, it follows my years of research and teaching, both as a yoga teacher and a nutritional therapist, specialising in all things stress-related. Where we might tend to follow the habits of doing, striving and achieving in life, rather than take this into a forceful yoga practice, instead we have the opportunity to really pay attention to this behavioural conditionings and drop beneath; to listen and respond to what we need.

"The breath leads, the body follows and the mind observes”



Yoga is connection; not the shapes we make or the flexibility we might want, but awareness created and in the first of the Yoga Sutras, ‘stilling the mind’. A physical yoga practice can help us do that, providing a focus for our restless minds and helping us to stay with strong sensations with our breath as a guide.


What actually happens in a class?

Sessions on retreats can vary in tone, energy and emphasis, depending on the time of day and the needs of the group. We always start by arriving and connecting with the breath though. From there we can then start mindfully loosening the body, usually either lying or sitting.  

In a morning class, we can then use this to move into a stronger asana (posture) practice to open up tight upper spines, compressed front bodies, tight thighs, hamstrings and psoas muscles so common in the modern body. This will be wherever we need to safely and effectively encourage postural conditions and habits as our bodies are designed but may not always achieve.

In the afternoon, we will move into a more grounding and relaxing practice – this may be somatic, restorative or yin, but usually melding elements of each to balance movement and stillness, opening and recovery.

In all sessions, we lead back down to a restorative and relaxing practice at the end; to assimilate energy we have created, fully release any stress moved out and to prepare us to take this attitude of non-reaction into our daily lives


See     for more info



“Charlotte is a brilliant yoga teacher. She is very knowledgeable about how to restore the body's balance, which makes me feel rejuvenated. She is thorough, gentle, practical and intuitive, knowing just the right comment to assist me at just the right moment.”  - Denise, Brighton

Charlotte Watts and Leonie Taylor

Charlotte Watts and Leonie Taylor

Charlotte and Leonie will be teachng together at Beach Road, Dalyan, Turkey in 2023. TGhey wil divide the classes between them.

About Charlotte Watts

"I am a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK, practising since 1997, teaching since 2007 and trained with the Vajrasati School of Yoga (RYT500) in Brighton. I teach with an emphasis on mindfulness so depth and strength can be fostered within yoga practice as your body needs -  helping release stress, not adding to it

I have continued to explore this essence of finding our authentic selves through yoga, with further training with teachers including Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi and Tias Little and Mindfulness and Yoga training with Cathy-Mae Karelse.

As a Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher in Brighton and London, I specialise in stress-related issues such as anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression and burnout. This has culminated in my latest book The De-Stress Effect (Hay House 2015).

Yoga’s focus on calming the nervous system, attuning to our mind-body needs and dropping beneath brain chatter perfectly complements my nutritional therapy work, especially with an emphasis on mindfulness within both.

In this way I can work with clients in well-rounded and truly holistic mind-body health programmes."

About Leonie Taylor

"I am a Senior Yoga Teacher within the Vajrasati school of yoga, accredited with Yoga Alliance 500-hour Teacher Training Plus, teaching since 2006, practising since 1998.

Inspired by a desire to work deeply and therapeutically, both in classes, workshops and 1-2-1s as well as in applied bodywork.

I have also studied extensively as a Therapeutic Thai Massage practitioner. "



What actually happens in a class?

Sessions on retreats can vary in tone, energy and emphasis, depending on the time of day and the needs of the group.

We always start by arriving and connecting with the breath though. From there we can then start mindfully loosening the body, usually either lying or sitting.  

In a morning class, we can then use this to move into a stronger asana (posture) practice to open up tight upper spines, compressed front bodies, tight thighs, hamstrings and psoas muscles so common in the modern body. This will be wherever we need to safely and effectively encourage postural conditions and habits as our bodies are designed but may not always achieve.

In the afternoon, we will move into a more grounding and relaxing practice – this may be somatic, restorative or yin, but usually melding elements of each to balance movement and stillness, opening and recovery.

In all sessions, we lead back down to a restorative and relaxing practice at the end; to assimilate energy we have created, fully release any stress moved out and to prepare us to take this attitude of non-reaction into our daily lives

Claire Graham

Claire Graham - Hatha Yoga

Claire is passionate about holistic health & wellbeing and making that accessible to all.  

She is a certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200, Yoga Alliance; YACEP), Mindfulness teacher, Wellness Coach and BANT certified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist.  Understanding nutrition and ayurveda has been an enormous part of her personal health journey and she integrates aspects of all these modalities into her yoga classes.

Claire completed her initial 200 hour yoga teacher training in Kerala, India in 2016 with her yoga teacher Rajeev.  She was a student at his studio, Drishti Yoga Shala, in Shanghai, China, where she lived from 2010 to 2018. Now based on the Wirral in the UK, she has been practicing yoga regularly since 2007 and teaching since early 2016.

She completed a 100 hour training in Bali in November 2017 in Yin Yoga, with Sebastian and Murielle of She is fascinated by yoga and food as medicine, with the potential both hold for self-healing and self-care.
More recently she has been immersing herself in the teachings of Mark Whitwell and The Heart of Yoga lineage. This approach is a breath of fresh air, reiterating the flow of yoga as a seamless process of asana, pranayama and meditation led by the breath.  It has had a profound effect on her own practice and life. Through reconnecting to our breath, hearts and bodies we can be in the flow of life, whatever comes up for us, whatever we may face. 
During your yoga week
, Claire will share her knowledge and love of yoga and holistic medicine with you.  Yoga classes will be Hatha and Yin based. EveryBody is very welcome from complete beginners to those who’ve been practicing longer in whatever chosen style. There is definitely no need for a prior practice to join us. If you can breathe you can do yoga and options are given to suit everyone.
Claire will also offer you the chance to sit with her 1-to-1 and develop your own personal practice to take away with you from your time together based onwhat your body, heart and mind specifically need. 

Claire Pestaille

Yoga & Pilates with Claire Pestaille

Claire has been working within the health and fitness industry for the past 20 years as well as being a practising and exhibiting artist.  

She became interested in yogic philosophy when studying for a fine art degree at Chelsea College of Art in 1998 and her yoga teacher training began in Mysore, India studying Hatha with Noah McKenna.

She has since trained in Yin Yoga with Norman Blair at Yoga Campus, explored the elements of Pranaflow from Shiva Rae and has also studied with Alessandra Pecorella at Aditya Vinyasa school.

Alongside her love of teaching and practising yoga Claire is also a personal trainer and a mat and reformer pilates teacher.

You can expect her yoga and pilates classes to be creative, alignment based and a lot of fun.



Morning Yoga  will involve an open level dynamic vinyasa flow class. Vinyasa' simply means 'placing with awareness' where you synchronise breath and movement as you flow through the postures and the transitions. The morning class will focus the mind, build strength and flexibility and leave you feeling energised and inspired.

Evening Pilates  is an all level class which will include sequences designed to focus on increasing strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility with an emphasis on the importance of the core.


Clare Gibson

Clare has been teaching yoga since 2000 having trained with the British Wheel of yoga. and more recently with the Khyf (Krishnamacharya healing yoga foundation)

She teaches a vinyasa (flowing) style of Classic Hatha Yoga which is suitable for all levels of students.

Clare holds classes in Dynamic Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Ante Natal Yoga and Yoga for the Physically Disabled. She also teaches yoga for children and restorative yoga. Clare also runs foundation courses for the British Wheel Of Yoga.

Clare always considers the individual needs of each student and often teaches on a one to one basis.

Clare has spent time working in a corporate environment, as well as having an interest in holistic therapies, holding qualifications in aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage and deep tissue massage.

Clare has been practicing yoga for many years and has spent time exploring some of the different schools, including Astanga, Satyadananda and Sivananda, her Primary influence comes from the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya and his sonTKV Desikachar.


Clare continues her studies by attending workshops and seminars run by the KHYF and BWY and has also recently gained an advanced teaching diploma with the BWY. Clare holds the belief that yoga is for everyone, and that yoga can be modified to suit people's lifestyle, age and circumstance, and what might be right today may not be what is right tomorrow.
" Yoga should be adapted to the individual rather than the individual to yoga"
 TKV Desikachar.          

Clare Waldron

Sun Power Yoga with Clare Waldron

Clare has been teaching yoga for four years. She trained with Anne Marie Newland of Sun Power Yoga and has been enjoying exploring lots of different influences since. 

Her yoga journey began ten years ago when she discovered a wonderful Hatha Yoga teacher at University who opened Clare's eyes to the world of yoga and towards that place beyond maya. 

Yoga has become Clare's best friend, when in need of some "checking-in me time" and "checking-out from daily thoughts and worries" yoga practice is always available whether its for 5 minutes or 3 hours, helping to iron out the creases of life, to give inspiration and to tap into a source that allows everyone to live a more expansive, expressive and fulfilling life.

"I love how it makes me feel and I love to share this with others and see the effects after a       fabulous class. "

On our yoga week the morning class will be Vinyasa Flow and the afternoon class will be Hatha based.

All-levels are welcome from absolute beginners to intermediate level.  The classes will be fun, enjoyable, often a little challenging but over all a relaxing experience. 

Clare's style is a mix of traditional Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga for strength, Iyengar for alignment, and Jivamukti for its creativity.

She like to play a mixture of music in her classes and always include pranayama, asana, meditation and yoga nidra.

She will also be available for private 1-2-1 classes on the retreats.

Daljit Kaur

Hatha Yoga with Daljit Kaur


Daljit’s yoga journey started in the early 90's when she joined a local class and found that practising yoga was life changing. She chose to start living more holistically, integrating health and well-being with mind and body.


Daljit qualified as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching weekly Hatha yoga classes since 2006, promoting a safe and nurturing environment that encourages self-discovery and non-competitiveness.


“Yoga has been life enhancing for me, it’s such an ancient discipline, yet so simple, anyone can do it. I can’t imagine my life without yoga. I want to share this with others through my teaching”.


Teachers that have inspired and influenced Daljit’s practice have used concepts from Feldenkrais, Rolfing movement and Body Rolling. She has also been working with Scaravelli inspired yoga teachers; some of these concepts will be incorporated into the sessions.

The week of yoga is suitable for everyone including complete beginners.

Daljit aims to create a friendly informal atmosphere combining fun with developing an awareness of alignment, flexibility, breath, relaxation and moving into postures through freedom not force.


The morning sessions will include exploring yoga postures and sequences, encouraging each individual to reach their full potential while adapting postures and practices to suit differing abilities and physical limitations.
The late afternoon sessions will focus on restorative practices and relaxation helping to nourish and create a peaceful mind, an open heart and more grounded attitude, all of which can help us to relax completely releasing unwanted tension.

I recently attended a two week yoga trip in Kerala, India with Daljit, having been on other yoga holidays with her previously. Daljit's passion for yoga and how it can meaningfully impact on peoples daily lives comes across through who she is as a person and her approach to teaching. She is a warm and supportive teacher whose thoughtfulness and care for others is demonstrated within every class I have participated in. Daljit has a style which is inclusive of all people and she creates a lovely sense of community within the groups she teaches. Each holiday I have been lucky enough to go on with Daljit have been wonderful memorable experiences where I have deepened my own love of yoga and helped me develop my own practice further. I am looking forward to the next one!

Frances - Palm Tree, Kerala, India, January 2019

Hi Debbie and team, I just wanted to say what a brilliant time I had this weekend with Daljit’s yoga teaching.  She has been a joy to learn from and I feel my yoga practice has benefitted more in a couple of days than in the 15 months I have been practising so far.  She was patient, explained things brilliantly and brought real joy and care to the whole weekend.  yay for Daljit

Thanks Abigail - Champneys Spa,  2018


Daljit Kaur with Gary Phelps

Daljit Kaur with Gary Phelps - Hatha Yoga with Optional Fitness Classes

Join us for a week of yoga, fitness and fun. Two classes a day with two experienced teachers surrounded by breath-taking scenery. You will return home feeling relaxed, nurtured and energised.

The holiday offers two daily hatha yoga classes with Daljit Kaur and fitness classes with Gary Phelps both experienced in adapting practices to meet the needs of individual students and groups. Some of the combined benefits of yoga and fitness are, improved posture, strength, flexibility, and improved breathing and relaxation skills. We have carefully created a health and wellbeing programme for all ages, abilities including complete beginners.

You will have two teachers working with you during your week, making sure you get the best yoga, fitness and relaxation experience during your holiday. Our holiday is not a boot camp! You can choose to take part in the classes every day or chill and relax with a cocktail by the pool. We hope you can join us for this special week of fun, self-love and nurturing.

Daljit – I qualified as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and have been teaching weekly Hatha yoga classes since 2006, promoting a safe and nurturing environment that encourages self-discovery and non-competitiveness. As an Occupational Therapist I work with a diverse range of people to help them overcome the effects of disability caused by physical or psychological illness, ageing or accident. My aim is to understand each person’s requirements and lifestyle so that I can create the best plan for them. Teaching a range of students with differing needs has enhanced my skills of assessing the needs of each individual student, and adapting course content and delivery style to meet these needs.

My aim is to create a friendly informal atmosphere combining fun with developing an awareness of alignment, flexibility, breath, relaxation and moving into postures through freedom not force. I am experienced in teaching and hosting yoga workshops and teaching yoga retreats all over the world! As well as continuing my professional development as a Yoga Teacher I am currently working on a four year Feldenkrais teacher training course and will incorporate some of the concepts into the classes. If you’re interested in changing bad posture habits and improving your body awareness through movement you won’t want to miss this opportunity.


Gary - A lifelong martial artist, who fell into the fitness industry after being way too passionate about the way I used to train my friends in local gyms. One of them suggested that I became a personal trainer and I haven’t looked back since. Having a history in the customer service environment, my focus is always on the needs of my clients and also their personal goals. 

I’m flexible and adaptable in my approach to exercise, this is to ensure that the fitness classes that you attend will complement Daljit’s yoga class and is suitable for both beginners and people who are more advanced, and it will feature LIIT (low intensity interval training), bodyweight strength and core. Don’t worry if you’ve overindulged during lockdown there will be an optional faster paced combat class.

As a Personal Trainer/Exercise referral  instructor my qualification allows me to work with a host of  controlled medical conditions such as Diabetes, type 1 & type 2, High cholesterol, Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, Obesity, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis,  Osteoporosis, Stress related illnesses and some others  (Please ask for details).

As I continually like to challenge myself there will be other qualifications I will undertake (I’m currently undertaking Level 4 obesity and diabetes)

Specialist areas: Weight Loss, Strength, Flexibility, Nutritional Advice and Kick-Boxing.


Daniel Gelblum


Feldenkrais for Yoga with Daniel Gelblum

Dan classes are much-loved and students feel immediate and long-term benefits

Dan focuses on fine movements resulting in rapid progress in flexibility and strength. Students remark at the ease with which they can achieve challenging postures at the end of each class. Dan has been teaching yoga since 1996

He trained in yoga and massage at the Limaye Clinic, Pune, India and the British Wheel of Yoga. He is a well-established yoga teacher in North West London. Dan is also a highly regarded Feldenkrais Practitioner.

This is what Dan says about Feldenkrais:-

" I can’t stress enough how useful Feldenkrais is for Yoga teachers and practitioners.
Through Feldenkrais I found I could do postures that were normally difficult with extreme ease as if something woke up in me, whether it was Yoga enlightenment or higher/deeper levels of consciousness developing or just removing the rust in my joints in a practical way.
From here the fun began - I started to introduce some of the techniques into my Yoga classes and was surprised to see how my students shared similar experiences to me and were suddenly more able not just in achieving Yoga postures, but overall improvements of better organisation, posture, mobility, flexibility, coordination and overall well being.
As a result of introducing Feldenkrais method to my classes, yoga students reported great improvements in other Yoga classes they attended, dance classes, martial arts classes, running, swimming, climbing, coping with stress, improved sleep and the list goes on.
More and more yoga teachers began attending my classes and told me how they were “stealing” my moves for other classes. I was and still am just so happy to spread something so wonderfully beneficial.
As I trained in the Feldenkrais method, I went onto do advanced training and made further self-discoveries in the infinite ways Feldenkrais can be a perfect accompaniment to Yoga and more."

Dan continues to develop this method. Yoga is like a flowing river, running workshops, Yoga holidays, classes in Triyoga, the Life Centre,  sharing this amazing method with enthusiasm.

" I am happy to share this incredible knowledge...thanks for the good karma and for the benefit of mankind!!!"


Daniel Gelblum
Feldenkrais Practitioner
Yoga and meditation Teacher
 Feldenkrais for yoga and beyond!


Hi Debbie, I want to thank you for this Lovely week at Mavros Malos!  Everybody was Nice, friendly and very helpful at the hotel and the yoga with Dan Gelblum is the best.  Kind regards
Tina - Kissamos July 2018


Danielle Griffiths

Energising Vinyasa Flow classes and Still Meditative Yin practice with Danny Griffiths

Flow into Stillness...

Danny leads a flowing, uplifting and innovative practice.

Each Class is different, with creative sequencing complimented by carefully complied playlists. 

For Danny, yoga is less about creating perfect postures during the class, and more about what we feel in the asana, and the movement between them.

Focus is on connecting the mind back into the body, and working with the breath to do this.  She also has a strong passion for alignment in order to work safely, and open the body slowly and carefully during postures.

She welcomes everyone to the retreat, and is a great believer that yoga is for everyone…

Vinyasa flow

Yin yoga

Yoga Nidra

Danny has practiced yoga for 25 years and has been teaching for 5, with over 1500 teaching hours behind her.

She teaches regular classes in Brighton and Hove, running her first retreat in June 2017 to Morocco.  Dancing and particularly ballet was her main focus during her youth, and this connection with the body and movement is sensed through her classes.




Daria Germondari

Daria Germondari - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

My teaching incorporates the classics of yoga: philosophy, meditation, mantra, pranayama and healing fluid asanas aiming to generate awareness, spiritual and emotional growth as well as physical strength.

I come from a dynamic Vinyasa background but prefer to teach a strong, yet slow flow, with room for creative movement, exploration of pulsations, and free form yoga (sometimes taking you off the mat).

Taught to fresh soundtracks, with a focus on getting the basics right, my teaching offers an appreciation for flowing movement, integrating breath and intention for a wholehearted breath and movement experience.



I like to lead a diverse and balanced existence, with yoga acting as my internal compass and guiding me through the wondrous river of life. It’s the truth between it all.

Through my teaching of yoga, I hope to provide a safe space for your own river to flourish and flow.


The morning class will focus on journeying through the 5 life-giving Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) deconstructing a different Element each day through a slow but strong Vinyasa practice.







The afternoon class will focus on embodying the relevant Element through a combination of Meditation, Yin and Restorative practices. There will also be time for journaling.


Davy and Janaki

Hatha Flow, Astanga, Yin and Partner Yoga with Davy and Janaki

Janaki and Davy share a passion for yoga and a sense of fun!

While serious about yoga, they also realise that this is a holiday for you and should feel like one

They will introduce you to a wide range of yoga styles – Hatha, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Yin, Partner Yoga, Dynamic & Slow. Their classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

They will also teach breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation techniques – all designed for you to be able to take home with you after the holiday


Each day (except for any scheduled non-yoga days) will include a few hours of yoga, pranayama, relaxation and meditation. Each class will be different and alternative options will always be offered for the less experienced.

And there will also be discussions about yoga, workshop sessions looking at yoga issues in more detail, and a “yoga clinic” where you can ask those questions you have always wanted to ask, and explore postures you have always wanted to try!

They believe yoga is a wonderful gift accessible to all and they will try to pass on skills, knowledge and techniques that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


For more informatin visit their website at




Denisa Nenova

nid%3D1063%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneDenisa started training Kung Fu at he age of 7. She discovered yoga at the age of 13 and quickly integrated both practices.

She spent several years studying all four paths of yoga and attended courses and trainings with Anusara yoga, Sivanada yoga, Jivamukti yoga,  Donna Farhi, Clare Missingham, Shiva Rea, Rod Stricker, Julie Gudmestad, Catherine Annis and many more before she decided to become a yoga teacher.

Currently Denisa teaches adults classes across London, runs regular workshops and retreats and dedicates 60% of her time teaching therapeutic yoga to children and young adults with Special Needs.

Denisa's classes are strongly physical and yet very meditative, creative and inspiring. The focus falls on recognizing and developing a crystal clear sharp and alert mind which allows for a state of heighten awareness and concentration to occur so the student can then experience the asanas by feeling the inner alignment and pranic flow as suppose to just do the asanas.

Mastery of breath - conscious, specific application of pranayama, pinpoints every single movement in the class and makes Transcendence possible. Hands on adjustments, meditation, reflection on Vedanta and deep relaxation are weaved into the class structure. 

Her retreats are reflective, creative, invigorating, challenging and yet calming and centering. Denisa creates a space that allows the students to immerse him/herself into their yoga sadhana on all levels of existence physical mental emotional spiritual.

One is welcome and invited to softly unfold into luminous stillness and center back in the core of his/her being.

Denisa believes that:
"Through the continuous questioning and unraveling of the 'I' over the years of practice I have come to believe that Every moment is tremendously precious and unique, every moment is the perfect opportunity to learn, grow, expand and progress. Every moment can be a moment of Liberation we just need to look for the courage to take the first step. To me the practice of Yoga is exactly that the path towards Liberation"

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Denise Mehlman

Denise qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 2012, and has been teaching regularly ever since.  She teaches both beginners and intermediate level students.

Denise is passionate about both learning and teaching yoga. She attends many workshops to deepen her practice and understanding of Iyengar yoga.

Her classes are warm and friendly, so that students feel comfortable, but also able to challenge themselves to explore the asanas (poses) to the best of their ability, using props to help improve where necessary.  She teaches in halls local to her home in Essex, and also to small groups in her home studio.


Iyengar yoga is a form of yoga which focuses on the structural alignment of the physical body through the practice of asanas (poses). It differs from other styles of yoga in three ways: precision, sequence and use of props. Precision is sought in body alignment in every asana.


The morning classes will be more active, following a particular theme, encouraging you to progress and improve throughout the week.

The evening classes will be more restorative, including some pranayama.


“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”  B.K.S. Iyengar


Diana Shipp


Sivananda Yoga with Diana Shipp


Diana Shipp, has over eleven years experience and specialises in the Sivananda style of yoga.

Diana teaches integrated breath and posture work, with spiritual awareness, based on classical Sivananda yoga and other traditions. 

Diana is an experienced teacher who has been teaching for the past 15 years. She has taught in the UK, Turkey, Bali, Crete, Spain and India. She holds teaching diplomas from the British Wheel of Yoga and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in India.


On this holiday you will experience asana, pranayama, meditation, visualisation and relaxation in two classes daily.

The yoga will improve your strength and flexibility and guide you to the calm centre of Being within.

This yoga will be suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students. Diana's approach is both joyful and imaginative, with emphasis on raising of consciousness through breath and body awareness, to bring you a feeling of well-being.


This holiday is suitable for all standards of yoga practitioner

Diane Davis

Dynamic Yoga with Diane Davis

I have been practising and studying Yoga since 1972, so from that you can tell I truly love my Yoga.

I qualified for my Yoga Teachers Diploma at The International School of Yoga, Kevala Centre. I studied Yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and nutrient, Yoga for the disabled, for Pregnancy, children, the elderly and much more.

My yoga style is Dynamic Hatha Yoga although, as I have also practiced most forms of Yoga, there are elements of Astanga, Dru, Kundalini Iyengar and Sivananda in there as well.


I have been teaching Yoga since 2002 and I have my REPS certificate to advanced teacher level. I also study sports injuries and recovery. I have taught in various leisure centres, The Athletic Club for Gifted and Talented Youths, in colleges, schools and privately.

My Yoga teaching assists a huge range of people including those with illness, injuries, births, stress and those keeping fit and healthy. They include Footballers, Golfers, Dancers, Sports people and Martial Arts, to name but a few, all have said how Yoga benefits and enhances their profession.

It is heart-warming for me, to help so many people, with their Mind, Body and Soul . I am still studying Yoga on a daily basis, as it is a never ending journey of learning.

On your holiday, at about 8am before breakfast, we will be having  a 90 minute class of Dynamic Hatha Yoga on some days and on others we will doFlowing Vinyasas.

There will be a second class before dinner where we will practise Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation.


Dina Cohen

Dynamic Flow Yoga with Dina Cohen

Dina is accredited as a Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer by Yoga Alliance both here and in USA and and has been practicing and teaching yoga and Mindfulness since the 90s, promoting these as tools for a healthy, toned and supple body, as well as a deeper and more expansive outlook on life.

Her teaching is inspired by the fluid, breath-synchronised dance of Vinyasa Flow, the precision and integrity of Iyengar, and the deep lake of meditative stillness that is Yin and Restorative Yoga.
Dina has been a mentor on the Yoga Campus and Embodied Dancer Teacher Trainings, is registered with British Wheel of Yoga and has her own studio, Goldendoor, in London.

Our Yoga Week

Gathering in silence before breakfast, a wake up session of cleansing and stimulating breathing techniques will prepare us for an introduction to Mindfulness practices, setting us up for the rest of the day.

A long dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice is scheduled each morning, synchronising breath and movement, this will be offered in a step-by-step format, starting with a slow and easy warm-up and gradually building in intensity to incorporate more challenging poses as the week progresses. We will work on building strength, stamina and flexibility, allowing everyone to progress at their own pace.

After a delicious brunch and a free afternoon to lounge on the beach, or visit the local shops and cafes, we will regroup for a gentler, more relaxing session of Yin and Restorative yoga early evening. I will try to accommodate everyone's needs and preferences, offering a supportive environment for both beginners and more experienced practitioners alike.

" Yoga connects us to the rhythm of the breath, drawing us ever more deeply into the recesses of our physical and emotional bodies, allowing us to soften, release, surrender and let go. Dropping all that baggage leaves us feeling calm, energised and lighter, creating a spaciousness into which our innate healing potential can be revealed.

Studies suggest that practising Mindfulness can increase feelings of happiness, alleviate anxiety and depression and aid stress management, improving our ability to concentrate, sleep and make decisions, as well as the quality of our relationships"

Dini Martinez

Dini Martinez - Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga

Travelling yogini. Free spirit. Avid sailor. Mother of three angels. Ayurvedic practitioner. Reiki Healer. Yin and vinyasa yoga teacher. Acro yoga lover. Experienced doula. Sustainability dudess. Lunatic dancer. Tarot card reader. Passionate writer... Dini is not one who lives life at halves. Her adventures have seen her live on a sailing boat cruising the Mediterranean with a baby and a toddler on board. Nowadays, closer to home, she is building an off-grid top sustainability home to use as a base between travels with her family in an eco village an hour north of Sydney in Australia    

She has been practicing Yoga and meditation, on and off the mat, since starting university aged 19. Dance and fitness teachings turned towards yoga many, many years ago. Her continuous studies of Ayurveda, work as Reiki healer and Doula, passion for wholesome nutrition and holistic approach to motherhood and life all influence her teachings.  ..  


Whilst many great teachers including Iyengar, Shiva Rae, Simon Borg-Oliver, Cam Storey, Clive Sheridan and Vipassana's Goenka to name but a few , have left traces and inspiration in Dini's practice, her toughest teachers are her children. They play a transformational role in the journey of taking yoga beyond the mat and into a happier and healthier life. Old yoga scriptures are also a resource she often draws back upon.. 


Dini works without a pre-set schedule, but takes what there is and builds on it. One of the beauties of a yoga retreat is that it allows for spending more time on poses and areas that need particular attention. Dini doesn't shy back to gently push her students’ boundaries while holding a safe space to fall back upon. The only 'cannot' is in the mind and once that is dropped, possibilities are endless.  


Often pranayam, mudhras, bandhas and sometimes even kryas make their way into her classes and give students a whole new angle to approach movement, breath and life. Her subtle, Reiki and Thai massage influenced adjustments have created a name for themselves and can aid major shifts in body, mind and Soul.  



Morning practices will be flowing through variations of and additions to Surya Namaskars with options to keep it basic, over medium to fully advanced yogis and teachers. Sessions and with pranayama to gain a deeper understanding of your own power to influence your breathe and through it the life force and energy in your body

Evening practices will consist of diverse meditation techniques and restorative Yin Yoga whereby seated poses are held for several minutes, letting go of any muscular tensions and alignment issues. This allows the body to release traumas in different koshas, or layers, possibly stored for years or even decades. As the yin areas of the body like connective tissue, ligaments and bones are accessed in the serene stillness of a yin practice, we open our whole selves up to boundless opportunities.


Be prepared for more than a normal yoga holiday. Transformation and change are the only constants in life. Dini's authenticity and aliveness, coupled with a great love and passion for passing on the teachings of yoga, has inspired many yogis and others around the world to also dare living the life that they dream of.          

For more on Dini, her yoga, her life afloat, her eco village and other adventures, visit

Mindful Yoga and Meditation with Divya

London based and a dedicated practitioner since 2000, Divya has been a full time senior level teacher since 2006, offering drop-in classes, retreats, courses and bespoke tuition to help the individual on their path. A community has grown organically through her time in teaching, connection like-minded souls.

Divya offers a mindful practice of Asana (the physical postures), accompanied by breathing techniques (Pranayama) and Mindfulness-meditation guidance

Her inspiration is drawn from eastern sources as well as modern psychological thought. Her own teacher training spans the strong discipline of classical Indian yoga and meditation traditions, as well as the evolved approaches to the body and mind in the West.


Through a deep practice of Yoga, Divya aims to help her students develop a stronger body, calmer mind and liberating sense of self.

Yoga is an ancient practice and philosophy designed to touch and balance all parts of our being.

Yoga sages and philosophy say we are each made of our: body, mind, wellbeing, emotions, consciousness, relationships, actions and path in the world. They also say we carry an energy around us and a vital spirit that is beyond the changes and ups and downs of life. Yoga, which translates as ‘union’ or ‘to unite’, connects all these parts of our being and our awareness of our spirit that is not limited by personality or circumstance.

For us today, Yoga can provide a set of tools and wisdom for the following, which is what
Senior Yoga Teacher Divya offers through her teaching:

  • feeling well in our bodies and minds`
  • handling the stresses of modern life`
  • healing, personal growth and development
  • feeling free from within`

" I teach in a way so that Yoga's physical, philosophical and spiritual benefits can be felt as we practice. We are doing yoga so that we can find and experience an optimal state of being and inner stillness.  From this we can live in a more peaceful flow state that helps us navigate the ebbs and flows of life and to connect with others in a natural, non-stressful and fulfilling way."

"May peace find you. May you find peace."

For further info on Divya's Yoga classes in London, visit:



Hi Divya, Thank you again for sharing  such a wonderful weekend with us. I truly felt I had come home with your teachings.  I didn't want to take too much of your time, but just to say as it was my first "class" for a least six weeks I felt "held" and safe and now feel really ready again to return to my teachers.

That aside I also feel relaxed and ready to return to normal life, I do so with a clear mind and a better connection to my self.

Such a pleasure to spend time with you and your amma, it added a certain something, a grounding, an appreciation of relationships and support.

I wish you well, and I am glad our paths finally crossed. I realise I am already on your mailing list!

Namaste xxxxx

Effie Love


Flowing Vinyasa Yoga with Effie Love

Effie has been practising yoga for the better part of the last 15 years. She's studied in Israel, India, Thailand and of course, the UK, where she's been a resident in the people's republic of Brighton for the last decade.  She is also an acupuncturist (BSc (hons), LicAc, MBAcC), and a massage therapist, she has a very deep level of knowledge when it comes to the physical and energetical anatomy of the body, which becomes apparent in her classes.  Effie runs About Balance a low cost, fair trade, wellbeing centre in Brighton - a place that helps therapists to make a living from their work and helps the people of Brighton to achieve affordable well being.  She  also  works as a therapist at the Google offices in London.

She believes yoga makes you a better person, not by magic, or some weird hippie voodoo stuff, but simply because when you practice yoga you give yourself love, you learn to accept yourself, (Ahimsa- the first yama of patanjali yoga sutras) by doing so, you learn, with time, to accept others, other situations, other people, and that makes you a better person, if you like it or not :)  Her approach to yoga is not about becoming more flexible and strong (though you would),it's not about touching your toes (though, again, with time, you would) but it's about learning to turn the focus inside, to how we breath, to how we move, to how we feel, to who we are and to use yoga as a path to freedom.

On her retreat

Morning sessions:  will start with a 30 min meditation (optional) followed by pranayama.  We will then start with warming up our body with sun salutations, and flow into a vinyasa  session that will focus on different areas of the body each day. (opening shoulders, strengthening core, opening hips, lengthening hamstrings, etc.) we will look into the anatomy of each area and understand the complex movement of it (hand outs will be given on course) and what that area needs. By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of the anatomy of yoga and how to maintain a personal practice that will be good for your own body needs…

Evening sessions:  will be made out of a 60 min yin class (related to the morning session) followed by yoga nidra (yogic sleep). Helping you to get your body and mind ready for a sweet good night sleep.


For more information on Effie, please visit her website:

Emily-Clare Hill

Emily-Clare Hill

Coming to dance late, she fell in love with it, dance became her mediation, an escape into oneself, a journey of being free of all barriers and insecurities, a chance to express everything through the body.

It wasn't until stage school that her Yoga journey began and the revelation of meditation through movement was revealed.

It was the complete polar opposite to the industry that came with dancing,  allowed to look and feel however she wished on that day, the body and posture didn't need to be perfect or look like everyone else's, there is a freedom to being your own person when on the mat, this drawing her in to learning more.


Emily's passion for yoga is ever present and evolving, her journey as a teacher has been very active from the word go, she's excited by the fact that you can always continue to learn and loves the quote;

"Once you stop learning, you stop living" 


Emily's Classes

Emily's ability to offer a fun dynamic stretchy practise with fluid mindful technique, a lot of love and a little banter stands her aside from the crowd. Her knowledge of anatomy allows her to weave together a creative sequence that will leave you feeling inspired, fearless and ready.

Classes are themed around an inspirational topic to offer an intention for practise...supported by the breath and always encouraging, Emily installs a mindful, conscious practise of being in the moment.




"Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit." 




Emma Cole

Emma Cole - Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Somatics & Restorative Yoga

Emma is a Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and experienced her first yoga class in 1999 whilst completing a 3 year training as a professional Dancer.

Emma has been teaching Yoga since 2009 alongside a career as a Dancer, Dance Teacher, Actress and Movement Director for Theatre

Emma is authentic, earthy, warm, vibrant and intuitive. She has studied Hanna Somatics, The Feldenkrais Method, Shiatsu, Body Mind Centreing, Qi Gong, Contact Improvisation, Nature Connection and Yoga Nidra

Her classes are nourishing, comforting, informative, uplifting and inspiring.

She welcomes you to show up exactly as you are.



With her 20 years of experience as a somatic movement practitioner the sessions have a unique flavour that is rooted in substance, creativity, embodied mindfulness and bio-energetics.

All  within the container of asana, pranayama, mudra and mantra

Morning sessions will focus on restoring / generating vitality through energising and replenishing asana practices (Hatha, Flow, Kriya).

Evening sessions will amplify energetic balance through Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra (sleep of the yogis) and Yin Yoga. Expect a sense of homecoming, space to be, space to breathe and recalibration of the nervous system.

Daily pranayama (breathwork), somatics, Qi Gong, meditation, poetry and song (optional) will be woven into sessions throughout the week.

Expect a sense of homecoming, space to be, space to breathe and recalibration of the nervous system


Emma Conally-Barklem

Accessible Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga with Emma Conally-Barklem

Emma is an experienced 8 limb yoga teacher and practitioner, poet and writer.

Having completed her initial 500+ Teaching Diploma she has since gone on to multiple trainings in Ashtanga, well woman and Yin yoga. She has a daily practice of yoga both on and off the mat which directly informs her teaching.

Her classes are creative, fun and with plenty of options to facilitate everyone’s practice. She believes strongly in Krishnamachariya’s words, if you can breathe, you can do yoga’. As such all are welcome, particularly the stiff, inflexible and those managing the vagaries of the body and mind!



On this holiday 

Morning sessions will be an enlivening and accessible journey into ashtanga yoga taught with plenty of humour and compassion. The focus will be on creating prana and feeling better through movements which are kind and therapeutic to the body.

Afternoon sessions will be a creative blend of hatha, restorative and yin yoga with some meditation and relaxation. Emma will combine readings, movement and breath work to produce feelings of relaxation and peace.
IG @emmaliveyoga



Kissamos May 19th  -An excellent retreat. It was a pleasure meeting Emma and being in her class, I enjoyed her plan of the week and I felt the yoga sessions offered challenge in a safe environment, a lovely balance.  The venue was perfect, and our hosts were so considerate, add to that Emma’s teaching and the lovely group and it gives a special memory to take away.
Linda Finney - May 2015


Kissamos May 2015 with Emma Connally-Barklem
Big thank you to Free Spirit Travel, the lovely Mike, Maria and staff and last but not least the very inspiring teacher Emma.  It was my first Yoga holiday and am looking to book again next year it was truly an amazing experience.  I wasn't expecting one week out of my normal routine to make such a difference to my wellbeing.  Location, accommodation, weather, food, people, sea view and the waves as our music during yoga practice - all just perfect.
Jeannette Hall


Emma Robinson

Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Emma 'Yog Ganga' Robinson

 About Emma

“We don’t use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body” - Shakti Mhi

Emma has been teaching since 2008. She has trained in Yogalates, Akhanda Yoga and Tripsichore Yoga and specialises in functional movement to help combat everyday physical and emotional strains and stylised vinyasa choreography and advanced asana.

She is an Osteopath and science geek and believes that moving and thinking well is integral to maintain optimal health.


Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Weekend
Over this weekend, Emma will take you through a series of classes that focus on the art of Vinyasa Yoga; synchronised breath and movement, from the simpler through to more complex postures and how to move with control and finesse. Not suitable for beginners.
Between classes, practitioners can enjoy the facilities that Champneys has to offer, making this a weekend to explore and indulge your senses in a luxurious environment, lovely company and delicious, healthy meals.
This retreat is ideal for those who wish to explore challenging asana; if you have an already strong practice, Emma aims to provide you with a variations. If you’re still yet to master a difficult posture(s) then Emma will endeavour to make them more accessible by breaking them down.
This weekend covers the following;
•    Choreographed vinyasa sequences to focus the mind and hone the senses. Emphasising that vinyasa yoga is a method of meditation where we can train ourselves to explore our potential through our body and observing the effects of this

•    Dedicated classes that will focus on arm balances, inversions and backbends

•    Step by step instructions of postures so that everyone can work within their range and to their edge without pressure

•    Tips to improve your technique whether you’re new to that posture or looking to improve and/or explore a variation.

•    How to utilise the breath for effective and controlled transitions, avoiding carelessness and thus reduce the chance of injury

•    The importance of core stability and the breathing to support the body’s structure. Practicing with intelligence, with regard for our physical limitations without being held back by them.

For more information on Emma’s classes, retreats, workshops and blog check out


Erika Tourell

Dynamic Slow-flow/Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation with Erika Tourell


Our Yoga Retreat in India at Palm Tree Yoga, Kerala

This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to slow down and re-connect ourselves to our hearts and to Infinite Source in a safe and nurturing environment.
We shall be gathering twice or three times a day to engage in lots of different practices together: yoga, pranayama (breathwork), silent and guided meditation, 

This is precious time to set aside for yourself for healing and reflection at this stage of your life's journey.

You are encouraged to bring a journal to record your dreams, insights and inspirations or write poetry. You may also like to bring some art materials; a sketch book, coloured pencils or paints to allow your creative juices to flow!

 There will be plenty of free time for rest and renewal, swimming and sunbathing as well as excursions in the locality.

Erika Tourell has been holding retreats in the UK and internationally for over ten years and teaching yoga for over 15 years. It is her greatest joy to work in this way with people and many past guests have reported huge life changes and return year after year to re-inspire themselves.

Erika teaches a slow flow/vinyasa class integrating her experience of Iyengar, Astanga, Hatha and Kundalini yoga by emphasising awareness of mind, body and breath, whilst focusing on correct alignment

She teaches regular, weekly classes at The Life Centre Notting Hill, TriYoga Primrose Hill, TriYoga Chelsea and BodyWorksWest Notting Hill, all in London and runs workshops and yoga retreats in the UK and abroad.

She also sees clients privately for yoga and massage therapy in the London area.


Eve Niker

Eve Niker - Astanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

Eve Niker is an Astanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. She loves to join all of these styles when she teaches her classes that are both dynamic and relaxing.

Starting classes with sun salutations, then going through a variety of asanas and finishing with calming pranayama (breath exercises).

Eve has been practicing yoga pretty much her whole life as her mother is an International Yoga teacher - it runs in the family!

She has been teaching in luxury studios in London and online (2020). She specialises in inversions and arm balances and will help her students achieve new poses with stability and confidence.

Eve prepares classes that help the students find space in their body and calmness in their mind.


As well as a yoga teacher Eve is a RADA trained actress who has performed in the West End and loves to bring her personality to each class making them as fun and rewarding as possible.


"I love Eve's yoga classes, they are the perfect mix of challenging and fun. They are also keeping me sane through lockdown!" - Jemma Sneddon, Circus Performer


"I love Eve's Classes. They are so tentative and she gives so much to each individual." - Lilia Blood, Dancer


"Her warm, wholesome personality balances perfectly with her challenging classes so you come out knowing you've worked hard but with a big smile on your face" - Fed Wooton, Bar Owner and PT

Fiona Agombar

Fiona Agombar and Energy Yoga

Energy Yoga has been developed to increase vitality, space and health in the physical body, whilst also working with the psycho-spiritual connection to quieten the mind.    

Using gentle flowing movement, mantra and pranayama (yoga breathing),  yoga releases knots and held patterns  and invigorates the whole being as energy (prana) can then flow freely.

Students are guided towards the  Presence of their authentic nature as they become  conscious of what is happening in the body in each moment, working at their own ability (there is no competition in yoga).
Fiona  has been studying yoga since 1993. She originally trained with the Yoga for Health Foundation.   She teaches in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and is accredited as an advanced teacher by the British Wheel of Yoga. Her mentor is Gill Lloyd, who is a student of TKV Desikachar.

Fiona also studies Vedanta, the science of self-realisation. She is currently studying yoga in the Krishnamacharya tradition (Khyf) under Sarah Ryan and Liz Mutha.       

Fiona originally studied with the Yoga for Health Foundation from 1993 and she now spends much time in India studying yoga in depth. She is a regular contributor to Yoga and Health magazine.


In 1997 Fiona wrote the definitive book on yoga, fatigue and M.E: 'Beat Fatigue with Yoga' (Cherry Red Books) having had had chronic fatigue for 15 years and then made a full recovery thanks to following a yoga lifestyle.

More on Fiona can be found on

Gabrielle McNaughton

 Gabrielle McNaughton is a Hatha Yoga Teacher and Craniosacral Therapist


She brings an understanding of the body and movement to her teaching, from a previous career in dance working with Rambert Dance Company amongst others.

Discovering yoga in 1997, she studied Sivananda and Astanga and developed a dedicated self practise before training in the Scaravelli Inspired approach.

Teaching since 2006, Gabrielle brings an intuitive and mindful approach to her yoga classes, which encourage a fluid relationship to movement, breath and stillness.

There is a focus on healthy alignment and grounding for a safe and resourced practise, developing core strength for stability, and cultivating a deep and nourishing connection to the breath.


Morning classes will include exploring the energetic and anatomical element of both simple and more complex poses and flowing, meditative Vinyasa sequences to revitalise and awaken body and mind.


The early evening class will be a more restorative practise, which may include inversions, pranayama and relaxation.

Geny Caloisi

Geny Caloisi

Geny’s Yoga teaching style blends traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha yoga with Iyengar alignment techniques.


She also teaches Yin Yoga, mindfulness and meditation and places a strong focus on to physical adjustments to improve alignment through a precise yet dynamic practice.


Through Yoga and Ayurveda we are able to achieve our highest potential and live a long, healthy and happy life. For this reason, Geny is a Ayurveda practitioner and consultant as well as a Yoga teacher.



Nourish the nervous system and feed your soul
A Yoga and Ayurveda retreat
Geny Caloisi

A healthy state of the body, mind, and spirit is the first step in building a peaceful, productive, and happy society. I firmly believe that being healthy extends beyond the realms of physical wellbeing. My focus is on total health, which encompasses physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness.

Nourish the nervous system and feed your soul is a Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat, which offers body, mind and soul nurture, an essential for a profound healing experience. The Retreat is perfect for anyone looking for a wholesome rejuvenating experience on a holy-day.

The retreat concept revolves around creating relaxed optimum health using the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda. From what and when you eat and exercise to how you can digest the food and experiences to rip the most profit from it and achieve the most beautiful rest.

Participants will walk out of the Retreat feeling rejuvenated.


Typical day

7:00 am - 1/2 hour Meditation and Pranayama
7:30 am Tea and a snack
8:00- 9:15 Yoga class, Ashtanga yoga.
10:00 Breakfast
Free time/ treatments
17:00-18:00 Yoga class (Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra or gentle Hatha Yoga)
19:30 dinner
10:00 pm Sleep





Gillian Kamali

Gillian Kamali Iyengar Yoga

I have been practising Iyengar yoga for over 30 years and teaching since qualifying in 1997. I hold the Junior Intermediate level 3 certificate.

I have been extremely lucky to have studied under many fantastic Iyengar teachers and have travelled to India to learn from the Iyengar family in the Institute in Pune.

I love the precision of Iyengar yoga, the emphasis on correct alignment, the links between the various asanas...and how it all makes so much sense!

We use props such as bricks, blocks, belts, blankets and bolsters to help us move towards asanas which challenge.

We can also become very creative with other pieces of furniture if we haven't got all the other props to hand!

Importantly, I love the clarity of mind and ease in the body that practice brings.


There will be two classes per day when we are in Ischia:

a longer early morning class, which will start gently and then become stronger, focussing on a theme, type of asana or part of the body; particular needs of the students in the class will also be addressed. 

Everyone has a favourite asana...and, quite often, a least favourite!

The evening classes will include more gentle,  restorative practice and every class will end with a 10 minute relaxation in Savasana.

Gillian Russel

Hatha and Scaravelli Inspired Yoga with Gillian Russel       

Scaravelli practice: ‘in this practice we access the deeper movement felt in our bodies, the movement of life, fuelled by breath and born from the spine. Not training but discovering strength in vital softness, exploring freedom and playfulness in our movements. Integration and expression take the place of stretching and holding. In surprise and delight we come home to our bodies’.

This nourishing retreat will provide a combination of fluid playful posture work, breath and body awareness, meditation and deep healing rest. Give yourself permission to rest, balance, and restore, bring real relief and joy into your body's natural ability to move with freedom and space."


Gill has been teaching yoga for over 25 years her qualifications include British Wheel Diploma Course Tutor, Yoga Biomedical Trust Yoga Therapy Practitioner and FRYOG teacher. In addition she has explored Feldenkrais, Rolfing movement and Body Rolling and some concepts from these disciplines will be included in her sessions.

Latterly she has been working with various students of Vanda Scaravelli and this approach greatly influences her teaching and practice. Gill’s sessions will be gentle, rhythmic, and extremely soothing enabling your body’s innate ability to release tension and unwind.
This week is suitable for beginners, more experienced students and yoga teachers each exploring the practices at their own pace. If you are looking for a holiday with a deep but gentle approach this week should be right for you.

"I have been running yoga holidays in Portugal for the last five years and weekends in the UK for over 10 years. I am looking forward to teaching in Crete especially so close to the beach and sea!

This nourishing retreat will provide a combination of fluid playful posture work, breath and body awareness, meditation and deep healing rest. Give yourself permission to rest, balance, and restore, bring real relief and joy into your body's natural ability to move with freedom and space."

  For more about Gillian please visit her website

Ginny Clarke

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Ginny Clarke


Ginny has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching since 2007. In the years following her initial teacher training (RYT200) in the Astanga Vinyasa method, she also trained with Paul Grilley (Yin yoga), Shiva Rea (vinyasa flow) and Dr Timothy McCall (therapeutic yoga).


Ginny's current teacher is Tiffany Cruikshank, with whom she is studying on the 500hr Yoga Medicine program. Focussing her studies in anatomy, biomechanics, Chinese Medicine and prescriptive yoga, Ginny is able to understand the needs of individual students from a multi-dimensional perspective. Her group classes, workshops and holidays demonstrate her flexible and creative approach in making the practice accessible and joyful for all.

On this holiday, the morning yoga sessions will start gently to prepare us for flowing sequences with multi-level options for all students. Alongside precise alignment cues and well structured themes, expect some playfulness and the opportunity to explore the deeper, energetic effects of asana.

In the evenings, we will enjoy nourishing Yin Yoga - floor based postures held for time and approached in a way that allows us to restructure our connective tissues - fascia and ligaments whilst regulating the flow of Qi through the organ meridians. Ginny will also introduce you to self-myofascial release techniques using tennis balls and other props.
Meditation, pranayama and deep relaxation will be included each day.


Just to say that our week at Source of Light was excellent. The food, accommodation, and weather were top notch: and the standard of Yoga teaching was absolutely superb.

Tony & Jan - July 2016

Ginny Dean

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Ginny Deannid%3D810%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3Dnone

Ginny has practiced yoga for over 30 years and has taught since 1998.

Her teachers have numbered some of the world's most respected yogis including Derek Ireland who introduced her to Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, and Sri K Pattabhi Jois who then enabled her to deepen her practice.

Whilst this is her background her own teaching style is more influenced by her more recent female teachers Dona Hollemann (Centered Yoga) and Chloe Fremantle (Scaravelli Yoga).



Our morning session will consist of a led Vinyasa Flow class taught so that different aspects of the practice can be explored. This invigorating practice is an ongoing exploration of our awareness of the relationship between our physical movements, our breath, the ground and the space around us.

The afternoon session will be less structured and the emphasis will be not on achieving postures but on using the journey into them to undo tension and reveal a sense of integration. In these sessions we will gradually focus our attention so that we can feel more, impose less, and allow the intelligence of the body to reveal itself.


Whilst suitable for all levels this holiday is most suited to those with at least one year's grounding in a regular yoga practice. However, all students will gain from each session irrespective of their level of experience.

Posture adaptations will be offered so that everybody will benefit including those just beginning their yoga journey through to the more advanced students.

Jilly in the Free Spirit office attends Ginny's  classes in Brighton so if you have questions do chat with her


Hannah Lee Weller & Charlie Griffin

All weeks run by Hannah & Charlie are in Aid of Charity

This Champneys Spa Henlow Grange retreat would benefit Rise charity, supporting women affected by domestic violence and abuse. The effects of yoga can be transformative, especially for people experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression or illness. Our non-profit model means we run retreats and workshops for paying customers, and then use our profits to fund free of charge yoga for charities and vulnerable groups.

The Yoga

The yoga on this weekend will be suitable for all abilities, from the beginner to the more experienced yogi. We will have time to take our yoga at a steady pace, exploring breathwork, meditation, and a range of yoga styles. These will include gentle Hatha yoga, a more dynamic Vinyasa flow practice, plus some deeply restorative yoga. Our approach is inclusive and encouraging, allowing time for personal adjustments, and opportunities to explore poses, develop your confidence and really deepen your practice

Hannah Lee Weller

Hannah's background is as a dancer and choreographer, and she has studied, taught and produced dance work for over 20 years. She always enjoyed yoga practice alongside this, and the natural progression was to develop her skills and become a qualified teacher, training in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga.  She enjoys bringing her influences of dance, anatomy, yoga philosophy and breath work to her yoga classes. She is particularly interested in how we can develop the skills of yoga beyond the mat, and integrate them into our daily lives.

Charlie Griffin

Charlie is a highly popular yoga teacher, who has been teaching since 2009. She studied yoga and advanced yoga teaching with Frog Lotus Yoga in Italy and India. She also teaches classes in Pre Natal Yoga, Pilates, Body Balance and dance. Charlie uses inspiration from her years as a dancer to improve posture in poses, and gain a sense of grace and fluidity in flow practice, leaving participants feeling strengthened, lengthened and centred.



Heather Hill

Hatha Yoga with Heather Hill

Heather has twenty years experience as a British Wheel of yoga teacher. She excels at nurturing the student.
A hugely experienced teacher, Heather's teaching includes a variety of practices which encompass pranayama , flexibility, restorative and yin yoga as well as strength and stamina. Classes are suitable for all levels and abilities




Weekend Schedule
Friday evening:       restorative yoga
Saturday morning:  energy boost!
Saturday afternoon: Hatha Yoga
Sunday morning:    focus on our feet (including a self administered yoga foot massage )
Helen Barker

Hatha Yoga with Shakti Bakti


Shakti Bhakti (Helen Barker) is a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma holder, BWY Foundation Course Tutor, Relax and Renew Trainer, Suksma Marma and Structural Yoga™ Therapist. 

Shakti Bhakti has been teaching yoga classes for almost 20 years and trained BWY teachers between 2003 - 2009. 

She now works with individual students to assist them develop harmony in their lives as well as teaching workshops, retreats and yoga holidays. 

She has personal experience of the transformative power of Structural Yoga Therapy™ being free from pain and having improved strength and mobility after several years of having an injury.


Joint Freeing Series
This series moves each joint gently and systematically through its full and natural range of motion. It has great healing properties and can bring about the release of subconscious patterns of injury and trauma.

Optimising Mobility and Strength
This series of exercises enables students to isolate muscular strength within asana, to maximise joint mobility (particularly the spine and pelvic region) and heighten concentration.

Vinyasas from Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
Short flowing sequences that develop inner awareness and develop concentration whilst maximising the effectiveness of the asana enabling students to balance the three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha 

For more information on Helen visit her website at

Helen Say

Helen Say - Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher

Helen has been practicing yoga for 12 years, teaching for 4, studying with many different teachers & styles (Hatha, Astanga, Iyengar, Anusara).

Having trained in alignment-based Hatha Yoga at TriYoga in London she has gone on to complete teacher trainings in the uplifting, flowing style of Anusara Yoga.

As an Anusara Inspired teacher she is passionate about sharing yoga with everybody, yoga to benefit all using the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment and incorporating Shiva/Shakti Tantric philosophy into the classes.



She sees yoga as a tool for expansion and freedom in every aspect of life. Since Oct 2009 she has been on the road travelling and teaching, mainly in India, Thailand and Bali.

Helen's own self practice is a way to deepen her knowledge and exploration of yoga both on and off the mat.

She has been fortunate enough to have studied and assisted with Anusara teacher, Bridget Woods Kramer during her classes, immersions in London, the Bali Spirit Festival 2010 and 2011 and at Bridget's Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali.


Our week of yoga

Morning: Following the Anusara principles throughout and weaving in a heart theme, the morning class will be based on a dynamic practice to revive and awaken our spine, heart and mind; allowing us to start the day with a feeling of lightness & freedom.

Afternoon: Through a playful dance of asana, restorative yoga, Thai yoga massage, chi gong & meditation, incorporating breathwork throughout. The therapeutic afternoon class will be a chance to explore our bodies: bringing back mobility in our joints, restoring the natural rhythm of our spine and the free flow of energy, whilst getting in touch with our inner essence of being


Helen teaches from the heart in a playful, joyful and fun way focusing on helping everyone express their own beauty and using Partner work to help students support one another in order to reach their true potential and push each others boundaries.



Imelda Maguire

My name is Imelda. I have been practising since the age of 14. Introduced to Yoga by my Mum. Qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga for 27 years. Author of a best selling book "Yoga for a Healthy Body".

The classes I teach are fun and relaxed places to be.  My teachings based on student needs so everyone can develop and progress at their own pace.  I teach a dynamic form of Traditional Hatha Yoga. All classes are led by the breath.

Infused into my teachings are my knowledge and experience of Tai Chi, ensuring each student learns to move in the way nature designed. avoiding injury and unhindered by ageing, sex or strength.

The aim of Yoga is to help you feel good about yourself. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Release physical and mental tensions. Adopt a positive attitude towards life. Re-vitalise and re-juvanate!


On this holiday - The day begins with: Warm ups to tone up. Dynamic flowing Asanas to stretch, lengthen and relieve pain. Breathing to brighten your day. Meditation to enhance each moment of your holiday.  The day winds down with: Restorative Yoga practice. Deep breathing into the postures. Moving meditations. Smiling Mantras.

By the end of your weeks holiday you will take home..

A 10 minute yoga sequence you can practice everyday.
A deeper understanding of Yoga and yourself.
The tools to meditate, anywhere anytime.
And a belly full of Chi!

Jackie Coulson

Hatha Yoga with Jackie Coulson


Jackie has studied many forms of Yoga over the last 12 years, including Hatha, Iyengar, Vajrasati, Astanga, Sivananda & Scaravelli.

She holds teaching certificates in Hatha and Vajrasati Yoga and is Yoga Alliance 500hr accredited. She has taken great joy from inspiring her students in Brighton for the last 4 years.



Jackie's teaching style is creative and fluid, partly due to her broad inspiration across disciplines.

Her Vajrasati training helps bring in a meditative feel to her Hatha flowing practise, incorporating the core principles of Sthira Sukham (finding the balance between strength or effort and ease) as well as an emphasis on postural awareness. 

Jackie's interest in the body also took her to India to study Yogic massage.


The morning classes will have a fluid, playful nature, incorporating some gentle sequences, flowing through postures with deep breath awareness, to invigorate the body and mind.

The evening practise will generally be more restorative and meditative. Even when the practise is challenging it will be deeply relaxing. We will also be exploring Pranayama (breathing techniques) and simple Mantra (chanting).

Jackie is known for her nurturing and supportive style that welcomes all abilities.

Jackie Dyson

Jackie Dyson

Jackie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and qualified as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2006. She has practiced in a variety of yoga traditions, and with many senior teachers, all of which have influenced her teaching style. Jackie believes that yoga should be accessible to all and beneficial for everyone.

She teaches all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners. Postures can be adjusted and alternatives offered to allow for any physical challenges, injuries or medical conditions. Equally, extra challenge is offered for those who seek it.

Her classes offer benefits on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On a physical level the postures work with the skeletal and muscular systems, helping us to stay (or become) fit and healthy. The postures also benefit all of the body’s systems resulting in healthy immune, nervous and digestive systems.

Jackie has a keen interest in Mindfulness and also draws on teachings which encourage a quality of attention, perception and awareness, helping to still the mental chatter and provide clarity and focus. The use of the breath is central to the teachings.

Whilst the philosophy of yoga is thousands of years old, it is still very relevant in the world today. Jackie’s teaching style draws heavily on yoga philosophy, which she weaves throughout the classes. She will help you use your yoga as a tool to enhance your daily life, enabling you to better handle the challenges we all face in day-to-day life and to realise your potential.

Jacky Lampl

Jacky Lampl

Jacky's passion for movement evolved from her study of dance, she began practicing yoga 15 years ago and is teaching for over six years now.  Her motto is "Movement is a great medicine for the body".

Her teaching style offers an alignment-based yoga, slow moving, with a great focus on core stability.  Jacky completed two 200 hour teacher training modules. The first was an Ashtanga Vinyasa training while the second concentrated on an Anusara teacher training. Anusara yoga is a modern-day Hatha yoga system focusing on a positive mindset. In 2015 she completed a 500-hour teacher training with 3 Internationally renowned teachers. She continues to be an avid student of yoga.

During the weekend at Champneys Jacky will explore how to embrace your practice.  By surrendering, one opens the mind and allows new opportunities to flow.

This weekend is for everyone from a careful beginner to an experienced warrior. Jacky will offer guidance and encouragement to each yogi, so the retreat is enjoyable and suitable for all.

The classes will help you build strength, gain flexibility and help bring an inner calmness and tranquility. The mornings will be more energetic while the evening practice will be more reflective.




Jacqueline Purnell

Jivamukti Yoga with Jacqueline Purnell

Jacqueline has taught yoga for many years all over the world, including training yoga teachers for over 10 years.

She originally trained in Astanga Vinyasa Yoga with the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Derek Ireland in India.

Jacqueline is licensed to teach BWY Foundation Courses One and Two and a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, having trained with David Life and Sharon Gannon. Jacqueline has also worked with Shandor Remete.

On this holiday Jacqueline will be teaching Jivamukti Yoga which is dynamic yoga style - for more information on  this yoga style please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Mornings classes will include

Breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.

Music of all styles will play an integral role in the morning classes : you might practice to a shifting soundtrack of ragas, global trance, hip-hop, spoken word, George Harrison, Sting, Krishna Das, Donna de Lory, Michael Franti, Bill Laswell, Alice Coltrane and Mozart.

Afternoon classes

Will be workshop style looking at asana particularly inversions and backbends in greater detail, to enhance performance for the classes in the mornings.


For more information on Jivamukti yoga visit
For more information on Jacqueline visit

Jacqueline Wigglesworth

Jacqueline Wigglesworth - Hatha Flow & Yin Yoga

Jacqueline experienced her first yoga class in 1997 whilst at Drama school and has since trained in London (at Triyoga,) India and LA, studying many styles of yoga including Vinyasa Flow with Shiva Rea, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness with Sarah Powers, Ashtanga with Pattabhi Jois, Restorative with Judith Lasater, Yoga Therapy with TKV Desikachar and Iyengar Yoga.   

Her own style of teaching is fun, relaxed, safe and joyful, always relating to the bigger picture; both dynamic (solar/yang) and relaxing (lunar/yin) and always includes quotes, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditations to inspire and uplift.          


Jackie sees yoga as a wonderful tool to enhance every aspect of life and adapts her yoga classes to cater for all levels of whoever is present.   

She worked for many years teaching clients at London's prestigious private member's club Home House and is currently based in Sussex. She's just happy to share the many benefits yoga brings, wherever she finds herself and particularly enjoys leading retreats in beautiful locations.   

Her goal is that you return home with a healthy body, a peaceful mind and an enlightened spirit.      




Jacqueline is a global adventurer and trip leader who has worked on 6 continents and travelled to over 90 countries. She  also has a degree in English and Drama from Exeter University and has just finished a book called World of Wonder



Jade Cutler

Jade Cutler

Jade has been practising yoga for over 35 years, teaching since 1994, having trained in the Sivananda style and is a cofounder of Yoga Akasha in East Grinstead.

She has practised many traditions including Iyengar and Scaravelli. She was really encouraged and inspired by her Iyengar teacher and various others along the way, so today her teachings are a combination of different styles of Hatha yoga.

Her classes are taught at a slow pace, focusing on static postures and breath awareness. Jade has taught young children, teenagers, one to one, pre and postnatal mothers and teaches regular weekly classes and workshops at Yoga Akasha in East Grinstead. She enjoys teaching creative, varied and fun classes, catering to all ages, groups and abilities.

Whilst continuing to practise and learn from each experience, Jades’ emphasis lies in creating a warm and welcoming approach to all classes which clearly benefit her students health and wellbeing.

The yoga is very accessible, even for beginners, and all ages.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel”  Maya Angelou

Jagoda Buchala


Jagoda Buchala - Hatha Yoga


Jagoda is a certified 400 hour Hatha yoga instructor with over 3 years of experience in conducting yoga classes for students of all ages. 

Currently Jagoda is taking an Advanced 600 hour Teacher Training Course in Hatha yoga. 

With her extensive knowledge of yoga and meditation, she is passionate about helping others achieve their personal goals through mindful practice.


"I would like to invite you to a Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat focusing on your inner space. This is a great opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga and body, mind, and inner spirit under my experienced guidance.  Our yoga week will include all aspects of yoga and is suitable for every level of practice.

I am committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all students and I am adept at creating personalised plans that meet each individual's needs"


During our week you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself and surrender into a gentle flow into yourself, meditation practice and breath techniques followed by delicious food.

This retreat will naturally incorporate traditional techniques including pranayama and restorative yoga, which will help to take you to a state of deeper focus, calm and stability.



The morning class is based on an uplifting practice to revive and awaken our spine, heart, and mind.

Our sun salutation practice will help us energise and tap into that solar energy, to help you kickstart your day!


We will practice before dinner. This is the time when you want to wind down after your day to really stretch your fascia and connective tissues that you’ve been using throughout the day. Calm candlelit yoga, meditation, Nidra yoga, breath of fire (Kapalabhati), in a cosy candlelit atmosphere.

Over the course of the week, we will improve our yoga practice, feeling healthy and vital with improved flexibility and well-being.


This retreat is suitable for all, regardless of age and yoga experience.





Jana Czipin

Dynamic Yoga with Jana Czipin

Jana Czipin was born in Austria and in 15 years of practice has moved through different styles of yoga (Sivananda, Hatha, Astanga).

In 2005 she became a certified teacher from the Mysore Mandala Shala in India and in 2008 she studied at the school of TKV Desikachar (KYM) in Chennai (India), which focuses on Yoga therapy.


nid%3D721%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneOn your yoga holiday she will teach a morning class of Dynamic Flowing Yoga, kept flexible and attuned to the needs of the different levels of the students.

The afternoon class will be a Hatha Yoga class with various breathing techniques in Pranayama and different methods of meditation.

Classes are suitable for all levels of students, from beginners to advanced.

Jane Cornwall

Vinyasa Yoga with Jane Cornwall

Jane has been a practicing yoga teacher for over 10 years, building on a previous background of dancercise, Qui Gong and Pilates Instruction. All this experience has resulted in a Vinyasa style of yoga, which she believes brings focus, fun and variety to the practice, without losing its deeper meaning and authenticity.

This has led to consistently high attendance and a faithful following from her students. Her teaching style has evolved and developed through her interaction with both class members and many inspiring teachers over the years.

She has an approach which roots yoga in people's everyday lives, with an emphasis on the significance and benefits of synchronising movement and breath. She is always keen to incorporate a pranayama element in her classes to help her students to cope with life's many challenges and to be able to use the gift of yoga as a fundamental part of their being.

Her maturity brings with it considerable experience and she has a zest for life which results in a strong personal engagement with her class members. Her love of yoga inspires her to want to share her knowledge and help enhance the lives of others!

About this holiday

This week will be all about the benefits of self nurture and 'going with the flow' whilst realising the importance of being strong, yet flexible, in body and mind. My aim is that participants have fun, get the opportunity to switch off from their everyday life and end the week feeling invigorated, refreshed, revitalised and with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Morning sessions will be invigorating Flowing Vinyasa Yoga, creating heat and energy. It will incorporate breathing exercises and finish with relaxation.

The afternoon class will consist of gentle yoga postures, incorporating elements of Chi Gung and Pilates - leaving everybody stretched, soothed and contended.

Classes are suitable for all levels,

newcomers to yoga are welcomed so long as they have a core fitness

Jane Manze

Scaravelli Inspired Hatha Yoga


During this week Jane Manze will encourage students to discover a deeper body awareness by taking time in each posture and being attentive to their breath.

Inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, Jane invites you to discover a greater flexibility and strength through asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathwork). This dynamic yet attentive approach is suitable for people with any existing yoga practice and for those new to yoga.



Jane was led to Hatha, Scaravelli yoga via a background in martial arts, dance and bodywork.

She has studied yoga both in the UK and in India. Knowledge and experience give her teaching a clarity in identifying and working with energetic and physical limitations and possibilities within the body.




Based in Brighton, Jane currently teaches weekly classes to a wide client base, as well as workshops and international retreats.




Janet Southworth

Hatha Yoga with Janet Southworth
Janet as been practicing yoga since childhood, she trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching in the Lancashire area since 1990. Currently she is teaching yoga classes, running themed yoga days, holidays and retreats as well as working with her husband in their natural health & back pain clinic in Lancashire. She is also a qualified Yoga assessor and has tutored and assessed trainee yoga teachers. In 2016 she graduated from Manchester with a BSC Hons in Nutritional Science & practices Naturopathic nutrition with Ayurveda.



Janet has a unique and creative style of yoga, interweaving Taoist and Tibetan influences among others with traditional hatha style. Yoga sessions usually include postures and flowing sequence as well as deeper aspects of pranayama, meditation, creative visualisations, mantra and yoga nidra relaxation.

Janet’s teaching is intuitive, empathic and she and enjoys having fun in the yoga sessions. She has trained with many inspirational teachers including; Pranayama expert Philip Jones, Indar Nath, Swami Neel Kamal and respected teachers from Traditional Taoist and Tibetan backgrounds.

During Janet’s Yoga holidays, you will be able to relax and release tensions, as well as the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice, working within your own level of experience/ability, adaptation or progression may be offered. The yoga holiday with Janet is aimed at you feeling recharged and revitalised with better quality sleep and happier within your own skin. The emphasis will be on healing body & mind, discovering the beauty within.



Morning classes will be themed and include pranayama, joint release, flowing sequences, holding poses with awareness on the subtle energy body, meditation, guided relaxation.
The evening session will be more gentle and include floor based postures and pranayama, followed by Janet’s inspirational yoga nidra to facilitate deep relaxation and revitalisation.

Jaz Mullings Lambert

Jaz started teaching in 2006 after completing her British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation course thereafter the Teacher Training Diploma course with Mara Musso in London.
She has practiced Yoga for over 20 years and studied yoga for 12 years; Jaz is currently half way through her Yoga Sutra - Chapter 1 Course with Tara Fraser and Wendy Harring.
Always looking to further her Yoga and personal professional career Jaz has completed an array of BWY modules and drawing on specialising in Post and Pre Natal Pregnancy and teaching specialised 1-2-1 and hospital base, with People Living with Cancer. 

Jaz is currently anticipating returning to University to do her MBA following her MA in Business in 2012.

When asked what style of Yoga she teaches her reply was" I teach authentic Hatha Yoga, drawing from the Philosophy and Traditional text" focusing on attention to alignment from her years of attending Iyengar classes and courses.  Fusing many experiences, workshops and training with many inspirational yoga teachers and subsequently finding her own style of teaching with knowledge, fun, interactions and workshop style teaching which is less flow and more detailed learning of the posture and anatomy.
The morning practices will start slowly and holistically awakening the body, thereafter bringing up the pace to a more dynamic practice which will be lead and assisted throughout, therefore making it appealing to complete beginners to more experienced practitioner.
The evening practices will be based on Jaz's Yin Yoga teaching qualification with Norman Blair, which he commonly calls Yoga below the waist!  Yin Yoga allows students to feel how their body is as they stay in postures and move with mindfulness. A prefect way to drift from the busy day to a smoothening evening ahead.
Each practice shall end with a selection of Guided Visualisation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Closing Thoughts.


If you would like to contact Jaz or try one of her classes in London you can do so by going onto her website:

Jean Hall

Strong Hatha Yoga with Jean Hall

Jean has been practicing yoga for over 19 years and has been teaching yoga for 12 years. 

She teaches open yoga classes in London, mentors yoga teachers in training & leads yoga retreats in the U.K and throughout the world. She is the author of several books including::-

Yoga, a practical guide to yoga postures - Abbeydale Press

Astanga Yoga, a in-depth guide to the primary series - Anness Books  


After working as a professional dancer she qualified as a Iyengar yoga teacher in 1995 & since has continued to study different forms of yoga, namely Sivananda Yoga in Trivanadram and Astanga Yoga in Mysore with Sri K Pattahbi Jois.
Her teaching focuses on developing healthy body mechanics, awareness and flow of breath, energy and alignment to balance & strengthen the body, while deep stretching and relaxation helps to release tension from within.


Jean Hall and Liz Lark have known each other since university and often run retreats and holidays together, most notibly the weekends at Oxon Hoath in Kent. There they teach concurrent classes and yoga students have the choice of which one they attend at any point in the weekend.

Jenny Furby

Jenny Furby - Iyengar Yoga


Jenny Furby has practised Iyengar Yoga for over 20 years and taught since 2005, and she is now qualified at Junior Intermediate 3 Level. 

Jenny lives and teaches in the Andover in Hampshire.  She is a caring, warm hearted and respectful teacher. 

She is passionate about Yoga and Iyengar Yoga attending regular classes with senior Iyengar teachers, and has studied at RIMIYI in Pune, India.



This yoga holiday will be a great opportunity to explore the many aspects of Iyengar Yoga at a deeper level incorporating asana practise in the mornings, with restorative and pranayama practise in the late afternoons. 

Students of all ages and abilities are welcomed on this yoga week.

Growth and learning is encouraged at the pace you feel you are most comfortable with.  


Jenny Potter

Jenny started teaching yoga fourteen years ago; it has become a way of life both on and off the mat, helping her to stay positive in the world and finding more peace.

She has completed five Yoga Training and Anatomy courses, studying with top teachers in London, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York.   As a student of Bridget Woods-Kramer she has developed an understanding of the alignment principles and philosophy of Anusara Yoga.  She has also trained in Anusara Yoga Therapeutics - a way of healing the body through intelligent movement.   
Because of her ongoing Pilates Rehabilitation training she is keen on teaching strong core awareness for optimal alignment.

Her classes are taught with a sense of compassion, lightness and play. Working intuitively to create practices which support individual requirements.  On her week in Turkey she will teach a varied yoga programme including Yin Yoga and Meditation, Dynamic Flow Yoga, alignment based Hatha Yoga and heart opening Yoga Nidra.  The morning class will be yoga based and the afternoon class will be Pilates.   


For more information about Jenny go to her website:

Jill Hurley


Flowing Hatha Yoga with Jill Hurley

Jill has been practicing yoga for forty plus years. She is a member of The British Wheel of Yoga and a qualified BWY teacher.

She teaches holistically, using movement, breath and awareness to bring about benefits for the body and mind: benefiting the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Jill is a qualified beauty, massage therapist and counsellor and is now a full time Yoga teacher She has experience in teaching several styles of yoga but most enjoys teaching Hatha yoga flow. The practice is very versatile and can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities.


The practice of yoga asanas (postures) strengthens and tones muscles, develops flexibility, and can improve a variety of ailments. Psychologically yoga increases concentration, stills the mind and promotes wellbeing, tranquillity and contentment.

With practice the benefits of yoga are that the body becomes stronger and more flexible, stiffness and tensions are eased, breathing improves, energy increases, relaxation is easier

Yoga is about learning to come back to yourself. It's about expanding your boundaries, finding your limits and being able to truly relax and be yourself.

It's about taking time to remember who you are but have forgotten while being caught up in the whirlwind of a fast paced life.

Hi JillI, thank you so much for the fantastic week we spent with you, it was lovely to meet you both. I gained so much from the yoga both physically and emotionally and  I have felt much better since.I also really appreciated how you set the tone for such friendliness amongst the group and for us to all to participate at our own level.

Since being back I have continued with the stretches that I found most beneficial and will now endeavour to find a local class.I also regularly hear your voice asking 'where are your shoulders now?' They seem very happy up by my ears and so I am working on my posture too!

Best wishes Karen (Casa Benedetto 2017)



Jim Tarran

Jim Tarran 

Jim Tarran has been practicing yoga since 1990 and teaching since 1992 after completing his first teacher training course in kathmandu in April 1992 and his second 2 year course in 1996. He devised the Yoga Alliance Professionals registered 500 Hour Plus teacher training course Vajrasati Yoga in 2000 and since then it has grown organically with the combined wisdom of the collective community.
He has been privileged to teach students ranging from total beginners to advanced and everyone in between over the last 30 years and has been so fortunate to have taught yoga in so many countries all over the world from Morocco and Mexico to Italy to India and so many more beautiful lands.
The focus of Jim's classes has been on yoga practices that are familiar to most; āsana (posture), dhyāna (meditation), pranayama (breathing practices), mudra (hand gestures and other'"energy containers" and mantra (chanting). Taking the lion’s share of these is āsana as meditation.

As per tradition I see yoga essentially as absorption, a process familiar to all as a momentary (or longer) melting of the illusion of separation into the ‘field’ of which all seemingly ‘separate particles’ from momentary thoughts to a whole sense of separate ‘me-ness’ are excitations.  All the techniques are employed to serve the principal purpose of yoga - an awakening to the undivided holism of the nameless essence that forms the commonality and bedrock of all our existences. 

Jim Tarran and Khadine Morcom


Vajrasati Yoga with Jim Tarran and Khadine Morcom

Vajrasati Yoga was founded by Jim Tarran in 2000 and is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Teacher Training Plus 500 RYS course which is the highest accreditation available for a teacher training course. In truth the course outstrips even the new high standards required by teacher training plus accreditation with over 1000 hours of training between the contact and non-contact aspects of the course. The course has been co-run by Jim and his partner expert yoga teacher Khadine Morcom - since 2014.



Khadine Morcom - With two decades of teaching experience, continued self-study and a deep embodiment of the core principles of yoga, Khadine teaches straight from the heart with clarity, humility and warmth, supporting students to use the tools of authentic yoga for modern life.

Khadine has been practising yoga for over 25 years, teaching for 19 years and training yoga teachers for 9 years.  She lives her practice, and there is no-one more qualified or able to guide you towards finding your own heart-centre. Her teaching benefits beginners and experienced students alike.

Khadine is a Yoga Alliance Professionals senior teacher and a senior Vajrasati teacher and teacher trainer, and has written for Yoga Magazine UK. She is currently completing a masters degree in yoga and meditation traditions at SOAS University London.

Her teaching style is calming and focused with particular attention given to breath awareness, and the cultivation and recognition of energy and inner states of being. Her classes incorporate practical yoga philosophy in ways that are clear, relevant and useful. Khadine’s classes include instruction in the practices of āsana (yoga posture), prāṇāyāma (breathing practices), dhyāna (meditation) mantra (chanting) and yoganidrā as tools for integration (yoga).

As well as being influenced by traditional yogic texts and traditions, Khadine’s classes take inspiration from anything and everything from being a mother to being an environmentalist or just simply being a being in the world!


Jim Tarran - has been practicing yoga since 1990 and teaching since 1992 after completing his first teacher training course in kathmandu in April 1992 and his second 2 year course in 1996. He devised the Yoga Alliance Professionals registered 500 Hour Plus teacher training course Vajrasati Yoga in 2000 and since then it has grown organically with the combined wisdom of the collective community.

He has been privileged to teach students ranging from total beginners to advanced and everyone in between over the last 30 years and has been so fortunate to have taught yoga in so many countries all over the world from Morocco and Mexico to Italy to India and so many more beautiful lands.

The focus of Jim's classes has been on yoga practices that are familiar to most; āsana (posture), dhyāna (meditation), pranayama (breathing practices), mudra (hand gestures and other'"energy containers" and mantra (chanting). Taking the lion’s share of these is āsana as meditation.

As per tradition he sees yoga essentially as absorption, a process familiar to all as a momentary (or longer) melting of the illusion of separation into the  ‘field’ of which all seemingly ‘separate particles’ from momentary thoughts to a whole sense of separate ‘me-ness’ are excitations. All the techniques are employed to serve the principal purpose of yoga - an awakening to the undivided holism of the nameless essence that forms the commonality and bedrock of all our existences.


Jim and his partner Khadine have been working together running the Vajrasati Yoga Teacher training together for nearly ten years in which time the teaching community has grown from strength to strength.


Joanna Najduch

Vinyasa Flow Yoga andYin Yoga with Joanna Najduch

The morning yoga practice will be invigorating and flowing Prana Flow Yoga to blow away the cobwebs and set you up for your day!

The evening yoga will be more lunar and meditative in nature with long held Yin postures to relax you and release tension in the joints of the hips, legs and spine. Both sessions will include a delicious Savasana or Yoga Nidra to take you even deeper into your relaxed sate of being!

The yoga sessions are suitable for all levels as Joanna offers Kramas or stages in the postures to help you achieve your true potential


About Joanna: Joanna was inspired and encouraged to follow the path of yoga teacher training after many years practicing and enjoying yoga classes. Her love of dynamic flowing sequences led her to pursue Astanga Yoga Teacher Training which she completed in 2004 with Brian Cooper and Nawajyoti at Union Yoga in Edinburgh and Shanti Griha in Scoraig, Scotland.

Joanna continues to deepen her yoga practice and draws inspiration from workshops and intensives with a wide range of well known yogis such as Sri Dharma Mittra , David Swenson, Matthew Sweeney, Paul Grilley, Kausthub Desikachar, Shiva Rea, Liz Lark, Claire Missingham , David Sye, Simon Low, and Sarah Powers.

Joanna has recently achieved her 300Hrs in Prana Flow Energetic Vinyasa Yoga with Shiva Rea - her main inspiration! Joanna has also completed Yogabeats Foundation Teacher Training with David Sye.

Joanna holds her accreditation as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 500 hours and more recently Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT ) with Yoga Alliance UK.

Joanna hosts and organizes Yoga Workshops with many of her inspirational Teachers and has also organized many successful Yoga Holidays and retreats in Spain, Turkey, Crete, Italy and the Lake District

The Yoga practice on this holiday will consist of a 2 hour Prana Vinyasa Flow in the mornings

and a 1.5 hour Yin Yoga Flow in the evenings.







Jody Lawrance

Hatha Yoga with Jody Lawrance

Jody fell in love with Yoga in 1991 and has been teaching since 1999.

She enjoys teaching all abilities, including beginners and those wanting a gentler experience of Yoga.

She blends long deep stretches to increase flexibility and mobility, thereby encouraging the body to find a new ‘normal’, with postures and exercises to increase muscle tone, strength and stamina.


She prioritises focusing on the breath, so sinking deeper into our practice allowing the body and mind to release tension and stress to access greater stability and joy in our life.

She enjoys the harmony and balance Yoga brings to her daily life and believes it can help us all draw closer to true contentment and inner peace.

Jody loves teaching on Yoga holidays as it is the perfect opportunity for students to sink deeper into their practice, free from life’s usual demands.

She varies her classes and offers modifications to accommodate all students, drawing from her 20+ years of teaching experience to facilitate everyone .

She returns to India regularly to study further with her teachers at the Atma Vikasa Centre in Mysore, most recently for a 2 month Yoga therapy course.

She has trained in: Hatha, Kundalini, Pregnancy, Baby, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga.

She is also qualified in many types of massage including Aromatherapy, Shiatsu and Thai Yoga massage.

For more information please visit


Joelle Green

Joelle has spent her life exploring bodywork disciplines, initially coming to yoga to protect herself from injury and find refuge from the frenetic life of touring as a contemporary dancer.

She travelled to India in 2011 to explore its classical roots, completing her first 200hr TTC in Sivananda in the beautiful Madurai Ashram, continuing onto graduate from Triyoga's 2 year Advanced TTC in 2018 with her mentor's Jean Hall and Anna Ashby.

Passionate about embodiment, physiology, mindfulness and creativity she encourages practitioners to be playful and present.  Her classes and workshops are fun and creative yet precise and carefully sequenced to support individual progression.

She endeavours to create an environment where yogis of all levels can feel self-compassionate, find spaciousness within mind and body, a life-affirming element of play and deep relaxation to support the inherent regenerative capacities of our bodies.



Yoga Classes:

90 minute Morning Flow Yoga mindfully sequenced to allow a deep dive into the day's anatomical and philosophical theme.  With options for differing energy levels and individual help offered to support progression.

90 minute Evening Restorative slow flow/yin yoga with sacred sound.
As a massage practitioner, Joelle will offer oils-based techniques for the neck and shoulders and close the practise with sacred sound to sooth the nervous system further.  Either mantra with harmonium or crystal singing bowls.

Jude Medhurst

Yin and Yang Vinyasa Yoga with Jude Medhurst

Jude has been a practitioner of yoga and meditation for many years and has been teaching it since 1999. During that time she has worked with, been inspired and influenced by many wonderful teachers whose knowledge and teachings have enriched her practice - Erich Schiffman, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Shiva Rea and, currently, Sarah Powers.

She completed her Teacher Training Course with the Bihar School of Yoga (Satyananda Yoga) under the direction of Swami Vedantananda and assessed by Swami Pragyamurti, the Principal of the School. 


Jude teaches a mix of the Yin style focusing on the gently held postures that work on the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine and the stronger Yang practise that enhances muscular movement and conditioning.

The combining of the two helps to create a balanced practice "on the mat" which can be helpful in balancing our life "off the mat". There is much emphasis on the flow of the breath and how we allow the breath to be the initiator for the movement of the body. The sessions also include pranayama, relaxation and visualisation practices plus nada yoga and meditation.

I’m a great believer in the body being a wonderful teacher itself and I encourage students to enquire, investigate and discover the joy of the practice themselves in any given moment – adjusting and modifying as necessary – remembering that our “best” will differ from day to day. The foundation of this is acceptance – allowing the body to release when it is ready”

The sessions also include pranayama, relaxation and visualisation practices plus nada yoga and meditation.

Julia Antenbring

nid%3D1684%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneJulia teaches her own fusion of Yin yoga with Mindfulness and Yang yoga with dynamic Kundalini yoga influences.  This powerful combination releases deep seated tension, pushes through physical and emotional blocks and gives you a strong,balanced and healthy body inside and out.
A yoga retreat is a gift to yourself. It gives you the opportunity to completely let go in a beautiful environment away from the stresses of everyday life. It allows space and time for healing and renewal and gives you time to reflect, to focus on your own needs and discover once again your true passions in life. A retreat is also a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, eat delicious food, sunbathe,swim, explore and do anything that your heart desires, because it's your holiday!

nid%3D1685%7Ctitle%3DJulia%20Antenbring%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneOn this holiday
The mornings will be dedicated to active and dynamic practices, which move stagnant energy, detoxify inner organs and build muscle, giving you strength and vitality.

The evening practices will be more yielding and nourishing, releasing stress and deep-seated tension, allowing your body and mind to completely let go and sink into total relaxation.

All practices end with a guided meditation. You will also be introduced to Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness and Kundalini Meditations.

No experience needed and you don’t have to be flexible. Suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities.


For more details go to Julia's website:


The most relaxing, stress free and soothing yoga class I have been to, however still working all the right muscles! Julia's calming nature makes it so easy to unwind. 100% recommend to anyone!


Today was a new experience. Through this wonderful teacher's guidance the whole workshop just flowed exercising both my mind and body on a very different level. Every stage was fully explained so a deeper understanding was gained of the purpose and what was happening while holding the postures. The Nidra was bliss and took me into such a deep state of relaxation that nothing else mattered but that moment in time. I left feeling inspired and enthusiastic to practice what I had learned today. Thank you Julia..


Magical lesson. Julia's class was just mind blowing. Very good instructor. I felt so relaxed and distressed after that lesson. I would recommend Julia's classes to every one who is looking for fun, good spirit, energy and calm mind. I still feel floating


Well where do I start.....a truly lovely class, which suits all abilities, so you can go at a pace that suits you. Julia often gives information on the poses about the health benefits of the different positions, which I find really useful. The relaxation at the end is absolutely divine, melting away any stress. Since doing yoga, about 16 months now, I've lost inches around my body and have improved my strength, flexibility and tone throughout my body, I'm delighted with the results. I would thoroughly recommend this class to anyone, as it is great for fun, relaxation, fitness and health!

Julie Bolitho-Lee

nid%3D1018%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneJulie Bolitho-Lee has been practicing yoga since 2004.  She is also a 2005 Truman Scholar and an internationally published poet.

Julie has a passion for teaching and aims to bring love and offer grace to all of her students.  Her yoga practice flourished after discovering Kripalu yoga, a practice focusing on mindfulness and compassion for self and others..

In aerial yoga, Julie trained at The Purple Lotus Wellbeing Academy - one of the leading  aerial yoga teacher training programs in the UK.  With her background in Kripalu yoga, Julie approaches her aerial teaching with the same compasssion and fun as her Kripalu classes, while taking the utmost care to keep students safe and thriving in their practice.

We'll be starting the weekend off with a restorative practice to settle the body into a place of stillness and to just switch off from the outside world.  Saturday morning will then start by focussing the mind with meditation before breakfast and a yoga class prior to lunch.

Your afternoons are free to walk the lush grounds of Champneys Spa in Henlow, relax poolside or treat yourself to a massage.

Saturday afternoon provides an opportunity to practice an 'Introduction to Aerial-Yoga workshop' an exciting and innovative fusion of Yoga and Aerial Artistry to release your inner acrobat and experience the benefits of supported inversions, backbends and fun circus-inspired tricks and flips!  Suitable for all levels subject to certain health pre-requisites.

Sunday morning begins with a yoga class prior to breakfast, your morning is then free to enjoy the facilities and we will meet again for a delicious lunch together, enjoying the facilities until we depart at 4pm.

Julie Hemmings

Julie Hemmings

I walked into my first Yoga Class back in 1993.  I was stressed out, burned out and exhausted.  I walked out feeling more whole, the pieces slowly being put back together.  My mind was calmer, my body felt great and I had the kind of energy I could only remember having as a child.  I went back to my second class the week after.  At the end of that class I decided I wanted to become a Yoga Teacher..........  

Although Yoga has been practised for over 2,500 years in India, we are only really beginning to explore the depths of what it can offer us here in the West.  Yoga here mostly focusses on the physical aspects - toning the body, strengthening and stretching the muscles and providing an opportunity for relaxation.  The deeper aspects of the practice are commonly overlooked.  Whilst Yoga is an amazing bodywork system, I feel its strength lies in the ability to overhaul the mind, bringing it to a place of stillness, and by asking us to enquire of ourselves on a more profound level.  Most of this work, interestingly, happens subconsciously.  We just become aware of the changes that are gradually taking place within our consciousness.   


Originally training with the British Wheel of Yoga in 1998, I have been lucky over the years to have studied, and been inspired by Iyengar, ViniYoga, Sivananda, Satyananda, Ashtanga and more recently, Kundalini styles of Yoga, Donna Farhi, Shiva Rea, Sean Corne, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, and Swami Nischalananda of the Mandala Ashram. 

I also studied a year-long Pranayama Module with Philip Xerri - breathwork always forming the core of my own practice and my teaching.

My main Yoga passion, however, is Kirtan - I love the energy, connection and stillness it creates.  I don't go far without a Krishna Das or Nikki Slade CD stashed somewhere.   

All of these amazing practices, teachings and teachers have merged into the big melting pot of my psyche and emerged to form my own unique style of teaching: blending vinyasa, Yin, breath, energy, sound and meditation.  


I feel priviledged to have both attended and taught several Yoga Holidays at Grenadine Lodge in Dalyan, and am looking forward to returning.    

The content of the Yoga Programme for week will be mostly led by yourselves, developed around your needs, your desires and your potential to explore new territory.    

With this in mind thi is the planned outline of the sessions:-         


Morning:   Vinyasa / Slow Flow / Kirtan, Chanting       

Evening:  Yin Yoga / Pranayama / Meditation   


I look forward to sharing a truly wonderful experience with you.


Julie Stannard

Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga with Mindfulness

I began yoga in my teens in the early 1980’s. Yoga suited my love of moving and exploring what I could do with my body and also opened a door to my spiritual self that was deeply nourishing and rewarding.
Then, for a number of years, rock climbing and mountaineering became a central part of my life. I found the mountains were my spiritual ‘home’ and that climbing forced me into the present moment and I was able to live my life with a new immediacy and intensity.

Memories of the wonderful peace I had felt drew me back to yoga and I decided to train as a teacher to share this gift with others.

When I completed my teacher training, I needed to broaden and deepen my own practice and worked with a number of teachers where I found a connection with the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

I have since worked and undertaken courses with teachers in this tradition including John Stirk, Peter Blackaby, Gary Carter and regularly with Marc Woolford. I am also influenced by the inspirational teachings and writings of Sandra Sabatini, Jenny Beeken and Donna Farhi.


My interest is about the integration of yoga into our lives as a whole. This has led me to undertake training in Mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness teaches us how to be present in each moment of our lives so as not to cheat ourselves of the present by being caught up in thoughts about our past or future.

In accepting and allowing we find a place where life becomes calmer, clearer and where we are more able to cope with difficulties by developing our ability to watch events and our response to them unfold.

I have found resonance with these wonderful teachings and I continue to integrate them so that I can teach them in a way that has informed my own practice and life, so that the teachings are imparted to others in a way that is alive and authentic from my own experience.





June Mercer

Hatha Scaravelli Yoga with June Mercer

I went to my first yoga class when I was about 15 years old. Later as a student I read philosophy and studied different spiritual traditions. The seeds were sown for my developing interest in the philosophy and art of yoga.

When I was drawn to train as a yoga teacher with Yoga Scotland in 1991, it was to delve more deeply into the philosophy, to further my spiritual search. I had never been any good at sports and had no background in anatomy and physiology.


I could never have guessed that a few years down the road I would be teaching a practice very much based on the physical work....observing the body as it is, on the ground, being breathed. In particular, my studies over the last 14 years with yoga tutor and osteopath John Stirk have helped me discover the connection between body, mind and spirit. The experience in the postures brought an awareness I couldn't have found in any book. The meditation, the non-doing is there in the doing.

Lots of yoga students are drawn to the yoga for the benefits of the physical exercise and I am keen to present my classes so they are accessible to everyone, regardless of their fitness level. Many people find they benefit especially from the relaxation and many then go on to develop an interest in the spiritual practice  

My personal journey was from the spiritual search to the physical practice. Whichever way, I think there is no separation. The practice is the meditation. We use what we have, where we are.

These days I am interested in how science is proving what the yogis discovered through their efforts thousands of years ago. My daily inspiration comes from my family, my students, the music of Krishna Das, and the books of Osho. And of course the yoga!



Jyoti Pai (Harvey)

Jyoti Pai Hatha Yoga

I found yoga (or yoga found me in 1999) when on a quest to study more about my roots (my father is from India and my mother is from England). This quest took me travelling around India on my own for 6 months.

Although I had been visiting India regularly from the age of 3, I had not really grasped the yoga culture or even its practice…despite my half Indian origins.

Whilst travelling around India, I stumbled across a yoga school in the far south and loved it… qualified as a teacher, stayed a further 2 years in the ashram to hone my skills, then taught on a nearby touristy beach for a further 3 years.

On my return to the UK I started teaching classes in Winchester (Hampshire).


In 2020 Covid hit and so many yoga teachers were forced online, I absolutely loved teaching online classes and have stayed teaching online ever since …

I have a very good tech set up (surprising as am not at all techy) which means I use a good quality web cam to beam my classes out to your laptop/tablet or phone and I also have a very large monitor to keep a watchful eye on your practise and gently verbally correct where necessary. This set up can be seen in the “Zoom set up and classes” section of my Gallery.

I teach gently, with some humour thrown in and love to connect with my students at start of class. We especially like to involve the pets… they love a bit of yoga and if they can sit on your mat/ chair to make yoga slightly more challenging then that’s what they like to do! They are very much part of our yoga family.


I realised the moment I started practising yoga in the ashram in India in 1999 that it was a practise I connected with deeply and immediately wanted to share the multiple benefits I was experiencing.

I chose to carry on learning and teaching yoga in the yoga school daily for 2 years after qualifying to get as much experience and knowledge as I could, in fact I would attend further Teacher training classes whilst there, just to make sure the knowledge sunk in!

This constant urge to share has kept me teaching for almost 24 years.

I went to Rishikesh , (Northern India) in 2006 for 4 months to learn in the “Yoga City” of India.

It’s been important to me to also gain more yoga knowledge along the way and I have studied many forms and styles of yoga from various masters of yoga in many countries including India, Egypt, Turkey, Spain and Italy.

I am also Birthlight pregnancy yoga trained, have studied first aid for yoga teachers and in 2020 I studied under Alanna Kaivalya to experience a  contemporary 200Hr Yoga teaching program to keep me  fresh in my field.  I intend to always acquire yoga experience to share with my students.


Karen Calder

Karen Calder Iyengar Yoga

Karen has practised Iyengar Yoga since 2000 and gained her teaching certificate in 2009. She really enjoys the challenge Iyengar Yoga gives her and has opted to carry on training and now holds the Intermediate 3 teaching certificate.

She has visited Pune to work directly with the Iyengar family and has attended conventions with both Geeta and Abhijata Iyengar - all deeply humbling experiences.


She has also attended workshops with  visiting senior teachers Glenn Cerescoli and Christian Pissano. "There is always so much more to learn, every time I return to my mat I make a new discovery, there are an infinite number of variables within every pose - it is an incredible journey".

A distinguishing feature of an Iyengar class is the use of props, e.g. blocks, belts and chairs so students with less flexibility or strength are able to work correctly and achieve their full potential.  This means everyone, from beginners to advancing students will gain something from the week.

During the course of the week we will explore the poses in detail and advance and develop practice to suit ability.

"I love meeting new students and introducing them to the joy of yoga and equally enjoy challenging those with more practice.  I look forward to meeting you!"



Dear Debbie
I wanted to write and let you know that I had an amazing time in Kerala.  I loved Palm Tree Yoga Centre, the staff were wonderful and Halin was the perfect host.  Karen is a an inspirational yoga teacher: kind, knowledgeable and able to meet the needs of a diverse group of students. She is an exceptional person and teacher and I feel very lucky to have been there with her.  Thank you so much for organising the holiday.
Nicky - November 2022


Hello, I just wanted to leave a review for a fabulous holiday which my mother and I have just spent in Crete with Karen Calder.  This is our second holiday with her, as we were in Ischia last year - also a wonderful trip.Karen is an excellent yoga teacher, who has a lovely kind and caring manner when teaching.  My mother (80) and I (both Iyengar beginners) were gently encouraged into restorative and semi challenging poses by Karen, in relaxed and yet highly professional classes each day. We have returned home with improved posture, a sense of achievement and with a calmer frame of mind.  I would recommend Karen to anyone wanting to learn more and enjoy the process!  She also has a great sense of humour!
Many thanks Philippa


Karen Hills

Hatha Yoga with Karen Hills

Karen has been playing and practicing yoga for over 15 years, and teaching for 8. She is a 500 hours senior yoga teacher,

Her aspiration is to bring yoga to as many people as possible, irrespective of their knowledge or ability. 

Her teaching reaches out on many levels; from physical fun through exploration,  gentle and intuitive yoga and spiritual practice for both beginners and accomplished practitioners.

"My winding path on the yogic journey began with weekly classes, exploring ways in which to find a sense of calm, a sense of patience. As the years passed I played a little more and a little deeper.  I completed my first yoga teacher training course in 2010 with Andrew Moon at the Atha Yoga School, Cornwall (accredited by IYN)."

In 2012 she continued to study of yoga at a deeper level and began further teacher training at Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales, studying and teaching with accomplished and talented teachers. These included Tara Rupa Ma, Swami Nishchalananda, Swami Krishnapremananda and Swami Gyan Dharma.  She continues to teach at Mandala as part of the tutor team for the Yoga Teacher Training Course (2015-2017).

Currently Karen teaches yoga classes and yoga workshops in the community. Her classes are relaxed and informal.  Students explore the body and learn to be present with where they are right now, listening and responding to the feedback received from the body and following the journey of the breath, in all its ebbs and flows.

Our Yoga Holiday

This week is in honour of the power of retreat.  To retreat from all our usual daily concerns; to wind down from the fast pace of life we find ourselves living.  Giving ourselves the time to rest and reflect.  Seeing where we have come from, and giving ourselves time to explore the direction we wish to move in.

The morning class will be a blend of breath awareness, moving into a flowing sequence of postures.  Harmonising the movement of the body with the movement of the breath.  Giving the body time to open gently, yet also cultivating a sense of strength in the core and spine, connecting to the vital energy of the body. 

The afternoon class practices will vary, including:



Yoga Nidra (a deep relaxation technique for the body and mind). The practice allows you to become more receptive to new ideas, and uses a ‘sankalpa’ (intention) to sow the seed of change


Likhita Japa (mantra repetition through creativity)

Through both classes and all of the times in-between, cultivating a sense of enquiry and playfulness, developing sensitivity and intuition as you explore your body, breath and mind.

For more information on Karen visit her website


Kate Walker

nid%3D864%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneFlow Yoga with Kate Walker

A teacher asked me once what I liked about yoga. I said it gave me a chance to escape from myself. I didn’t like myself very much and those moments on the mat took me away to a peaceful place that the bullshit couldn’t penetrate. I’ve since realised that, of course, the peaceful place is me and all the bullshit is a construct of my mind. What a revelation…enlightenment here I come! Not surprisingly, the ‘little me’ was not going down without a fight and started throwing up all kinds of resistance to me getting downward dog with it.


It’s a process. Going beyond that resistance. And every day is different. But I learnt that listening to my body and practicing in accordance with what it needed at that point in time was the surest way forward (even if it was in a two steps forward, one step back kind of way). I had to let go of what I thought my practice should look like and howI thought I should be as an aspiring yogini and work with where I was at, at each moment. Maybe I never will be the bendiest pretzel in the packet but these days I would rather be the happiest and most compassionate.


I’m Kate, a Yoga Alliance qualified teacher. My yoga practice has been my solace, my teacher and often my greatest challenge as it encourages me to go beyond the safety and limitations of my mind and open my heart to myself and life. I encourage students to be their own teacher by reconnecting to the wisdom of their body by focusing on awareness and observation and allowing the process to unfold without force. I would rather know that you are smiling in child’s pose than see you going red in the face forcing your foot behind your head. I teach Hatha yoga and my classes include asana, pranayama and meditation. I also love, love, LOVE a good yoga nidra session.


I have had the honour of studying with some truly remarkable teachers. I am currently deepening my understanding of yoga by working with Chameli Ardagh and Sara Avant Stover to bring more of a feminine approach to my practice and teaching.

I am also studying Yoga Therapy with the Mohans of Svastha Yoga (long time students of Krishnamacharya). In the past I have worked with Sarah Powers, Simon Borg-Olivier of Yoga Synergy, Lance Schuler of INSPYA Yoga, Diane Long (long time student of Vanda Scaravelli) and Vedic meditation teacher Tim Mitchell.

I am also a certified health coach and offer one-on-one sessions during your yoga week.

Kathryn Banks

Flowing Yoga with Kathryn Banks

"My retreats reflect the vast range of training learning and developing over the last 30 years. A unique fusion of soft gentleness and Yang flow with a little bit of Qigong - feeling energy of chi and prana that runs through our bodies then riding its delicate wave in joy and harmony.

In unique fusions yin and Yang flowing style we can take time to dissolve the sometimes inner emotional turbulence we can all get affected by. In the moment of the wave of the movement freedom exists, we can carve our unique path through guidance and inner listening.

My retreats are suitable for everyone, drawn from the training I have had in many yoga styles, Pilates,  advanced Hatha Yoga, Body Balance years, exercise to music in the 1990s, Qigong  and Tai Chi,  Spiritual Awakening, Ayurvedic Pathways……so lots of possibilities for us to venture into and enjoy ultimately ending up with feeling amazing and strong in your body feeling better taking time to laugh and enjoy yourself....happiness."

Each season Kathryn teaches several Free Spirit Holidays, she blends all aspects of her different forms of training into her Flowing Yoga  classes changing it for the different venues.


In Kissamos, Crete, Turkey and also in Italy,  she will teach a smooth blend of Flowing Yoga, with little pieces of Pilates and Chi Gung, coupled together in new inventive ways to build on our foundation practice and enable us to relax into the present.  Music may be involved to lift us higher into the joy of movement.

In Turkey she will teach her Flowing Yoga class in the morning and a Pilates based class in the afternoons

At India she will be teaching Gentle Flowing Yoga for all abilities.


Classes are suitable for all levels


THANK YOU, for the week of great yoga, pilates, chi gong fusion mix, I enjoyed it so much. I have found a local teacher leading Chi Gong to continue with it. What you made me realise was, I want/need to rebalance the exercise I do to include a regular weekly Pilates class and Chi Gong, as well as yoga. As the different exercises help me in different ways.

Do let me know of any further yoga holidays you are doing,

Best wishes, Jay - Kisssamos September 2017


Kathy Parsons

Kathy Parsons - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Kathy is a Toronto-based yoga teacher and meditation guide who specializes in helping people connect to themselves through movement and breath.

When Kathy is not leading yoga classes like Vinyasa Flow, Yoga for Athletes, Yin and Restorative, she is hosting Movement & Meditation Workshops across the city, and hosting retreats around the world

Having been on over 25 international health retreats over the years, Kathy is a self-proclaimed ‘retreat addict’ (and a type-A in recovery).  Kathy left the corporate world in 2014 to provide the ultimate energizing and balanced yoga and retreat experience for others. 


Her teaching specialty is vinyasa flow, and her classes incorporate creative movements that strengthen and lengthen the body while staying connected to the breath.

She also teaches pranayama (breathing exercises), moving meditation, restorative and yin yoga and mindfulness.

Classes are tailored to the students and include gentle hands-on adjustments and assists, inspirational music and a scented savasana massage


 “My philosophy is to provide the space for each student to connect with their mind, body and soul so they finish class feeling simultaneously lighter and more grounded. I encourage students to push themselves to their personal limits, while not taking themselves too seriously. Smiling and laugher is welcome!”


After a successful career in marketing and major gift fundraising, Kathy understands what it’s like to crave stillness and connection in a world that overvalues busyness.

She’s combined her love of business and wellness together with her company:- The Santosha Life:  Cultivating Contentment through Yoga • Meditation • Retreats • Style 



"I've practiced various styles of yoga for about 13 years, but Kathy is the first teacher who ever made yoga personal for me. For the first time, I experienced the connection of mind, body, breath, and spirit, and it changed the way I view yoga forever. Kathy is so much fun, funny, and friendly in class, and at the same time, teaches in a very loving way".

Elizabeth, NYC

“Kathy has a very balanced and well rounded approach to yoga which can benefit anyone regardless of experience or fitness level. Her humour and relaxed approach creates a very comfortable atmosphere while her experience and knowledge of yoga helps each of her students grow and improve.

Peter, Germany


Kathy Taylor (plus Kathy Taylor & Debbie Cooper weekends)

Hatha Yoga with Kathy Taylor

Kathy is a devoted yoga teacher who imparts her radiant spirit and joy for life in her classes and workshops.

Kathy discovered Iyengar yoga 30 years ago coming from a background of gymnastics and athletics.

She gained her teaching certificate in 1991 and has since built up a busy business teaching privately run classes, together with teaching at health clubs and for the employees at a local business near her home town of Sevenoaks, Kent. 

Her classes will focus on breath, alignment and the interconnection between mind, body and spirit.

She encourages her students to work at their own pace and ability in a safe relaxed environment with the aid of props in the form of belts, bricks and blocks.


The classes on this holiday will be suitable to all levels of students beginners as well as those with more experience. Students will be offered a 2 hour daily morning asana class together with an hour of gentler practice in the early evening.


Kathy is also a qualified Homoeopath, graduating from the London School of Classical Homoeopathy in 2006


Kathy Taylor also runs Yoga & Mindfulness weekends at Champneys Spa with Debbie Cooper. Kathy will teach the yoga element and combine her sessions with Debbie who will be teaching the mindfulness element.

About Debbie Cooper

Debbie is a mindfulness practitioner with a diplomas from the Clear Mind Institute and the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. She has been practising Yoga as a method of relaxation and well-being for over 30 years and more recently has embraced Mindfulness.

She is passionate about helping people find some peace and quiet in their busy lives to allow them to feel more grounded, relaxed and energised. She has a wealth of experiences from a variety of workplaces both as an employee and as a company director and she has brought up three lovely children with her husband.

Debbie provides balanced and practical Mindfulness sessions to help people address the challenges in their lives. Practising mindfulness helps people to acknowledge challenges which they may not have noticed before and allow them to turn towards their emotions in a kind and compassionate manner.

Debbie facilitates weekly mindfulness sessions at workplaces.  Yoga and mindfulness complement each other with greater awareness and presence being brought to the yoga mat and Kathy and Debbie will plan and deliver sessions combining both discipline. . 

This will be a relaxing yet energising weekend with plenty of opportunities to improve your physical and mental flexibility.  The relaxing sessions will enable you to tune into your feelings and really listen to yourself resulting in finding your inner peace and centred calmness.

You can find out more about Debbie on her website


Kay Parker

Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga with Kay Parker


With 10 years of practicing yoga, my teaching encompasses a wealth of knowledge and understanding of a variety of yoga forms.

My upbeat approach encourages students to connect body and mind through breath, with an emphasis on safe alignment.

I work with students to get the most out of their yoga practice, offering variations for the more advanced students, modifications for beginners and hands-on adjustments where appropriate.

I have studied anatomy, philosophy, yoga therapy, somatics and breath work and attend regular workshops with teachers from different yoga traditions, incorporating this learning into my classes in a way that compliments my own style of teaching.




Morning practice will start with centering and breath work. This will be followed by a theme based flowing practice sometimes incorporating yin yoga.

Evening sessions will be relaxing in nature and will generally focus on somatics, restorative or yin yoga as well as guided relaxation.


"Just back from a wonderful week at Mavros Malos with Kay Parker whose daily yoga was a exactly what I had hoped for. Mornings were Hatha, evenings Yin. The week was a perfect balance of stretch, breath, restorative and the teaching and facilitation was excellent. All with a perfect Cretin ocean backdrop, plenty of sunshine, lovely vegetarian food , wonderful hosts and a group that were just fab. Wish I could tap into Kay’s yoga in the UK.  I will definitely be booking with Free Spirit Travel again xx thankyou namaste "

"Thank you Kay for such amazing yoga, I really love your style of teaching.  I was concerned if I'd be able to manage 3 half hours a day, but you created a balance that was perfect.
It is also so lovely to come back home fitter than when I arrived, and with a nice tan ha ha  "


Kelly Arnold

Yoga with Kelly Arnold

Kelly has been practicing yoga for over 17 years and a teacher since 2005.

She trained in beautiful Ubud, Bali with Louisa Sear, Emil Wendel and several other world renowned teachers at Yoga Arts, Byron Bay, Australia.

Kelly has taught extensively in Australia, Hong Kong and is currently teaching at Evolve Wellness Centre in South Kensington, GC Yoga Studios in Wimbledon and other clubs and studios all over London.

Her sequences are strong and dynamic with plenty of challenges but they are structured for all levels and for people from all walks of life.



Kelly brings her own unique style to her classes and encourages students to listen to their own body and breathe, staying with the level and variations that suit them depending on their experience and how they are feeling on the day.

The Dynamic Vinyasa Flow sequences are varied and include backbends, inversions, arm balances, focus on core stability along with funky and relaxing music.

The classes will allow you to awaken the body slowly but are designed to make you sweat and then wind down with passive postures and a nice long savasana.



Ken Eyerman

Ken Eyerman - Yoga with Feldenkrais Awareness


Ken Eyerman has more than 35 years experience teaching Yoga & Bodywork, is a trained practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method © and is author of 'Massage' published in 1987. An American based in London since 1980, Ken has developed his own style of teaching, bridging the space between flowing Hatha Yoga and the gentle understated, spiralling Feldenkrais movements. Ken teaches his unique 'Yoga with Awareness' holidays internationally.

Ken has developed a fluid technique that taps into your individual needs, releases energy and works to heal injuries or chronic discomfort. His retreat will introduce you to Ken's unique take on Yoga - utilising influences from Feldenkrais, dance and movement based bodywork - and promises to be a refreshing, inspiring start to the year and a lot of fun too!

Ken's intuitive and spontaneous, hands-on approach places an emphasis on using the breath, an awareness of your inner process and how to use your body efficiently. This combination of approaches will ease you into the postures and classes are suitable for all levels of experience, including those who have injuries or are restricted in their movement.



More information about Ken can be seen on


The developmental movement technique, The Feldenkrais Method, has been Ken's lifelong study, especially in how it relates and is complementary to yoga, through the awareness of movement and being attentive to detail. For Ken, The Feldenkrais Method forms the bridge between hands-on healing, touch and the spontaneity of life as a dance.

The Feldenkrais Method named after its originator, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is an educational system that uses gentle movement and directed attention to improve posture and human functioning. One can increase the ease and range of motion, improve flexibility and rediscover the natural capacity for efficient movement.

"I can help people to think about their body, how it breathes and moves, how the structure connects, to develop a level of awareness..... so they are not only powering away at stretching but also learning to feel and think their way to a stronger more supple body. A goal being to get into the imagination, to find a more subtle approach, to excite the feelings as well as to power the muscles" Ken Eyerman

Laurie Blair

Laurie Blair  'Soul Connecting Yoga'

Laurie has practised various forms of yoga for around 30 years. She originally learned to teach Hatha yoga, with the Sivananda school, she was further inspired by David Sye's Yogabeats teacher training to teach more fluidly and authentically.

Her teaching includes some fascia releasing micro movements to music, to allow the body to happily release gently into deeper stretches.

The focus is on connecting the body and soul to quickly find a yogic state of mind.

Teaching is fully supportive and safe, allowing you to be comfortable, but challenged to your own capability, therefore suitable for all abilities. Classes are fun and lighthearted, but will also have you delving deeper within, to connect to your inner Self. Laurie believes that, "yoga is a journey to the soul, allowing us to connect to our authentic Self".


Laurie is a body and soul therapist, qualified in Kinetic Chain Release Therapy (KCR), a sequence of physio mobilisations aimed to holistically correct leg length. 90% of us have one leg shorter than the other, which causes misalignment of the body and thus various conditions, such as sciatica, backache, etc.

KCR has realigned and brought balance back to clients who have suffered from Fibromyalgia, ME, depression, PTSD, post-natal depression, post surgery trauma, etc. Guests can book for KCR during their stay.

One client with Fibromyalgia, ME and depression happily exclaimed, "Laurie has given me my life back through KCR. With one treatment I was able to walk my dog again, after 6 years of not making it past the garden gate!"

Leah Barnet

Gentle Theraputic Yoga with Leah Barnet

Leah Barnet works very closely with Fiona Agombar, author of Beat Fatigue with Yoga.   

Teaching in the style of Krishnamacharya, gentle yoga postures, mantra and breathing techniques help to both invigorate and relax so that participants will discover more energy and well-being.

Her retreats offer two gentle yoga sessions a day and is suitable for those with mild to moderate M.E - or for anyone who is just tired and simply wants to relax.

She offers a safe nourishing stay for those who have health problems - there is plenty of space to unwind in the sunshine and just to 'be'.

The sessions are not compulsory - the focus is on relaxation and enjoyment

Linda Toombs

Hatha Flow Yoga with Linda Tombs

Linda has been practicing yoga for twenty years; her passion has taken her on retreats and workshops all over the world.  She  trained at the Yoga Garden, West Sussex and is a qualified Vinyasa Flow teacher

Linda came to yoga via Iyengar yoga, where the focus is on alignment, her teaching style includes flow sequences, music and fun!  Her intention is to share the benefits of her teaching so that you leave her class feeling wonderful.            


The morning class will be confidence boosting and energizing. We will begin with breath work, a warm up, some standing postures and a vinyasa flow sequence.        

Every class will have a theme either focusing on a part of the body (such as shoulders) or on asanas (backbends, forward bends, twists and floor postures). Linda sometimes includes music, if that suits the mood of the class.     

Late afternoon classes will be slower paced, giving you the peace and energy to enjoy the evening. They will continue with the theme and will include a meditation.       

Linda's style is to work with the energy in the room and so classes will be flexible to suit the mood of the class. They will be informative and fun and are suitable for all ages and abilities    


"The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships." T.K.V. Desikachar


Lindsay Jones

nid%3D886%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneHatha Yoga

Lindsay attended her first yoga class when she was 13 years old, which means she has practiced yoga for over 30 years.


She has been teaching yoga since 2002 continuously updating her qualifications. She additionally teaches yoga to children in schools since completing the Yoga*d Up training.


She has practiced many styles, including Hatha, Astanga, Sivananda and Yin Yoga and her main influence is Iyengar. Classes on this holiday will be a mix of yoga styles with importance placed on the postures.


Lindsay's classes are suitable for all levels as she encourages students to work within their own capabilities.


The week will offer a 2 hour morning yoga asana class suitable for all levels of students
and a short evening class.





Lisa Colby


Lisa Colby - Creative Hatha Yoga

Lisa Colby is a Suffolk based, registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance, she has been teaching full time for more than 10 years and practicing for almost 20.

Lisa has practiced and trained in many different styles which she now blends into creative classes that express her love of sharing and teaching yoga. 

Lisa teaches in a spiritual but down to earth way, her approach is light hearted and sensitive, encouraging a sense of balance and clarity through embodied awareness and breath centred practice.

There are classes that are creative and powerful, in which you can expect to build heat and strength, plus sessions that are so light the whole experience is centred around the release and unwinding of tension.

Retreats are taught in a progressive way that assists deepening awareness throughout the week.

Morning practices are usually more dynamic whilst evening practices are more restorative, exploratory or technique based.


Classes will be suitable for all levels of experience and will include and engage all attending.



'A lovely lady, who has widened the horizons of so many of us who have had the most wonderful, life affirming experiences, under her guidance'

Mrs Pinner 2016


'Expert guidance and compassionate teachings. An inspirational lady. Thank you so much for everything I have learned about myself '

S Heckels 2016


Lisa Gibbs

Yoga with Lisa Gibbs

Lisa arrived in Spain fresh from training as an Astanga Yoga teacher in 2001.

Lisa brings an air of inspiration to the class and although trained in Astanga she is able to adapt the class for those who need a more gentle approach whilst still maintaining the synchronisation of breath and movement that has been her forte.   

Classes are adapted to each individual so that not one person feels stuck: bringing in new adaptations through her continual study of the yoga practice.


"Classes involve a series of moving and stationary poses, combined with deep breathing. Allowing the heart to open within each person, to move through creating a form (asana) continuing to flow through our connection with breath (Prana), generating an inner peace and balance which opens our path for spiritual growth. Each individual obtains confidence to love and be loved and to shine throughout their daily lives, creating a peace and harmony not just within each of us but in everybody we come in contact with"   


Lisa was certified to teach yoga from the Lay Buddhist monk Kisen whose own third lineage to Sri T Krishnamacharya made him such a sort after master in 80's and 90's.

She has also studied with Laura Henderson (Hatha yoga with Alexander technique) and Earnest Coates (Living Yoga).   


Classes with Lisa are pre-arranged with the client.

You may choose private classes at your villa, or you can join her drop-in classes held either in the yoga space behind the church ovelooking the sea, or, if weather does not permit this, then at her small yoga studio close to her home.

Lisa Hemmings

Lisa Hemmings

Lisa has been practising yoga for 18 years and qualified as BWY teacher in 2016. She has completed her Pregnancy Yoga module and now teachers Hatha and Pre Natal Yoga. She runs independent yoga classes in Winchmore Hill
Lisa is also very active within the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and is now the deputy of the City & North London branch, assisting, organising and teaching at events, master classes, workshops and member’s afternoons for her region.

Lisa's teaching is influenced by different styles of Hatha yoga.  her approach is welcoming, creative, interactive and fun.  Classes delivered are safe, well rounded with particular attention paid to alignment and breath and movement co-ordination, which can be enjoyed by all levels and ages.  Classes build on strength and flexibility which promote a balanced, happy and healthy life-style.


The Yoga :-

This retreat will include two yoga sessions per day.  Morning sessions will be dynamic and energising whilst the evening sessions are more restorative and rejuvenating.  Sessions will explore different types of asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.  There will be plenty of time to relax during the day or to go and explore the area, adding to the harmony which will be brought to the mind and the body.

If you would like to contact Lisa you can do so via her website -

Liz Lark

nid%3D832%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneCreative Vinyasa Yoga with Liz Lark

Liz's passion for Yoga developed in 1990, studying as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga (1992), and exploring Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic, dance-like style which led her to India and Crete through the 1990's. 

She has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years, developing from a British Wheel of Yoga Hatha Teacher Training  foundation, to Astanga Vinyasa Yoga; practising in mid 90’s under Derek Ireland (see Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice, Agios Pavlos, Crete, Teacher Training in Goa and Mysore (1995). 

Her inspiration comes from the Astanga Vinyasa tradition and other Hatha yoga practises.

Liz adapts yoga postures for each individual in order to ‘chisel' into the form and helps sculpt and free each unique body.        

A member of Yoga Alliance USA and British Wheel of Yoga, she is also a board member for The Life Centre Teachers Training Course, and runs retreats and workshops nationally and internationally.
She has been connected with The Life Centre London since 1995.
Her Thai Yoga Massage training in Chieng Mei has informed her hands- on adjustments; which Liz teaches along with Creative Sequencing, for the London Teachers Training Course, on which she’s a board member.
Originally trained as an Artist, Liz has BA and MA degrees in 3D Design aqnd Performing Arts, with a central theme of The Body, Liz draws her inspiration from Nature, the Body, Poetry, Music and contemporary Bodywork.

She now fuses Yoga as Art in a series of Mandala Drawings, illustrating sequencing, layered with motifs for visualisation, contemplation and mudra (gesture) and mantra (heartsong). Her teaching draws on these inspirations, with a contemporary interpretation of philosophy (see her book: ‘1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom’).

Based in East Sussex, Liz runs classes and special workshops in Tunbridge Wells (
Clients have included Conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner & The Monteverdi Choir, English National Ballet, Indian Dance Company Sujata Bannerjee, Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, Mariel Hemingway, Peter Gabriel, Mariella Frostrup.


For information on her books, which include stunning photography by Clare Park, and inspiring drawings, CDs and DVDs please visit her website

Lorna Chapman

Hatha Yoga Flow with Lorna Chapman

Lorna has been teaching yoga in and around Winchester since 2003.

She trained with The British Wheel of Yoga in London, as well as with Kevala Complementary Health Education in Devon. She has also worked with inspirational teachers such as Aadil Palkivala, Gary Carter, John Scott, Zoe Knott and many more.

Lorna draws her inspiration from many styles of yoga, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vini and Kundalini, which has led her to develop her own style of Hatha Yoga Flow. In 2016, she trained as a SUP Yoga Teacher and now teaches stand up paddle board yoga on her local rivers in the summer; a perfect blend of her two passions water and yoga.



 During her teaching, Lorna offers alternative poses and exercises, making her classes accessible to a wide range of abilities.

Lorna is also interested in how yoga can benefit sports people and offers workshops for runners and cyclists.

Lorna loves to cycle herself and has enjoyed providing yoga sessions and writing articles for Cycling Plus Magazine.

She is also trained as a translator and speaks several  languages, but now teaches yoga full time.  

On Lorna's yoga holidays, alongside the opportunity to relax and unwind, you will get the chance to deepen your practice, study postures in more detail and maybe even master that pose you thought you would never achieve!

The morning class will include dynamic vinyasa flow, some held poses, pranayama, chanting..

The evening class will be a more yin-based flow, followed by holding poses for longer to allow the mind and body to relax and release.

Lorna emphasises that it is important to work at your own level and will adapt postures according to your individual needs where necessary.
Both classes end with a lying relaxation.

Lorna has a light-hearted approach to life and to yoga and intends her holidays to be fun, energising and refreshing.


For more information about Lorna visit her website

Just got back from a wonderful holiday with Lorna. Loved loved loved the yoga, Lorna created a warm friendly and nurturing environment. A wonderful varied practice that kept me challenged in a positive way. The venue, source of light, is in a beautiful setting and the food is also amazing, made with love. Thank you Lorna

Returned last weekend from a fabulous week at Casa Benedetto in Ischia. I confess I have had serious post holiday blues since then. Ischia is so so beautiful and there is more to do and see there than we could fit into one week. The venue is simple and perfectly lovely - rooms are basic but comfortable and clean, and the hosts are friendly and keen to help with anything they can. Food was fresh, local (often Home grown by the hosts) and absolutely delicious.  All in all you do feel like you are experiencing proper Italy.  Lorna Chapman is a lovely, patient and brilliant yoga teacher who adapted the classes to be suitable for all levels at once. She is so encouraging and supportive (literally supportive when helping me do my first ever headstand!).  The whole group were lovely and all bonded and got on brilliantly and we've come away sun kissed and relaxed with new friends, a love of Ischia and a desire to go back.  Thank you. Annabel

Louise Windsor (Gillespie-Smith)

Louise Windsor - Hatha Yoga

I am passionate about yoga and helping people feel good. I used to run long distance and turned to yoga to help my very stiff muscles and lower back pain. I didn't realise at that stage it would completely transform my life!   

What I love about yoga is how it makes you feel; peaceful, centred, in the present moment and uplifted at the same time. I love how it can release emotions and open your heart. I also love the spiritual aspect of it. Yoga means union, that is the union of your mind, body, breath and spirit.    


My yoga journey began with Bikram which I enjoyed but it wasn't until I discovered Hot Power Yoga (Vinyasa Flow in a warm room) that I really understood what yoga was all about, it was a more spiritual, heart opening practice there.

Since then I have spent time living at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala India learning their Hatha series and experiencing a full yogic life style. I have travelled around India extensively learning from different yoga teachers and I trained to teach Vinaysa Flow yoga in the foothills of the Himalayas.   


I love the creativity, movement and use of breath in Vinyasa Flow. In all my classes I have a strong focus of heart opening, releasing emotions, acceptance and being present. I set intentions and share learnings about life through the class which are drawn from my life experience day to day, what I have learnt over the years as a life coach and through the months I have spent in India.  



I am also trained in trauma sensitive yoga which brings the therapeutic and mindfulness aspect of yoga to help heal sufferers of trauma and stress. As well as vinyasa flow I also love to practice yin yoga to balance out the more dynamic aspect of flow with the slow mindfulness of yin.    


During the retreat I will run a gentle energising flow class in the mornings before breakfast and then a slow meditative yin based practice in the afternoon before dinner. Each practice will include pranayama and meditation. There will also be time each day for journalling if you'd like to join in and I will offer 1-1 yoga therapy/life coaching sessions as an optional paid extra.   


My intention for this retreat is that you enjoy some well deserved me time, relaxation and an opportunity to have time dedicated for your yoga practice. It will be suitable for all levels. I teach in a light hearted and flexible way, the most important thing is that it feels good for you.           


Aside from yoga I enjoy my work as a life coach, hula hooping, paddle boarding, travelling and dancing.


Lucy Aldridge

Lucy Aldridge - Iyengar Yoga

Lucy  has had over 20 years experience of teaching Iyengar yoga (qualifying in 1997) and now holds a senior level 2 certificate.

As Lucy has matured (in age), keeping a sense of fun and play, she’s enjoyed exploring the relationship between body, breathand mind.

 Lucy travels to Pune on a regular basis to deepen her connection with the Iyengar yoga method.

During the course of the week we will explore the practice and aspects of yoga within one’s own unique capability.


As children we learn through a sense of play,  adults  take learning more seriously. Allowing balance between the 2 aspects of learning has enabled me to bring a sense of thoughtful fun into my classes and own yoga practice


Lucy Courtney

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Lucy Courtney

Lucy's yoga journey started in 2002, when she was living in Perth West Australia. She took a 6 week Ashtanga Yoga course at the Cottesloe Surf Centre and that was when she fell in love with yoga.  In 2013 she completed her 100 hr Creative Vinyasa Teacher Training programme in California, with Janet Stone.

Lucy was then inspired to teach yoga and more recently she has completed her 200 hour certification, in Vinyasa Yoga at the Yoga Space in Leeds. She is inspired by teachers such as Stephanie Snyder, Shiva Rea, Janet Stone, and Nichi Green.


Teaching has now become her passion and her main occupation.  She finds yoga brings her confidence and a sense of inner peace. She loves music and  incorporates music into her classes, including singing yogic mantras.

Lucy mainly teaches a mix of Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Vinyasa infused Hatha, with an emphasis on the elements. Her style of teaching is dynamic, strong and fluid. "I teach from my heart, with a focus on the breath. I help people to tune into their innate inner wisdom through yoga and meditation, re-aligning the body, mind and soul through their practice."


What to expect on Holiday with Lucy:


Morning classes:  will be a wake up and move flow, to open up the body and get into the breath. This class will generally be a more dynamic class of flowing Vinyasa yoga.  As morning is a time of transition, we will be moving from stillness into a linked movement with breath practice, followed by a Savasana Mediation.


Evening Classes:  will be slower and more of a restorative flow, often holding some of the postures for longer, with some Yin incorporated into the session. Generally using bolsters, straps and props for comfort and ease, as we slow down before dinner.

Lucy Levens

Lucy Levens - Hatha Yoga

I have been practising yoga for over 12 years starting out on the Ashtanga Vinyasa route studying this system and pranayama at the Sri Patanjala Yoga Shala at Parakala Mutt, Mysore.

When i came back to Brighton, my now hometown, I found a local and well respected school called Vajrasati yoga, and undertook a deep dive course (2 years long) into classical Hatha yoga inspired by Iyengar approaches.

I’ve also studied Yin style yoga at a school in Guatemala. The Iynegar influence means I like to use props and support to aid people in being able to feel safe and supported in opening through the body to feel a greater sense of space and ease. My style and classes weave a balanced blend of pranayama, mantra, meditation and asana.

I’m also an energy healer, and Thai yoga massage practitioner. So some of the evening sessions may include some journeying and group Thai massage as a way to help support the system and process of returning to wholeness and a more integrated and light way of being.



This retreat will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy two yoga sessions per day, allowing the individual to take their yoga practice to a deeper level.

We will explore different types of Asana, pranayama, meditation, Yoga Nidra (deep yogic relaxation), and group Thai massage.

The morning session will be dynamic and energising, while the evening session will include more restorative and rejuvenative work with some Yin postures to help balance the Yang active posture work of the morning.


Mandy Sayers (previously Crook)

Mandy Sayers - Vinyasa Flow

Mandy is a Senior Yoga Teacher and has been practising Yoga on and off for most of her adult life and has over 22 years experience of teaching in the Fitness Industry, qualifying as an Exercise to Music teacher in 2000 and teaching classes in Aerobics, Step, Pilates, Yoga and Les Mills’ programmes.

Her first Yoga teaching course was in 2002 with Ann-See Yeoh and in 2014 she undertook a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Claire Murphy in Chippenham. “One of the most exhausting and rewarding years of my life!”

Shortly afterwards she decided to focus solely on teaching yoga.  She says, “The practice of yoga; the repetition of the asana (poses), the meditation and mindfulness is a massive part of my life.

Not just a job, it really is a way of life and I believe many of my students would agree.

To be able to take a group of students away for a weekend, a week, or longer to practise together on retreat is such a privilege and so rewarding. And fun!”


During our retreat holiday: 

“We will start our morning practice with centring and breath work, moving into a themed Vinyasa Flow and culminating in a pinnacle pose.

Our early evening practice will be more chilled and will vary to include Restorative Yoga, Yin, Yoga Nidra and partner work which students find to be a very bonding experience.”

Classes can be adapted to accommodate students of all levels. Mandy’s teaching is mainly Vinyasa Flow.


"My philosophy on Yoga as in life is work hard to get results, enjoy life and have fun!,  Namaste"



For more information on Mandy and her yoga visit her web

Five years ago I attended my first yoga retreat with Mandy. It was magical and I can remember so clearly the impact it had on me. When I booked to go on retreat again in 2022 with Mandy I knew it would be great yoga, I did not believe it could be as magical as that first retreat - I was wrong, it really was as special.
The yoga sessions were amazing, having the time to truly focus on yoga re-energised my practise and re-connected me to yoga. The group were fabulous and the atmosphere and chatting and sharing was super positive.
If you are thinking of a retreat with Mandy don’t hesitate to go for it. She does everything in her power to make the experience a truly special time for everyone.




Margaret Rawlinson

Iyengar Yoga with Margaret Rawlinson

Margaret Rawlinson has been teaching Iyengar Yoga for over twenty years and holds a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teaching Certificate.

She is firmly grounded in the precision and depth of Iyengar Yoga and has studied with Sri B.K.S. Iyengar in India, the U.S. and Europe, and also with his daughter Geeta and son Prashant at the Institute in Pune, India.


She teaches regular classes in Berkshire, England as well as leading workshops and Yoga holidays at home and abroad. Margaret also brings to her teaching the richness of her experience in Chinese Medicine, which she has been practising for the last ten years, after qualifying in acupuncture and patent herbal medicine at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.


nid%3D890%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneMargaret believes that we can find self-healing for mind, body and spirit in the complete Yoga practice, which incorporates asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Her classes explore the asanas in depth to find new insights, openings and extensions - but always joyfully and with respect for the body and the great subject of Yoga.


For more details on the yoga visit Margaret's website -

Margherita Dal Pra

Margherita Dal Pra - Hatha Yoga

Margherita's unique yoga retreats and holidays blend inner and outer discovery with guided yoga and meditation sessions,

this is your time to break away from the usual and allow health, love and light to shine through your life.

"As a natural seeker, 24 years ago in Italy I found myself at my first yoga class, back in a time when yoga was considered strange, yet savasana and the mantra OM gave me a deep sense of relaxation and the feeling of coming home to myself. This is when yoga became the beginning of a life long journey for me.

I am devoted to continuously­­ learning, sharing and radiating this knowledge for everyone to utilise and enjoy. The more I explore and learn, the more I’m able to share my wisdom in a new and vibrant light, it is a true blessing and honour to share that journey with my students."

   . .

Margherita's teachings are grounded in the traditional lineage of Hatha yoga and the deep philosophy of Tantric practices married with the movement of Vinyasa Flow, the precision of Anusara, the dance of Rasa Yoga – one of the most heartfelt synthesis of yoga, and the energetics of ParaYoga and Ayurveda

She honors the traditions of yoga while awakening the true potential as an individual in the modern world. She hopes for each student to experience a journey that goes beyond the body and pierces deeply into the heart by weaving together asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation and chanting, along with shadow work, ritual, and a deep connection with nature.

Maria Baranowski

Vinyasa Flow with Maria Baranowski


Maria is a London based Vinyasa Flow teacher. Over the years Maria has found she was drawn to Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a beautiful flowing practice linking breath to movement.

Maria completed her teacher training with the renowned Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, Claire Missingham and was honoured to be a mentor and assessor on Claire's 2012-13 Teacher Training programme.

Maria's physiotherapy background has given her that knowledge of the human body, which aids safe asana alignment and practice tailored to the individual.


 A retreat gives you that time and opportunity to engage fully with your own yoga experience. It provides that ultimate connection with yourself enabling you to discover a greater harmony and balance. Within this retreat a flowing yoga class, which also incorporates longer-held poses, pranayama and mediation will be offered with the aim to fully re-energise, re-balance and restore you for life off the mat. Come and enjoy.

For more information on Maria please visit her website:

Maria Baranowski and Sarah Jettoo often teach as a team.

The theme of the week will be "Balance." Balance is the key to opening that doorway to our more harmonious, inner self.

Morning sessions will be dynamic to sweat out any tension to help restore that sense of balance.

Evening sessions will be slower-paced culminating in a longer guided relaxation to create that sense of harmony and stillness.

As we are co-running this retreat we are delighted to offer Hands on Assist to enable full expression of the pose. The teacher who is not running the session will provide this.


Marnie Sullivan


Marnie Sullivan started her Yoga journey in 2000, taught with a traditional approach to Hatha Yoga, which inspired Marnie to continue developing her practice within Hatha, adding some Vinyasa flow and sprinkles of Ashtanga into her classes. Marnie was inspired within her own practice and teachings by amazing teachers such as Paul Fox, Emma Conally – Barklem and Esther Ekhart. She completed her yoga training with the BWY, studying for the Level 3 during 300+ hours teaching qualification over a period of 18 months.

Marnie is a qualified children’s Yoga teacher and has taught Yoga to children ages from 4-14yrs for 2 years. In addition to teaching Yoga to adults and children, Marnie is a qualified level 4 Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer and Body Balance teacher.



Marnie's Yoga teachings are fun-filled with enthusiasm, her style is creative, flowing and dynamic. Marnie's calming and caring personality shines through making her classes inclusive to all students (of all levels). The spirtual vibe which Marnie creates helps her students to feel the Yoga practice as well as enjoy the physical postures.

The morning class will be based around a theme, involving centering and breathing, moving into an energising Hatha Vinyasa based flow, ending with some relaxation. 

The early evening class will be based around restoritive Yin and Hatha Yoga, followed by peaceful meditation and relaxation.


For more information on Marnie visit her website -



I would just like to give you some feed about sultan palace and the yoga with Marnie. The hotel was excellant. Marnie was without fault one of the best teachers I have had in my 23 yrs of doing yoga. She was not only a first class teacher but acted as a personal  guide. Taking us all on many places of interest. Without doubt one of the best holidays I have had.
Regards June - July 2017

Having recently returned from Turkey,  I felt the need to compliment both Freespirit and yoga teacher Marnie Sullivan for making this such memorable experience .  I hope to repeat such an experience in the future and would not  hesitate  in recommending this to my friends . Many thanks.
Sylvia Fitzpatrick - July 2017


Mary Niker

Iyengar Yoga with Mary Niker

Mary Niker is a very experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher. She teaches class the Thames Valley and regulary returns to India to update her skills.

She has studied yoga for over 19 years and been trained by many of senior teachers in the UK. Mary is dedicated to teaching Yoga with care and respect. 

Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed on this yoga week. Growth and learning is encouraged at the pace you feel you are most comfortable with.




Mary quotes " Through the practice of Iyengar Yoga we can not only combat stress, but achieve positive mental, spiritual and physical growth."

Mary Niker & Angie Cameron - Mindfulness Course



Mary Niker is an International Iyengar Yoga teacher, Oncology massage therapist & mindfulness teacher. Mary is a member of the mindfulness association & has trained with the mindfulness association in mindfulness, compassion & is qualified as a teacher of MBLC.







Angie Cameron (right) has been both a therapist and facilitator for over twenty two years. She is also a mindfulness and compassionate practitioner. Angie is passionate about self-development, facilitating change and encouraging self-acceptance. She is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and the Mindfulness Association.





One Week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC)
This MBLC programme is based on Mindfulness curriculum presented on the University of Aberdeen’s MSc in Studies in Mindfulness.
The programme includes an introductory session, 16 hours teaching & experiential exercises and a follow up session. Includes mindfulness guided practices and learning by an experienced practitioner, a course manual and recordings of the practices as well as a certificate.
Mindfulness training enhances focus and attention, increases self-awareness and the awareness of others, raises levels of resilience and emotional intelligence, strengthens cognitive effectiveness
Course Overview
1 - Start Where We Are: this session we are recognising the unsettled mind and learning how to settle the mind in our practice.
2 - The Body as a Place to Stay Present: this session we are learning to work with the body as support for being present to reconnect with the felt sense of the present moment.
3 - Introducing Mindfulness Support: this session we introduce sound as support for being present and reflect upon the attitude of non-striving in our practice.
4 - Working with Distraction: this session we are learning to work with distraction and introduce breath as a support for being present.
5 - Exploring the Undercurrent: this session explores the the role of observing our experience and looking within to the undercurrent of attitudes and preferences that are influencing and develop our compassion based practices with the loving kindness meditation.
6 - Attitude of the Observer: this session we are reflecting upon our inner environment and training our attitude toward our experience.
7 - Self-acceptance: this session we are deepening our compassion based practices and learning about true acceptance.
8 - A Mindfulness Based Life: this session we are revisiting mindfulness support and reflecting on our journey and how we can deal with difficulty more skillfully.
A certificate of completion is awarded to successful candidates.

Melanie Ashley

Melanie Ashley

Melanie is a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 8 years, she specialises in Ashtanga Yoga from a YogaTherapy perspective.

Her influences include the 'Jois' family, Danny Paradise, Paul Dallaghan and Lino Miele. 

She is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurevedic Therapies. As a consequence, much emphasis is placed on the use of breath and adapting the sequence to suit the individual.  This make the practice accessible to everyone regardless of age, flexibility and fitness level.


Melanie Griffiths

Yoga Dance with Melanie Griffiths

Please note this is predominantly a dance holiday with a yogic feel.

Melanie's been passionate about dance and movement since age 2 and quickly went on to start performing locally.  
She trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern dance into her 20's and then on to study  + train in Bollywood, Brazilian Samba, Salsa, Tribal Style Bellydance and Charleston.  
Most recently she's trained in The Nia Technique, Yoga, Anatomy in Motion Movement Therapy and Barre Fitness..  She's also a qualified Aerobics + Zumba Instructor and Personal Trainer. 
She continues to explore + study dance, movement, fitness and wellbeing and offers a wide variety of classes, courses, workshops and events in Brighton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight


Our Holiday Dance Plan - do as much or as little as you wish.

Dance Groove  - Dance Fitness Class mixing Bollywood, Bellydance, Charleston, Carnival, Disco, 80s, 90s, Salsa, Samba and many more different dance styles + music genres.  Ending with balancing stretch out.

Chakra Dance and Meditation - Freestyle / Yoga Dancing through the 7 x Energy Centres in the Body into guided visualisation Meditation.

Yoga Dance (Chillax) - Barefoot, Mindful Movement set to up-beat world rhythms energising + relaxing the system.  Ending session with free-flowing stretching and / or, Meditation.

Barre - Female-centred Strength + Conditioning based around Ballet-style lengthening exercises, Arm, Floor + Core Work.  Ending with stretch out

Mindful Meditation - we'll unwind with Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) calming our systems so, that we're able to be still (sitting or, lying down) for a simple Mindful Meditation session.  We'll use guided visualisation techniques to quiet the mind and clear the energy field of unwanted frequencies that cause stress to the system.






Hatha  Flow & Yin Yoga with Meryl

Meryl is passionate about Yoga and the changes that she knows from personal experience it can make to people's lives - physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Meryl says; “It is inconceivable to me that I would ever be without my Yoga practice and the feeling of revitalisation, calm, grounding and equilibrium that it gives to me - my aim is to always teach in a way that embodies these qualities for my Students.”

Meryl teaches breath led Hatha Flow classes and Yin Yoga.  Hatha Flow sessions incorporate an initial centring/grounding, followed by a pranayama practice, warm up prep exercises, leading into a Hatha Flow asana sequence.

This is followed by a cooling down period, a final pranayama practice to end the physical aspect of the practice and then a Mindfulness meditation practice.

The Hatha Flow sessions will enhance energy and balance. Meryl’s Yin Yoga sessions will consist of a series of passive floor asanas held from between 2 - 5 minutes with the use of bolsters, these asanas will focus on the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine as these areas are especially rich in connective tissues, this will improve the energy flow and enhances the flow of chi in the organs, a Yin practice can also offer huge mental and emotional benefits too.

Meryl's aims for the weeks Yoga is that first and foremost it will be fun, non-competitive, safe and nurturing, with an overall theme of revitalisation, mindfulness, a sense of self and serenity.  The classes will be suitable to all levels of students, including beginners and modifications will be available to all the asanas that will be practised. Meryl will encourage Students to work totally within their own capabilities.

Morning session:  Before breakfast, the session will incorporate a vibrant Hatha Flow asana sequence, followed by a Mindfulness meditation, the aim will be to feel revitalised, balanced and open to the day ahead.

Evening session:  Prior to our evening meal, a lovely slow-paced Yin practice - with an extended meditation / relaxation period at the end of the practice leaving all feeling calm, grounded and balanced.

About Meryl

After spending many years working in incredibly stressful yet dynamic and fast moving environments, Meryl’s Yoga journey began over 20 years ago, initially with a weekly Yoga practice.  However, in a short space of time Meryl became acutely aware of the breadth of Yoga with all its many facets. Meryl’s interest deepened, strengthened and expanded, studying the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Courses 1 and 2, after which she felt compelled to teach and gained her British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma (500 hrs). 

Meryl has since undertaken numerous continuous professional development courses and additional training and is a qualified Yin Yoga (Yoga Alliance) and Mindfulness meditation instructor.

Mina Semyon

Yoga and Mindfulness

My teaching and practice of Yoga and Mindfulness is about awakening to the unified sense of our whole being -body, mind, spirit.

It is about listening inside, gradually realizing that wholeness can only be retrieved by identifying and letting go of unnecessary holding on

If you can stop straining you might discover that inside the tense unbalanced body there is a sensible body, which can be effortlessly at ease with the energy flowing freely and the mind becoming calm. In the midst of the storm there is stillness where we can experience our presence.
Practice of Yoga with Mindfulness opens your heart to spontaneous joy and compassion and puts a smile on your face!

I have written two books 'The Distracted Centipede - a Yoga experience' and 'Yoga Stories for Healthy Living'

My books are for everybody, regardless of age, physical condition, sex, religious beliefs. They are based on the common sense that our mental, physical and spiritual health depends on our being able to take on the, management of our inner world by entering the journey of becoming aware, letting go of our restrictive conditioning and opening our heart to love.
It is never too early and never too late to start and continue.

For me the only time I can say I am truly relaxed and not a danger to myself or others is when I am in a state of acceptance, even acceptance of my non acceptance.

Mina Semyon
September 2015


Shiva Yoga with Mohan

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga to body, mind and inner spirit under the experienced guidance of Mohan, a hugely experienced senior yoga teacher with his own yoga school in Liverpool.

Mohan is an enthusiastic teacher who works hard to ensure that all his students - from beginners to the very advanced - have their needs catered for on his yoga holidays.He is qualified to teach in many styles including Dynamic Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Sivananda Yoga.

Mohan taught for fourteen years at the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Kerala, as well as in Ayurvedic centres, before moving in 2003 to Liverpool where he holds numerous regular classes throughout the city.

His Yoga Programme is broadcast on Indian television (DDK and Kairali cable channels). Mohan has been teaching for over 26 years and also organises Teacher Training courses and Yoga Wellbeing workshops Internationally.



He began his yoga life in 1981 guided by his uncle Swami Gaudapadananda Puri, director of the Vivekananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Kerala.

He then went on to train as a Yoga Teacher and as an Advanced Yoga Teacher at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram, also qualifying in Yoga Vedanta, Yoga Therapy, and in Yoga Instruction.

"Our time together will entail a week of energising yoga, beautiful walks and time dedicated to relaxing and re-energising. Yoga retreats can help you uncover unique holiday getaways to inspire and ignite your imagination."


Our yoga week will include all aspects of yoga and is suitable for every level of practitioner. After dinner on some evenings we will enjoy a yoga nidra class (Yogic sleep)

For more information on Mohan please visit his website at www.Shiva


Feedback from his yoga holiday in Crete

We had a fantastic yoga teacher in Mohan - as a beginner I found him very easy to follow and his practice was incredibly focused. Although the program said there would be a free day, he held classes twice every single day & there was also the option for yogic sleep in the evenings and a silent meditation walk into the mountains one morning to see the sun rise. Thoroughly enjoyed the week and would wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone

Only praise for Mohan - he is a super lovely guy, happy to be sharing yoga with everyone.

Anne Davison



Natalie Zeid

Natalie Zeid - Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Transformational Breathwork

As a zealous lover of life, yoga and adventure, Natalie has come to understand that life is about uncovering your passions, finding your flow and following your dreams. 

With a background in yoga, mindfulness, Breathwork and retreat facilitation, she weaves together all facets to create unique yoga classes filled with breath inspired movement and purposeful intention to help students reach their goals.

Natalie’s  greatest passion is authentically connecting with others and guiding her students with a sense of mindfulness, positivity and compassion.

Her deepest desire is to guide others along their personal path to wellbeing, uncovering their authentic selves and living a life of purpose, on and off the mat.

She has lived in various places around the world, and currently resides between Egypt, South Africa and beyond. As the founder of TRUST Collective, she continues to share her love of international travel through leading yoga teacher trainings, classes and retreats around the world.

200hr E-RYT & YACEP Hatha & Yin Yoga Teacher.

300hr Yoga Therapist certified by Yoga Alliance International.

Pneumanity™️ Advanced Breathwork Practitioner.

Neville Cregan

Flowing Hatha Yoga with Neville Cregan

Neville has been teaching Yoga and practicing Thai massage since 1997.

His primary teachers have been Mary Stewart, Peter Blackaby and Dona Holleman all of whom were inspired by Vanda Scaravelli. In recent years he has also studied with Donna Farhi and Shiva Rea. 

All these teachers share his own interest in offering intelligent, modern and realistic approaches to yoga whilst exploring the rich timeless wisdom of the tradition in their own ways.


He also teaches the history and philosophy of yoga on the London Yoga Teacher Training course and is working on a book in this area
His Asana (yoga postures) teaching style encourages a slow build up towards a flowing practice. It is slower than some of the dynamic forms and there is plenty of time to find your way within each pose during the flow, with adaptations where necessary.


During our yoga holiday the general teaching pattern will be a more active morning class and a slower more workshop orientated evening class.

Some Pranayama, body/mind centring practices and meditation will be included

Courses are suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike as the core principles are the same for everyone. Courses are designed to help deepen experience of yoga on many levels and have fun!


Neville loves teaching and has found that both practice and teaching only get more interesting the longer he does it. He enjoys travel and, time allowing, exploring something of the area the course is in with any interested students.


He is also a freelance writer and his other interests include travel, literature, film and surfing. He looks forwards to welcoming you on his courses.


Further information on

Niamh Dolores (Kavanagh)

Hatha Flow Yoga with Niamh Kavanagh

Niamh, a guide and teacher of Hatha and Tantric Heart-centered Yoga and Meditation, infuses deep feminine essence and self-inquiry.

She has 20 years of teaching experience and facilitates breathwork, yoga nidra, conscious movement, and somatic immersion.

Niamh is also a guest teacher of The Subtle Body for The Banyan Tree School of Yoga, 200hr TTC (YA).

"My first yoga experience 25 years ago is still fresh in my mind today. During Ardha Matsyendrasana, I realised I wasn't breathing fully.

This turning point sparked my journey home, meeting Self. Returning home is a remembrance of our true nature that emanates an eternal, loving, rest-full-freeing being. Bringing deep relaxation and inner peace.

I aim to guide you to the centre of Self and hope to continue inspiring you as I have been by many teachers, mentors, and guides."


Gift to Self

The journey home to your hidden oasis of Self, enhancing deep relaxation, nourishment, inner peace, richness & unity. Niamh will guide you through Hatha, Flow, Yin, Pranayama, Meditation, Nidra, Somatic immersion, Conscious movement, and Mantra. In addition, Niamh will hold the space for Earth, Water, Light Inspired practices of Ritual & Ceremony, and Beach Yoga for deepening Self-connection, which are optional.


 Morning: Flow & Hatha yoga

These sessions combine dynamic movement with static postures to release tensions of the physical, mental emotional body, using energy of body mind and breath. Holding postures for sometime becoming challenging, strengthening the mind and body, bringing more dynamism.
Afternoon: Yin Yoga practice

This deep seated practise through the way of the heart gives time for the energetic structure to adjust, realign and harmonise, thus revealing deep calmness for transformative healing and inner union.

Both practises complete with guided mediations and relaxation, to experience the radiant space of the heart, the unlimited Self for more vivid healing of peace, love, kindness and health.

Niamh teaches through the perspective of Hridaya Yoga, inviting everyone to live with an open heart and discover the true potential of human life. Immerse yourself into your real and essential nature.

About Niamh

Niamh first qualified in 2004 with Sivinanda in India. Teaching for 11 years with a variety of different yoga styles such as contemporary and vinyasa, Niamh  now a teacher of Hridaya Yoga & Meditation (IYF & RYT 500) is also involved with teacher trainings in the UK for The Banyan Tree School of Yoga (YA) and is a contributing writer for Yoga Magazine as well as running her own workshops and retreats in Europe.

Her teachings are rooted in a detailed understanding of tendencies and relationship between the body and the mind. She creates a mindful and clear space for her students to develop their own understanding within their practice and ultimately their own wellbeing. Niamh looks no further than the cultivation and revelation of the true self, the spirit of who we really are, to bring the depth of contentment and joy in life.

Niamh has found the magic in yoga to actively maintain fresh attitudes toward ones life making the most of each day. She has observed growth and change available to ALL; no matter how big or small a problem appears having worked with a diverse range of clients, specialising in developing personalised Yoga practices for specific needs and various conditions.

"Niamh's classes are perfectly balanced between the physical and the spiritual, accessible to beginners with challenges for those more advanced. She takes a serious approach to the sessions that have an ever present element of fun. Wonderful"   Matt M
The yoga trip to Ecincik, Turkey was great! I had a wonderful time, with inspiring people, at a very special place. Morning classes vinyasa yoga were hard work for me and I really enjoyed it, I have done to little of that for some time, and doing this again made me feel very much alive and gave me confidence to do more yoga. Afternoon classes were yin yoga and meditation that gave me real deep relaxation, surrender to the earth it makes me be in the now. I was very lucky to have a whole week in a beautiful place to feel these energies, and to have an inspiring teacher as Niamh to guide me there.
Hope we meet again, love    Heleen Strasse

Niamh truly teaches from the heart, and her teachings help you both on and off the mat, she is such a supportive and encouraging person / mentor. Niamh's enthusiasm for life is infectious, and I always leave feeling healthy in body, mind and spirit. An inspirational teacher.   Nicola Cope

Thank-you Niamh for a wonderful yoga and meditation experience. I am grateful for the love and kindness offered from the group. I always wanted to go on a retreat and I'm so glad I found you and the beautiful olive groves of Ekincik. Yin Yoga has opened my heart and allowed me to go further into my stretches. Until the next retreat.   Zuhre


Nicolette Wilson-Clarke

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Nicolette Wilson-Clarke

Nicolette teaches both Yoga and Pilates. She is also a Master Coach to women entrepreneurs and created Embodied Entrepreneur to assist women in staying focused, powerful and balanced in mind and body so they can soar high in their business every day.

Nicolette is an award winning health and well-being coach, a qualified and accomplished Senior Yoga Teacher, a Mind and Body Consultant to dance artists and a passionate radio presenter on Wandsworth Radio, London.

She has over 25 years’ experience within the health, wellness and fitness industry, she teaches yoga, inspired by Astanga Vinyasa, Anusara, Jivamukti, Hatha, Iyengar, biomechanics and healthy living. 

She also teaches mat Pilates inspired by Classical Pilates and supports all of this with empowering coaching tools. Her teaching style is compassionate yet challenging, supportive, empowering, accepting and consciously delivered with love, joy and laughter.

On her yoga holidays, you’ll leave feeling grounded, centred and rejuvenated with a yoga practice that will include meditation, asana with integrity and plenty of time to restore throughout your stay.  

All levels are welcome and Nicolette welcomes the opportunity to guide men as well as women


The morning class will start with a morning practice consisting of short meditation and pranayama followed by a dynamic vinyasa flow practice and relaxation to close.

The evening classes will be much gentler and include long moments of stillness in poses and complete relaxation for tension release.

Throughout, there will be an emphasis on alignment and integrity of poses, with time to re-balance your mind and body, allowing space to return to or find your true self (Sat Nam).

You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to return to your daily activities.


Below pictures are of Nicolette's yoga holiday at Grenadine Lodge

Nigel Gilderson

 Strong Hatha Yoga with Nigel Gilderson


Nigel has been teaching yoga for 20 years and is one of the original Free Spirit teachers.


He is the founder and senior teacher of the yoga classes available at the Brockwell Lido in South London; and is the founder and director of the Amrita School of Yoga Teacher Training. He also teaches at Yoga Point, and many private clientele throughout London.



Nigel began his career in health and fitness as a P.E. teacher and tennis coach giving him a concrete and pragmatic understanding of anatomy and physiology, and was drawn to the deeply therapeutic effects of yoga. He has evolved his own personal style of Hatha yoga drawing on influences from the Sivananda, Iyengar, Scaravelli and Shadow yoga traditions.


Nigel's classes incorporate a unique blend of mindfulness of breath and opening through relaxation, to integrate the internal energetic system as a preparation for dynamic action.


His teaching has evolved over the years and incorporates a blend of many yoga styles, with influences from tai chi and shadow yoga and Alexander technique; integrating the celebration of the heart, universal principles of alignment, and balanced energetic action in the performance of asana.


Each student's abilities and limitations are deeply respected and honoured. The practice builds strength, flexibility, and stamina as well as bringing awareness to the internal; creating, capturing and cultivating energy.


Students move from one posture to another in a continual flow and link movements to breath. The use of vinyasa enables the natural progression from one asana to another with a sense of ease and fluidity, ending in a deep and peaceful relaxation


Nikita - Traditional Hatha Yoga

Namaste! I’m Nikita and for as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about holistic healing, wellbeing & personal development.

I draw on my professional skills and personal experiences through Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Coaching to enable people of all ages to develop a deeper connection with themselves.

I am looking forward to spending time with likeminded individuals, who are ready to bring positive change into their lives.

My retreats are a unique combination of Yoga sessions and mindfulness activities.

You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!


"I just wanted to say how excellent the champneys retreat was at the weekend.  Nikita’s teaching was amazing and she has such a wonderful style of yoga and meditation. It was very traditional yoga and she adapted the classes to what everyone wanted from the weekend. I came away fully refreshed and ready to face the world again."  Anne - Aug23

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Champneys yoga retreat with Nikita that I was on this weekend. Nikita was an excellent teacher.  She had a wonderful approach and style. I feel so much better than I did when I arrived."  Lucy - Aug23

"Just to let you know, it was a magical stay at Henlow. The food was amazing. Our yoga classes were unbelievable, Nikita did so many different things for us and made us all feel soo well. Thank you to all staff and Nikita.  Hope to come again soon."  Surrinder-Aug23

"Thank you so much for organising the recent yoga retreat in Henlow.  Nikita was an exceptional teacher who exceeded my expectations with her skill, kindness and communication.  She managed to deliver to everyone's needs in the group and was just so welcoming.  I wanted to relax, take time out and nourish myself and this is exactly what I got.  Additionally the facilities were amazing, the pool and the spa were stunning, the rooms clean and restaurant great.  I would be very interested in attending anything Nikita does again."  Julie - Aug23


Nina Savarese

Nina Savarese - Hatha Yoga

Nina has been teaching yoga in Hastings since 2007, having trained in Kerala, India with the Sivananda school. Her passion for yoga has led her to teach many styles including Sivananda, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. A member of the Independent Yoga Network, Nina is also an experienced Yoga Therapy Body Worker, having trained with Elena Voyce at Teach Yoga in 2011, as well as qualifying with Swami Saradananda in 2017 to teach meditation.

Her teaching style is thematic, seamlessly weaving well rounded yoga sequencing with philosophy, attentiveness to body alignment, and breath work to get her students fully in the zone.
Morning Yoga before breakfast will be an uplifting and energising movement based Hatha practice, focussing on strength, balance, precision and alignment, giving students the opportunity over the course of the week to see their progression, and to build a strong foundation for their own personal practice.

The second late afternoon class, will be Yin, where we just learn to let go and watch our bodies unravel and unfurl as the week progresses, after which we’ll get quiet and sit for a short and sweet meditation.

Each class will be carefully curated so that all the poses can be done to fit your body, and your yoga practice meets you exactly where you need it to be.


Noemi Franco

Vinyasa Flow & Hatha Yoga with Noemi Franco
Noemi is full-time Yoga teacher and yoga therapist devoted to the practice and study of Yoga since her first trip to India in 2004.  Her teaching is inspired by traditional Hatha Yoga and the Krishnmachrya lineage of Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama and Viniyoga, which she combines with the modern innovations of Vinyasa Flow.
She holds a 500-hour teaching qualification from the British Wheel of Yoga, 300 hours Prana Vinyasa Flow with Samudra (Shiva Rea) and continues to study Yoga therapy and philosophy within the Viniyoga tradition at Sadhana Mala.
In accordance with Hatha Yoga philosophy, she integrates dynamic/invigorating  "solar"  Vinyasa with gentler "lunar" restorative practices, depending on the time of day and the flow of the class.
She pays great attention to the precision of the breath, the movement and the alignment.  Modifications and adaptations are always offered to suit the different needs of the class.
Sessions will be open to all abilities including beginners.
Morning sessions will  include energetic Vinyasa  sequences taught in a dynamic rhythm followed by pranayama (breathwork) and short meditation.

The evening class shall be devoted to a gentler slower vinyasa examining the different postures in more introspective detail and Restorative Yoga followed by pranayama, introduction to yoga philosophy and meditation.    

For more information about Noemi go to her website:


I just wanted to convey my thanks for a wonderful yoga workshop at Henlow this weekend.  Naomi was amazing and such a lovely person, she truly embodied everything yoga.  Please feel free to convey my thanks to her, because I truly felt it was her style and approach that created such a wonderful atmosphere over the 2 days!  The yoga was fun and Naomi made it suitable for everyone too:)
With best wishes Radhika


Just a quick email to say that the weekend with Noemi Franco at Henlow was fantastic. Noemi was a really good yoga teacher - intelligent sequencing, reading the energy of the room, catering to thedifferent levels of students in the group - offering challenging poses to the more advanced whilst still engaging the rest of the group. Nice steady practice in the mornings, slower in the evenings. The venue is fabulous too, the food amazing. I had such a wonderful time.

Thank you. Monica Cafferky




Pallavi Dodia

Pallavi Dodia - Himalayan Hatha Yoga

Pallavi has been persistently contributing to the Health and Wellness industry since 2008 across the globe. Her diverse teaching experience comprises of teaching Yoga in Private and Government organisations in India and the UK since 2016. She designs wellness programs with a purview of prevention and cure.

She has curated many wellness retreats in exotic destinations like the Himalayas in North India, White desert in Rajasthan, Gir Forest in Gujarat, River Lea, London, etc. She has also taught in Yoga teachers training courses.

She was born and brought up in India. Her cultural ties to the ancient Yogic practices in her motherland India paved the way for a passion in deepening the inner knowing. Her passion for study and an exploration to bridge the health gap took a new turn when she learned Yoga from the authentic Gurus in Kerala and Rishikesh, the birthplace of Yoga.

She has completed 500 hours TTC from India. She completed 200 hours Hatha Yoga TTC from School of Santhi, Kerala in 2016 and 300 hours Yoga TTC from Sattva Yoga Academy, Rishikesh in 2022. With the Himalayan Yoga-Vedantic teachings, she amply realised the physical and mental benefits of Yoga quickly and fell in love with the practice on and off the mat.


She weaves her holistic knowledge of the effects of stress on the somatic or physical body and nervous system into her sessions, offering supportive and accessible techniques that you can inculcate into your daily routine and enhance your wellbeing. She is very intuitive and receptive and tailors the sessions with Yoga therapy, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation as per the individuals’ goals. She amalgamates different techniques with Mudras (hand gestures): Shambhavi, Kechari, Dhayana, Akasha, Yoni Mudra, Pranayamas (breathwork): Bhramari, Agnisar, Sudarshan Kriya, Asanas (movements), Dhyana (meditation), Kirtan/Mantra chanting.

She co-founded Astitva Wellness with a vision to cultivate a planet filled with healthy, happy and empowered people and a mission to revive and provide accessible and inspiring holistic solutions and interventions to an ageless global audience.

Join the Himalayan Yogini Pallavi Dodia for a week of Himalayan Hatha Yoga practices:

Introduction to Yoga
Understanding mind body connection- Chakras, Koshas, Karma.
Hatha - Vinyasa Asanas sequences: Improve flexibility and strength.
Meditation initiation, Mantra meditation
Kriya sets
Himalayan Kundalini
Breathwork: Pranayama techniques.
Stress management techniques and much more.

Ideal for everyone: Beginners/intermediate practitioners




Paula Inch

Paula Inch - Hatha Flow Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and have loved every moment of it! Yoga has changed my life in many ways, it has given me the tools to cope with what life throws at you.

I currently teach at the hot pod studio, Fitmk and xcercise4less gym. I also teach my own classes at big rock climbing centre mk. I  teach teenagers meditation and Hatha flow with lots of fun added in!

I teach Hatha flow yoga, restorative yoga and yin, and I love teaching meditation and breath work. I have trained over the years with Jason Crandell, Anodea Judith and Norman Blair, James reeves, Debra Berryman.

I'm a great believer in listening to your body and sitting in poses giving you the chance to connect with the physical body and the breath and then letting go of striving for the ultimate pose! I also love a flow to energise the mind, body and breath.

I believe that we should have some fun in the class as well as focus but keeping that connection with the breath and softening when needed.

On our Yoga week:-

The morning session will begin with meditation and breath work, we will then move onto a Hatha flow which will help wake up and energise the body and mind.

Over the week we will work through different parts of our body, hips, twists, grounding, inversions, heart opening until you feel cleansed and refreshed giving you clarity and peace of mind that anything is possible.

The 60 min evening session will work alongside the morning sessions and will be a mixture of Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra helping you to feel calm and relaxed.




Dear Paula just wanted to say what a superb week I had with you at Kissamos Mavros Molos.  Your approach to yoga is always dynamic and fun. 

A great balance of work and rest time. I felt an internal strength from the classes and a sense of empowerment from the company of such lovely ladies.  Everyone had time for each other.  It was such a 'Happy Place' to be.

Thank you for making it such a special week

Fran Grayxx

Penny Raggett

Penny Raggett

My passion for yoga began back in 2000 when after many years working long and stressful hours in the hotel industry it was recommended that I should try yoga to help ease a bad back and tight shoulders.

I had a few abortive attempts at finding a class I enjoyed and then was lucky enough to find a teacher who inspired me, challenged me and showed me how the magic of yoga could work.

A couple of years later I took my first retreat with this teacher and  knew I needed to find out more about yoga and took the 200 hour Karuna Yoga teacher training with Ruth White Yoga. Ruth was a disciple of Iyengar and her teacher training is very specific in body alignment and helping to ease injuries and aches through the correct positioning of the body in the yoga asanas.

That knowledge of correct body alignment has proved invaluable in my yogic journey, and over the years  I have learnt more about the philosophy of yoga and the spirituality it invites.

This year I will be teaching at Champneys with Jacky Lampyl, details below


Embrace, Surrender and Nourish
with Penny Raggett & Jacky Lampyl

During these 3 days we will explore how to embrace our practice and play with the boundaries of our emotional and physical body.

Engaging the core contributes to good posture and a healthy spine, and improves your grounding. By surrendering, one opens the mind and allows new opportunities to flow. This is your weekend to connect with your inner voice through an introspective practice. Of course there is plenty of time to share time with each other.

This weekend is for everyone from careful beginner to experienced warrior. Together we will offer guidance and encouragement to each yogi, so the retreat is enjoyable and suitable for all. The classes will help you build strength, gain flexibility and help bring an inner calmness and tranquility.Penny and Jacky both teach in East Sheen in various studios but can both be found at the Sheen Therapy Centre. They are from different yoga backgrounds but their styles complement each other and can offer different perspectives for every one..

Penny originally started attending yoga classes because of a back issue and to ease the stress of working in the hotel industry. She has been studying yoga for 13 years, and her desire to learn more about the wonder of yoga led her to become a teacher.

Jacky's passion for movement evolved from her study of dance. Having practiced yoga for over 13 years and teaching for 5, her yoga practice focuses on precise alignment supported by an open mind.


Rachel Barlow

Rachel Barlow - Hatha Yoga

Rachel is a yoga teacher, sports massage therapist, movement coach and trainee Health Coach.  She has been teaching yoga since 2007 and offering treatments since 2009.

Rachel started practicing yoga in 2001 before heading to India to participate in her first teacher training in 2005.  After qualifying in Sivananda Yoga, she decided to stay in India for another 18 months to further her studies. 

In 2006 she qualified to teach Ashtanga Yoga from Brahmani Yoga, led by Julie Martin.  Since then, Rachel has continued to further her studies, qualifying from the London School of Sports Massage with a BTEC diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage in 2009; Yoga Nidra from the Satyananda School of Yoga in 2014 and adding various therapeutic tools to her toolkit, including NeuroKinetic Therapy and Anatomy in Motion to name but a few.  

Rachel has a compassionate, therapeutic way of teaching springled with a bit of light-heartedness along the way.   She has the ability to adapt whatever she is teaching to suit everyone she is working with.  Rachel teaches a creative, flowing class which can be gentle, dynamic or a little bit of both with therapeutic knowledge and experience thread throughout guided always by the breath.  

Rachel has worked with a wide variety of people from the very elderly with varying degenerative cognitive and physical ability issues to the young athlete, professional footballers and everyone else in between; has taught in many of the major yoga studios in London and continues to teach and treat privately at her clinic in South East London.  She is currently training to become an Adapt certified Health Coach from the Kresser Institute specialising in functional health and well-being in the USA and will be qualified later this year.  

“Since going to the Shala Yoga Centre I’ve always really enjoyed Rachel Barlow’s expertise and playful style of teaching. Rachel’s huge depth of knowledge, her passion and expertise will make you feel confident while she makes you focus on your core and breath.”
Sarah Bennie, London

“I love Rachel’s vinyasa flow classes. The pace is just right, not too slow and not rushed, very grounding for the body and for the mind.  I have been experiencing lower back pain issues lately and her flow, with a focus on core and pelvis stability has been so good for my back! Thank you Rachel!”
Cristina Berra, Italy

“I attend Rachel’s yoga classes regularly. They’re great. She’s an enthusiastic, intuitive and thoughtful teacher. She gets the tricky balance of focus and fun just right.”
Rhodri, GP, London


Rachel Graham

Vinyasa Yoga / Dance

My first experience of Yoga was in India (Rishikesh) with Pujya Swamiji at Parmarth Niketan Ashram. My travels and interest in nature and mountains took me to a Spiritual Home in the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganges. 

I started teaching Yoga ten years ago in Community Education and introduced many new people to Yoga and Meditation and the benefits.  More recently I have completed my Level 3 Diploma Teaching Training Yoga (QCF) and the 'Siromani Teacher of Yoga' at Sun (RYS200 Yoga Alliance USA).  It is an eclectic mix of three styles: Dynamic Hatha for Alignment.   Sivananda Yoga for Subtle mind and breath work.  And Ashtanga Vinyasa  for Heat, flexibility and stamina..   

I also teach Dance and Pilates which helps my students with alignment, body conditions or injuries. 



This holiday will take in all aspects of my knowledge and working from a base of Yoga we will incorporate my understanding of dance to enliven our practice, adding stretching and strength exercises to improve deep postural muscles, using a Barre for support.   


Morning classes will begin with sun salutations and a traditional Yoga class with Pranayama exercises and a dynamic yoga practice to wake with the sun.

Late afternoon classes will include a Vinyasa style class with a mixture of yoga and dance. Weaving flowing dance sequences with holds in balances and standing Asana’s.  Ending the day with an optional meditation session.  


Over the course of the week we will improve our Yoga practice feeling healthy and vital with improved flexibility and well-being.    

My aim is to create a safe environment where we can really experience Yoga from the inside out accepting ourselves and experiencing a Yogic lifestyle. This lovely venue is a positive environment that helps us let go of stress and tension. 

As a group we will have a good daily practice (Asana), with nourishing and healthy food to help us balance the mind and body. The healing aspect of Yoga has a subtle way of improving the quality of our own lives and the dance aspect will create a fun filled experience, so that when we return home we feel relaxed and positive.

This retreat is suitable for all regardless of age and yoga or dance experience.      




Rachel Lovegrove

Rachel Lovegrove - Iyengar Yoga

Rachel Lovegrove is a Senior Level 3 Iyengar yoga teacher and mentor with over 25 years of experience. She left her job in the Music Industry in 2005 to pursue her teaching full-time.

Rachel is passionate about helping people navigate through mental and physical health issues through the application of yoga in their daily lives. She cares deeply about the discipline that she has devoted herself to and knows personally about its transformational and curative qualities.

Beginning in 1998, she trained to a high level in the UK and India with senior Iyengar yoga teachers including BKS Iyengar, Geeta Iyengar and Prashant Iyengar. She later completed the 3-year Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics course with Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics in California.

Now she lives in Hampshire, UK and runs a small studio near Southampton for both online and face to face tuition, regular monthly workshops, annual retreats and mentorship programs (teacher training).

Her teaching style is warm, open and supportive and full of humour, and she is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential through the practice of yoga.

Students are welcome from all backgrounds and all levels of ability or experience.

This yoga holiday will offer students the chance to go deeper into their practice at a pace to suit individual requirements. It will include asana, pranayama, optional chanting and restorative work, with plenty of time inbetween to rest, reflect and enjoy the holiday.

Raj Nijjar

Raj Nijjar

My very personal 1st yoga class was in the local gym, I was tired, exhausted and fatigued from my daily hustle and bustle. I needed time out. I knew I would like yoga however I never knew I needed it that badly. I kept saying to myself why had I not tried it before?

Years passed by with me doing my personal practice and then one day I decided to spread the yoga love in my community. So here I am with 20  years personal experience and  fully qualified for 5 years with Yoga Alliance.

Soon after my qualification I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, this didn't stop me! I kept doing what I loved and discovered Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.
I continue with my training and taking courses, I love learning and yoga is my Happy Place.

My business name SUKHMAN YOGA

'Sukh' in local dialect of India means 'Happiness' and 'Man' directly translates into the matters of the 'Heart'. At Sukhman Yoga, it is our philosophy to build a lighthouse identity for your soul and well-being, to be the guiding force to catalyse betterment of the way you live, the way you think and the way you aspire.

It gives me another level of joy to realise that the names of my two beautiful children, Sukhvir and Manvir add up to create the mission of my life - Sukhman Yoga!

Yoga sessions

My retreats are very comfortable for everyone.

In the morning sessions we start with some gentle breath awareness, slow flow vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation.

In the afternoon sessions there will be a short workshop style class to explore asanas. We will look deeper into chosen poses and learn more about yoga knowledge.Then we will enjoy nourishing Yin Yoga - this practice is designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine).

A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. We finish off the class with Yoga Nidra Meditation, pranayama.
For more information about Raj's yoga retreat visit her website at

Rebecca Keenaghan

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with  Rebecca Keenaghan


The yoga journey you will take part in during this retreat is one of inner joy, balance and bliss.

Rebecca's compassionate way of teaching is influenced by many styles of yoga such as Hatha, Astanga, Kundalini and Prana Yoga to name a few.

Practice each day will work with the bodies Chakra energy system.


Morning practice will start with meditation and an energising solar Vinyasa flow to fuel your inner fire.

Evening practice will be a gentle flowing class to invoke a calming lunar quality of serenity. Each day we will work deeply on each Chakra in turn, balancing the body and leaving you more in tune with yourself and your surroundings.

Together these practices will promote inner quiet and de-clutter the mind and soul, leaving more space within to fill with positivity and creativity. Bliss is a state easily available to us once we have turned down the volume of our thoughts and realised we are more than our thoughts, way more!

Taking part in this joyous adventure will leave your body and soul light and happy.


Rebecca found yoga at a time when she needed it the most, it quickly became one of the cornerstones of her spiritual life. She finds true delight in sharing these ancient healing arts with others. Through her teaching Rebecca helps her students to unravel their own state of inner bliss through Vinyasa-movement and breath. She believes it is important for you to have the tools to help yourself. 

Her classes help you to feel refreshed, revitalized and renewed through asana, kind words and positive attitude.


Rebecca has practised and studied with David Swenson, Danny Paradise, David Williams, Jason Crandell, and Shiva Rea. Their influence continues to shines into her classes.

Roanna Harstad

Gentle Healing Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra with Roanna Harstad

Gentle Healing Yoga  includes a traditional style of teaching. It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), and mediation, which help bring peace to the mind and body.

As a senior yoga teacher trainer I use yoga as a modality to heal, energise and strengthen.This class is a wonderful way to re introduce you to your yoga practice or if you enjoy learning with depth and understanding.

As a life coach and lover of yogic philosophy your class experience will lovingly include hands on therapeutic adjustments, prescriptive poses to meet your needs, bolsters, pillows, blankets, props, poems, tasty treats, aromatherapy, in class massage to hands, head and/or feet, handouts and hugs.I am a teacher with a wealth of experience and a love of people.

As a relaxation specialist I am passionate about creating a healing environment for you to relax and be yourself.

I am qualified to teach a wide range of yoga styles but am currently focusing on yoga as a therapy to reduce stress and bring about healing and peace within each class.

I am an expert in using yoga as a way to recover from injury or surgery, heart break, life challenges, mental health issues and more.



Robyn Creighton

Robyn has been practising yoga for nine years and teaching for three.  She has studied  yoga with internationally renowned teachers and continues to develop her practice by attending local and national workshops which form part of her continuing professional development with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY).
The yoga she teaches draws from all the different experiences that she has had, encouraging a creative and playful approach to yoga, developing an understanding of the philosophy through experiential learning that is grounded in a world that everyone can relate to.   
'My work experience without a doubt, underpins the yoga that I teach. I believe that we are all doing the best we can on any given day and thrive if respected, encouraged and nurtured'.




Morning classes will develop strength and flexibility using a staged approach (which is suitable for all levels) to achieve stronger and more complex postures as the week progresses, plus sequences to challenge the mind and body.

The later afternoon classes will explore the relationship between tension and effort, observing how the body can move deeply into postures without holding on to tension, using the breath to help with stretching and easing and the mind to release tension held in the body.
The body is an amazing machine, so peppered throughout the week will be a number of 'party tricks', a fun and playful way to notice what the body can do, how we can challenge our bodies, our mind and breath. Maintaining a balance between focus/calm and playful energy

Romana Balle

Vinyasa Flow & Yin, Restorative, Yoga    


I completed my Yoga Alliance 200 teacher training at Teach Yoga in London, after studying with Duncan Hulin at the Devon School of Yoga and  I have also trained in  Restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater.    


I believe that there is no "right" way to practice yoga so my approach is a holistic and eclectic one, interweaving wide range of styles and taking inspiration from various national and international teachers (Shiva Rea, Elena Brower, Gary Carter, Sarah Powers, Julie Gudmestad, Liz Lark).        


My classes are fusion of body awakening, traditional poses hold for several minutes and Vinyasa sequences followed by relaxation/meditation.  Attention is given to correct alignment and breath awareness to bring about mental clarity, steadiness and concentration and to provide the opportunity for deep engagement within the postures.              


Yoga is not about quantity and ability to perform the most advance poses, but about the quality one puts in it.  This is why I encourage my students to pay attention to their own bodies, inner perception and to work within their own abilities, accepting their own rate of progress as well as to practice from the heart, with joyfulness.       


On this holiday you will have an opportunity to spend some time on you, getting to know yourself a little better, and allowing yourself the space to be the person that you were meant to be, without the usual demands that are placed upon you from the outside.    


Morning practice will be vibrant and invigorating to awaken our body, heart and mind whilstevening yoga will be more slow-paced , gentle and nurturing  to create a sense of  harmony and stillness.   


There will also be an opportunity to take a group boat trip to 12 islands, visit a traditional Hamman, spent time at the beautiful Iztuku beach, explore the ancient ruins of Kaunos and Lycian tombs  or  to simply just relax by the pool.    




Rose Ann Preston

Flowing Hatha Yoga with Rose Preston

A highly experienced teacher  Rose teaches Hatha yoga, meditation and relaxation, she originally qualified as a yoga teacher with Howard Kent at Ickwell Buy in Bedfordshire.

For the past 16 years she has also taught  tai chi and qi gong . She regularly leads weekend workshops in Germany and takes her yoga students on longer retreats to Greece Turkey and the Isle of Man

She is a theosophical speaker and member of the international Hermenutical Society      


On this holiday Rose will be teaching a gentle yoga with stretching combined with concentration on the correct breathing in postures; ending with a deep relaxation and sometimes yoga nidra.

Rose specializes in the knowledge of the correct postures for particular problems.  She can also talk in great depth on spiritual aspect of yoga,and encourages questions.

The week will also include guided meditations, qi gong breathing for the heart and lungs and and tai chi which is good for concentration, balance, strong bones and relieves arthritis                


Rose's yoga is great for all ages, from beginers to experienced students and teachers.




Sally Ibbotson

Sally Ibbotson Qigong Teacher and Shiatsu Practitioner

What is Qigong?

Qigong is a form of moving meditation similar to Tai Chi and far easier to learn. It works on the premise that we can gather energy (Qi – similar to Prana in the Yogis tradition) from the earth and environment by adopting a meditative attitude and moving in time-tested ways.  
The movements are sequential and repeated – usually 6 times.  They are simple and slow and full instruction will be given.
 It is possible to perform these sequences (known as Forms) sitting and it is highly suitable for those who are physically restricted in some way.
Qigong is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture and Shiatsu are also part of this tradition.  The Forms are ancient and work with the energy pathways and acupoints (meridians and acupuncture points) in and around your bodies (No needles are involved!)
A Qigong retreat will usually include some Internal Qigong – similar to seated meditation and using the imagination to move Qi around the body.  We will also do Walking Forms, Sleepy time Qigong, digestive Qigong and a form of self-massage known as Do-In.

Sally Ibbotson Biography

I started my career in Complimentary Medicine in 1993, qualifying as a Massage Therapist with the Gerda Boysen Institute and as a Counsellor with the Centre for the Advancement in Counselling.  Seeking depth to my work and more of a spiritual dimension, I studied Shiatsu between the years of 1995 and 2001 and, on qualifying undertook post-graduate study which resulted in a Teacher qualification in Qigong. Qigong had been taught to undergraduate Shiatsu practitioners as a means to keeping our own energy intact whilst treating clients.

I have studied Qigong under many Teachers and  myself taught in the NHS.  Specifically,  I worked in the Therapies team at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London for 6 years where I taught Qigong as part of our pain management programme. During this time. I studied and qualified with Mark Peters in Birmingham. Mark is responsible for creating a rehabilitation pathway within the NHS which includes Qigong on site and in the community.

In 2016, I moved into Palliative care at St Christopher’s Hospice in South London and set up weekly Qigong classes alongside my Shiatsu clinic there. These attracted both in-patients and out-patients.

Throughout the above history, I have been self-employed and running Shiatsu clinics and Qigong classes in the community. Before the Covid 19 pandemic,  I also ran an annual 4 day Qigong retreat at Gaunt’s House in Dorset and regular London Workshops.  I also offer Qigong and Shiatsu at the Breast Cancer Haven in Fulham, South East London and at Open Age classes who are funded to address social isolation in the over 50s..

I am a regular attendee of Programmes at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland (and live in the Findorn area now) and as a result of this self and spiritual development, my current style of Qigong has changed somewhat. I teach from a passion for the Earth and all that she offers us. I incorporate integral imaging, affirmations alongside the traditional movements with the breath.
Internal Qigong as a way to stay healthy and tuned to the body is a part of most of my classes.
I specialise in personal qigong prescriptions and teach regular classes on line.


Samantha Pitt

Flowing Hatha & Sivananda Yoga with Samantha Pitt


An experienced yoga teacher who originally trained in the Sivananda yoga style, Samantha lives and teaches yoga in Dahab so will also be able to give you an insiders guide to the area and the village.


On this yoga week she will teach an uplifting Flowing Hatha morning yoga class and in the afternoon a more gentle class based on the Sivananda style of Hatha yoga.



Each class blends pranayama (breath work) to quiet the mind with energizing and restorative asana (postures) to nourish and strengthen the body.

The class finishes with deep and peaceful relaxation to increase feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.


As well as teaching complete weeks  Samantha can also offer private classes to those people staying at the hotel who require fewer classes a week or who are travelling outside of the group yoga weeks.


Samantha Trinder

Samantha Trinder Hatha Yoga

Samantha is passionate about sharing the transformational aspects of yoga.  

She has trained with teachers from the Sivananda, and Iyengar traditions.  

She holds a 500 hour Yoga Alliance accreditation, and has just completed a further  500 hours Diploma in Yoga Therapy with Yoga Campus


Sarah Jettoo

Hatha Yoga with Sarah Jettoo

Sarah has been teaching in South London for the past ten years. 

Her focus is on synchronising the breath and movement to create a flowing yoga class with the aim of building strength and fluidity in all her students whilst paying careful attention to alignment for increased energy and improved wellbeing. 

She has a particular interest in the energetic systems in the body to create balance, ease and self-confidence, all within the confines of a safe, calm and enjoyable environment.  She has a hands-on approach to enable students get the most from their practice.


Sarah is also a Thai Massage therapist, a Homeopath and a Facial Reflexologist (Sorensystem┬®) and will be happy to book in individual sessions during the retreat for anyone interested.


For more information on Sarah visit



Maria Baranowski and Sarah Jettoo will be teaching as a team this summer

The theme of the week will be "Balance." Balance is the key to opening that doorway to our more harmonious, inner self.

Morning sessions will be dynamic to sweat out any tension to help restore that sense of balance.

Evening sessions will be slower-paced culminating in a longer guided relaxation to create that sense of harmony and stillness.

As we are co-running this retreat we are delighted to offer Hands on Assist to enable full expression of the pose. The teacher who is not running the session will provide this.

Sarah Lane

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga with Sarah Lane


Sarah is a creative teacher who teaches her favourite yoga styles -Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa - whilst incorporating her experience as a massage therapist and occasionally including self-massage techniques, self-reflexology and even Thai Partner Yoga.



She teaches a beautiful blend of Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. Classes often begin with visualisation and pranayama (breathing techniques) to bring the attention to the body and to the present.

Gently warming up the body, linking breath and movement, then moving on to gentle flowing Vinyasa Yoga; stimulating energy and heat within the body.

Classes will also include Yin postures, where we will hold each posture for 3-5 minutes, encouraging the body to open slowly creating a deeper stretch whilst allowing the mind to soften and slow down.

Classes usually finish with meditation or yoga nidra.


"It is important to work on all aspects of yoga to give balance to mind, body and spirit."



Sasha Norton

Astanga-inspired Vinyasa and Hatha  Yoga with Sasha Norton

Sasha is a Senior Yoga Teacher with over 25 years of practice and over 15 years of teaching experience.

She is strongly inspired by the Astanga yoga system, studying with many of the leading Astanga teachers around the world.
Sasha also practises and teaches Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga styles.

Hugely experienced she has taught on dozens of retreats and workshops, plus festival classes for the World Yoga Festival, Om and Bass, and Yoga and Vegan festivals.
Currently she teaches mainly in the Oxford area in yoga studios and health clubs; with small, intimate classes through to large classes of up to 70 participants.

Her classes are suitable for all abilities, from complete novices through to advanced practitioners.

"She hopes to honour her teachers by inspiring others in the same way she has been inspired, to pass on these amazing yoga methods. She is aware that dedication to the practices of yoga can be challenging sometimes, but although Sasha takes yoga completely seriously, she attempts to convey the techniques in a fun, enjoyable, accessible way that inspires commitment and helps uncover inner strength on a previously unimagined level.

Classes are not suitable for pregnant ladies.



"Just finished an Ashtanga / Vinyassa / Hatha yoga retreat with Sasha.  It was just perfect.  Being new to ashtanga I felt totally safe with Sasha, and able to push myself or give myself a rest as needed.  She planned calmer Hatha sessions for early morning, whilst still giving us plenty to work on, and more energetic Ashtanga evening sessions.  I loved the workshop aspect of the sessions too, where a pose was broken down so we could work on our own or with partners to really deepen our work.  I just wish I lived near Oxford to be able to go to her classes regularly."

Catherine - Champneys Henlow Grange Spa weekend May 2019


Sevda Mustafa

Hatha Yoga with Sevda Mustafa

Sevda Mustafa has been studying yoga for over 20 years. Her main influences being Iyengar, Hatha and Astanga.


She has been taught by many amazing teachers including Godfrey Devereux. Zoe Knott, Bob Insley and Maarten Varmaase, which has influenced her teaching deeply.


Sevda has been teaching around London for 3 years, after finishing the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training with Zoe Knott and Bob Insley.


Sevda teaches with an open heart encouraging students in their practice. She works with strength in the asanas or postures and then goes deeper into the body using breath awareness. She believes in making the body strong so we can go inwards to find the true self by working through our blockages, which can manifest in stiffness within the body.


Sevda is very respectful of each student's individual needs within their yoga practice. Both beginners and advanced students wishing to deepen their practice will be welcome.


The morning class will be dynamic and energising, to build on stamina, but also to create space in the body using breath awareness. Sevda will teach Vinyasa flowing sequences to link the body, breath and mind, allowing the body to move more fluidly between postures, which will be held to allow each student time to integrate and understand them.


Evening classes will be less energetic working on restorative yoga with deep relaxation.


Shamita Ray

Flowing Vinyasa Yoga with Shamita Ray

A former dancer and choreographer, Shamita started practising Iyengar yoga as a means to increase flexibility and complement dance training. A chance wandering into an Ashtanga class one day turned what was, until then, a mere hobby, into a lifelong passion, rivalling her love for dance.

She went on to undertake 200 & 500 hour teacher training, eventually developing her own style of yoga that combines the precision and alignment of Iyengar with the breath and dynamism of Ashtanga. Ever curious to explore the many facets of yoga, she has also completed teacher trainings in Yin, meditation, Ashtanga, Forrest Yoga, and Gong meditation. She is currently studying towards a MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS



In this retreat, Shamita will be offering two yoga sessions per day.

The morning session will commence with pranayama (breathing techniques), which will lead into a flowing, dynamic yoga practice. Using her background as a dancer, Shamita will create imaginative sequences which move seamlessly from one posture to the next, in a dance-like flow of breath and movement. Practitioners will be encouraged to challenge themselves to discover what their bodies are truly capable of, while maintaining a sense of humour and playfulness throughout. The session will conclude with meditation or chanting, followed by a well-deserved relaxation.

The evening session will follow a 'workshop style' format exploring a different theme each day to ignite your curiosity, and encourage you to deepen your practice. Examples of things we could work on will be backbends, hip-openers, or arm balances. Feel free to suggest more themes you would like to work on! At least one of the evening sessions will be a blissfully relaxing Yin session accompanied by soothing gong vibrations.

This retreat will be suitable for practitioners of abilities from the relative newcomer to the seasoned yogi.



Anyone wishing to try out Shamita's classes beforehand would be most welcome to come to one of her many studio classes in London, listed at


Hi Debbie, Just a belated email to say how fantastic the yoga holiday was at Grenadine Lodge. The lodge was idyllic and the people running it lovely. The 12 island tour was amazing too. I already knew I would enjoy Shamita’s classes and they didn’t disappoint!  I'm very keen to go again next year if Shamita runs another either at the same location or elsewhere...Thanks for all your help , Sarah - June 2016

I just wanted to let you know that our stay at Grenadine Lodge was wonderful. It was a charming hotel with the most helpful staff I have ever met anywhere.  The yoga was fabulous; Shanita was an excellent teacher. All in all it was a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much  . Pamela - June 2016


Shyla VD - Traditional Hatha Yoga

Based in Kerala, Shyla qualified as a yoga teacher in 2000. She is hugely experienced and teaches yoga in the traditional style which includes postures, breathing techniques, meditation, rehabilitation and stress alleviation

She is a passionate, motivated and goal oriented Yoga Educator with a proven track record of improving flexibility, strength, stamina, focus and overall quality of life.

Expert at creative sequencing and the ability to adapt Yoga practices for varied skill levels, age groups, body types, physical conditions & ailments.

Shyla is a compassionate teacher and life-long learner, dedicated towards making a real difference in many lives utilising the power of yoga.

Simona Hernandez

Yoga with Simona Hernandez

She first came to Yoga as a way to help with stress and to recover from a whiplash injury! After her first class at Tooting Leisure Centre she was hooked! Initially, Simona trained as a Sivananda Yoga teacher in 1998, however, her love of yoga drew her to other styles of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Myofascial Release.

Simona's professional background is in Psychology. Her studies in Dance Movement Therapy increased her awareness of how inextricably the mind, body and inner spirit are linked.

Over the last 25 years she has had the privilege of studying with Bridget Woods-Kramer as an Anusara teacher, along with many other inspiring teachers such as Shiva Rea, Norman Blair, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Judith Lasater, Gary Carter and Donna Farhi.

Simona has been practising yoga for 28 years and teaching yoga for 25 years and has continued her yoga training and teaching whilst she was living in Sydney and the UK. Simona mainly teaches at Yoga Bodhi, a dedicated yoga centre in Bath that she established 14 years ago.


For many years, Simona worked as the Assistant Course Tutor and was responsible for teaching Subtle Anatomy and Children's Yoga on The Yoga Academy Teachers Training Course with Simon Low. Today, she teaches her own 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited Course though Yoga Alliance at her studio in Bath.

Simona's passion for teaching yoga has spanned 25 years. When asked what type of yoga do you teach? Simona will say it is “Yoga”!

She enjoys weaving mythical story telling through her classes which are both fun and challenging and encourages playful exploration of both the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga.

Simona loves to lead people on their own personal journey of self- knowledge and self-healing and admits how wonderful it is to witness the flourishing of each person as their practice grows and they reveal the innate wisdom within.

“There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart.” Chandogya Upanishad.

"I love Simona's classes. They are gentle yet so rich in content and inspiration. I always feel more grounded, calm and clear afterwards. Thank you Simona for such great classes particularly through the pandemic, they have been like an island amidst stormy seas." Lucy

Stefan Engstrom

Stefan Engstrom Astanga Yoga  

Stefan Engström is the owner and resident teacher of the Finland Retreat.  


He has been practising Astanga Yoga since 1990, training with teachers in Europe and Australia. In 1993 he began visiting India and spending extended periods of time, learning with Pattabhi Jois, Sharat and other prominent teachers of this form of yoga.     



In 1994 he founded the Midnight Sun Ashtanga Yoga Retreat on the Island of Kadermo where he was born and now teaches at these summer retreats and workshops on a yearly basis.  


He also teaches regular classes in Helsinki and hosts workshops in Finland, Chile and Denmark.




Sue Lovell

Sue Lovell teaches Iyengar yoga as a unique process capable of transforming our lives by giving us a deeper awareness of our body , mind and spirit as well as increasing strength and flexibility.

She has been practicing yoga since 1990 and teaching since 1996 in Derbyshire where she runs with partner Peak Yoga Iyengar Centre. She holds a Senior Level 3 Iyengar Teaching certificate

Sue's approach to teaching on yoga holidays and workshops is to introduce a sense of serious fun generating an eagerness to learn, adding layers of understanding and clarity to students practise helping them to realise their full potential.

Her open and accessible style is geared to building confidence and poise in asana practice and deepening understanding of ourselves through pranayama (yogic breathing techniques).

The week will offer a 2 hour morning yoga asana class suitable to all levels of students and a short evening class.

Sue Marshall

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Sue Marshall

'' I have always been fascinated with yoga since I was a child. A friend and I used to play around doing some of the poses and this desire to discover more spurred me on to take this further.

Movement has been key in my life, from gymnastics as a child to studying Dance at Laban and then also a diploma in Fitness Therapy so that I could learn more about the body and how moving can be healing in many different ways.


I have been teaching for 16 years and the discovery of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga whilst in Crete at Yoga Plus was a revelation, combining the wonderful flow of the postures was reminiscent to dance and I was hooked. I returned to Crete and did a Teacher Training with Radha and also David Swenson. I have studied Viniyoga and done a teacher training in that also and loved finding out more of the history of yoga and some of the texts especially Patanjalis Sutras.

My practice has evolved to a more vinyasa flow base and I was inspired by attending classes with Julie Martin at Brahmani Yoga in Goa and her fun and creative style of teaching.

I believe yoga should definitely be fun and have a lightness about it, if you enjoy something it inspires you take it further.

My teaching is based in the Canterbury area in Kent. Recently I was in The Gambia participating in a lighting/educational project 'Sunny Night Light and stayed at 'Footsteps' where I had the opportunity to teach some of the guests in their newly built shala.

This is a beautiful venue and I thoroughly recommend it and feel sure it will inspire anyone staying there as it has myself


Sue Royle with Sharon Buckley

Sue Royle & Sharon Buckley : Yoga and Healing

It’s never too late to catch your Dreams

We offer more than just a physical retreat. We understand that empowerment and connection extend far beyond the boundaries of a single gathering. That’s why we provide an array of activities that invite you to delve into the depths of your being, uncovering hidden talents, passions, and dreams that have been patiently awaiting your arrival.

Our experienced ‘Dream Weavers’, wise women who have traversed similar paths, will guide you along this transformative journey, instilling you with courage, resilience, and an unwavering belief in your innate power.

Dreamcatcher is a movement—a collective of women who share a yearning for something extraordinary. We will share with you a treasure trove of tools, wisdom, and inspiration that will gently nudge you towards wellness, connection, and empowerment. Embrace the stories of others who have walked similar paths, find solace in shared experiences, and unlock the magic that resides within your soul.

Trust in the whispers of your heart and join us as we embark on a journey that transcends age and time, where the extraordinary awaits your embrace. It is never too late to spread your wings and dance upon the winds of possibility. Step into the realm of Dreamcatcher and allow the captivating melody of your dreams to guide you towards a life of fulfilment and purpose.

During our Crete Retreat, you will have the option to enjoy a variety of experiences with us, including Yoga, Meditation and Creative Wellbeing activities.

We will start each day with a beautiful meditation and gentle yoga session suitable for all levels of experience and ability.

In the evenings we will close the day with a soulful circle gathering and relaxing Yoga Nidra or meditation.

Throughout the week there will be the option to participate in some soothing and inspirational creative healing and wellbeing activities.

Meet your Dream weavers

Sharon Buckley - Emotional Wellbeing Specialist & Creative Healer

I am a dedicated healer with specialised diplomas in Grief and bereavement Counselling, Menopause Awareness, Anxiety Management, Journal Therapy, and the Emotional Freedom Technique, I bring a holistic approach to mental wellness. 

I am also a certified Spiritual Coach and Therapeutic Art Life Coach, providing a comprehensive, creative, and compassionate path to healing, well-being and personal growth for my clients.

Life hasn’t always been easy but that has given me so much strength and allowed me to genuinely help others. I choose now to work with women who are experiencing similar challenges to me in their own lives, helping them to rediscover magic and live the life of their dreams.



Sue Royle - Yogi, Earth Goddess & Heart Meditation Facilitator

I am a qualified Yoga teacher and heart meditation facilitator. I aim to share Yoga and demonstrate the many yoga lineages making this mental and physical practice accessible to all whilst demystifying some of the beliefs, postures and philosophy to ensure every experience is engaging and enjoyable and sharing how Yoga and relaxation can be incorporated into our everyday lives, capturing the elegance of the postures, breath, and the positive influences a regular practice provides.

I come from a corporate background of 25 years and have experience in the ‘work hard play hard’ environment. I followed my dreams and moved away from working in the city and into the countryside to start a new way of living. I would love the opportunity to share what I have learned with you.

Susannah Hoffman

Susannah is a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher and has been practising yoga since childhood.

Her teaching style is intuitive and creative, drawing on her main influences of Hatha Yoga, Viniyoga and Astanga Yoga. Her dance background also brings into play a focus on alignment.

SusannahÔÇÖs classes have a meditative quality and work on the principles of ÔÇÿSthira and SukhamÔÇÖ - (form and experience, strength and softness). So although her classes can be quite demanding they are also deeply relaxing. Her years of dancing have given Susannah an invaluable knowledge of the body, which enhances her ability to teach yoga. In addition she has studied both holistic massage and herbalism - and therefore has a very broad and balanced view of the body.

For Susannah yoga is about breath and bringing a sense of space and freedom to the body. She teaches Hatha Yoga, inspired by the Viniyoga System with its one-to-one approach, with an emphasis on connecting the breath and movement, enabling her students to work with their bodies, get to know them and to take responsibility for their personal well-being.

She applies this approach to all her classes where she ensures that adjustments and modifications are made for individual students - after all every body is different

Susannah studied yoga as a child and grew up within the yogic philosophy.

Suzanna Brander

Suzanna Brander - Hatha Yoga

I have been practising and studying yoga for 18 years and qualified as a teacher with BWY 4 years ago, since then I have taught locally in Shrewsbury where I live.

My style and method of teaching is very much focused on alignment.

I follow the Iyengar principles and use yoga props to make the postures accessible to everyone. I strongly believe a regular yoga practice builds resilience in the mind as well as the body,

It is truly a holistic way to look after yourself in today’s modern world. I like to think I inspire my students to go a little bit further each time I teach them.

I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to teach yoga, It has changed my life and I hope I can influence others to a lifelong yoga practise


The Yoga

Morning yoga will be a 2 hour practice we will include gentle sun salutations and standing poses

Evening yoga will be a 90 minute practice, focussing on restorative poses and pranayama


Tania Plahay

Vinyasa Yoga with Tania Plahay

Tania is half-Indian and was born and raised in an artistic family in London.

She's now been practicing the wonderful techniques of yoga for over a decade and is passionate about sharing these tools with others. She started learning yoga aged 18 and since then it has become a source of strength through life's ups and downs.

She teaches a slow, mindful style of vinyasa yoga linking movement to breath, shifting from the internal space into graceful and flowing external asanas.

She is also interested in the contemplative dimension of yoga including pranayama (breath work), meditation and insights from yogic philosophical tradition.

Tania has studied with a number of teachers and incorporates what she's learnt into her own distinctive approach to yoga. She's particularly inspired by Emil Wendel, Liz Lark and Jean Hall and the Bihar School of Yoga.

During this retreat in the peaceful olives groves of Turkey we will focus on exploring the body's centers of energy (chakras), starting with early morning pranayama and meditation. After this there will be flowing vinyasa practice, building heat and strength.

The evening practice will be more gentle and nurturing. On three evenings in the week, Tania will lead a candlelit Yoga Nidra. This is a method of accessing the subconscious mind to implant positive intentions.

For more about Tania please see her website


Tanja Mickwitz

Creative Flow Yoga with Tanja Mickwitz

Tanja teaches a creative Hatha Flow linking movement and breath in sequences that are more or less dynamic depending on the theme and level of the class.

Since her first yoga class in 2000 Tanja has explored many different styles of yoga - the discipline and rigour of Astanga, the creativity and freedom of Vinyasa Flow, the energetics and philosophy of ParaYoga, more recently the grace and alignment of Anusara - and all these influences are reflected in her teaching.

In her classes she creates a supportive and nurturing atmosphere, encouraging students to turn inwards so they can really feel their way through the practice and make it their own.

Tanja has been teaching yoga since 2005 and is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance teacher having completed her teacher training with The Life Centre (YogaCampus) Teacher Training Programme in 2006. She also serves as a mentor on the YogaCampus Teacher Training Programme. Her main teacher for the past six years has been Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga.

"I went to my first yoga class in 2000 and I will never forget how laying in savasana at the end of the class I felt like my spirit had come home, how strongly I connected to what I didn't even know I had been looking for. Yoga quickly became an important part of my life and throughout the years the teachers have been many and to all of them I am grateful.

I continue to grow and be inspired by my teachers as well as my students. I could never have dreamt of what yoga has given me in life, where the practice has taken me. Yoga gives you so many amazing tools to deal with life's continuous challenges. It also gives you the space for self-reflection which in turn prepares the ground for deep healing and transformation.

While my own yoga journey continues, it is with immense joy and a deep sense of privilege that I continue to assist others on theirs."

Tina (Shanti Abbley and Samantha Trinder

Tina & Samantha will be teaching at Palm Tree Yoga in Kerala, South India

Hatha Yoga with Tina Abbey

Tina's fascination with the practice of yoga started over 30 years ago, at that time having no idea that yoga is a spiritual practice that has the power to quite literally change our lives. Like most people new to yoga she thought yoga was just another form of exercise.
Over time with the help and guidance of a Swami (monk) Tina began to be aware of changes not only to her body but more importantly her mind and how she was choosing to live her life in a much more positive and loving way.
Then, with a serious illness she decided to take a yoga teachers training course with no intention to teach, but to develop her spiritual strengths, and whilst training realised to teach yoga was her destiny.  
Now 14 years on, her passion for the power of the practice has only grown and she is totally committed to passing these ancient teachings on, in a very practical and down to earth way.
Tina's classes take a slow but dynamic pace, coming from the Sivananda tradition, giving the student the time to explore, feel, and to grow.
On the yoga holiday meditation classes can be scheduled in, if that's what the group would like.

Tina will be assisted by Samantha Trinder

Samantha is passionate about sharing the transformational aspects of yoga.
She has trained with teachers from the Sivananda, and Iyengar traditions.
She holds a 500 hour Yoga Alliance accreditation, and has just completed a further 500 hours Diploma in Yoga Therapy with Yoga Campus.
In 2016 Samantha opened the hugely successful Bhuti Wellness and Yoga Studio, in South London, offering over 50 classes, organic body and face treatments, and a lovely Vegan Cafe.
Samantha will be available for one-one Yoga Therapy Sessions. ( additional cost will apply )


Tina Abbey

Hatha Yoga with Tina Abbey

Tina's fascination with the practice of yoga started over 30 years ago, at that time having no idea that yoga is a spiritual practice that has the power to quite literally change our lives.

Over time with the help and guidance of a Swami (monk) Tina began to be aware of changes not only to her body but more importantly her mind and how she was choosing to live her life in a much more positive and loving way. Then, with a serious illness she decided to take a yoga teachers training course with no intention to teach, but to develop her spiritual strengths, and whilst training realised to teach yoga was her destiny.  

Her passion for the power of the practice continues to grow and she is totally committed to passing these ancient teachings on, in a very practical and down to earth way.

Tina's classes take a slow and mindful pace, coming from the Sivananda tradition, giving the student the time to explore, feel, and to grow.

Please note: for all overseas holidays Tina prefers that her yoga students have some experience of yoga. If you are new to yoga and have very little experience please check with the Free Spirit office that the holiday is suitable for you. 

Private Weeks: If your chosen holiday is marked 'private week' then those students who go to Tina's yoga classes, or have been on yoga holidays with her before, will get priority. If this does not apply to you and you wish to join the holiday then please talk to the Free Spirit staff who will find out if it is possible to include you.

Complete beginners and the inexperienced are very welcome on Tina's weekend courses at Champneys Spa

Tina Abbey & Ann Reilly

Hatha Yoga with Tina Abbey and Ann Reilly - teaching together at Tigmi

Tina's fascination with the practice of yoga started over 30 years ago, at that time having no idea that yoga is a spiritual practice that has the power to quite literally change our lives.

Over time with the help and guidance of a Swami (monk) Tina began to be aware of changes not only to her body but more importantly her mind and how she was choosing to live her life in a much more positive and loving way.

Then, with a serious illness she decided to take a yoga teachers training course with no intention to teach, but to develop her spiritual strengths, and whilst training realised to teach yoga was her destiny. 

Her passion for the power of the practice continues to grow and she is totally committed to passing these ancient teachings on, in a very practical and down to earth way.

Tina's classes take a slow and mindful pace, coming from the Sivananda tradition, giving the student the time to explore, feel, and to grow.

Ann began her yoga journey at the age of eighteen under the guidance of Senior Iyengar Teacher Ruth White. She then trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in London and qualified in 1993. 

She continues to gain knowledge and has gained qualifications in other areas such as back care and mental health.

Ann has taught yoga full-time since 1993, both group classes and one-to-ones. She specialises in helping people with back pain management and believes yoga is a wonderful tool for spinal health. 

"I love the process of yoga and how it evolves as we age, revealing a deeper understanding of who we are.  Yoga is essentially a practice of refining ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It is an honour to share this way of life to help bring peace and happiness to others.".

Our Yoga classes at Tigmi:

8am Class    75 mins Iyengar Based or Mindful Hatha Flow, depending on whose teaching
5pm Class     60 mins Yin/Restorative
Morning class only on one day mid-week to give students time to explore surrounding areas.
Please note there is no yoga on arrival and departure days.

Tina Abbey & Penny Raggett

Champneys weekends with Tina and Penny

Refining Your Asana Practice
One Weekend Two Teachers.   

Our Weekend of Cultivating Balance begins on Friday, our first class together. We will introduce ourselves, talk a little about the weekend ahead, find out if there are any requests or concerns.

This first class on Friday will give you the space to ease yourself into your asana practice after your journey to Champneys and for many the end of a busy week.

Saturday morning we will be inspired by the nature that surrounds us and enjoy a heart opening joyful practice .

Saturday afternoon taking our Yang practice for those who wish to, too a more dynamic level, which will evolve into welcoming in a gentle Yin practice towards the end.

Sunday morning practice we will bring together all of the previous classes, reflecting on what we have learnt, what we could let go of, and the possibility of bringing  more balance into our lives.

This weekend is for all levels.  The less experienced will be guided, reminded of the do's and don'ts.  The more experienced will have the opportunity to explore more challenging postures if they wish.  Complete beginners are advised to speak to Penny or Tina before signing up.

Tina and Penny have 40 years teaching experience between them, coming from Sivananda and Iyegar backgrounds.  The pace of the class will be dynamic but mindful.  Tina's passion is the philosophy, and the ability that the practice has to literally change one's life.  Penny's passion is bringing yoga to all, children, teens and those with injuris and sharing her love of the spirituality of yoga.

Be prepared to laugh and to groan, as they both warmly welcome you to their weekend.


Tina qualified in India and has studied Yoga and Meditation for more than 30 years. She brings a spiritual awareness into her teachings, yet with a down to earth approach. When not teaching she runs a busy health clinic in Kingston. 

Penny originally started attending yoga classes in 2000 because of a back issue and to ease the stress of working in the hotel industry. Her desire to learn more about the wonder of yoga led her to become a teacher.




Tracey Killengray

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Tracey Killengray

Tracey Killengray is a Senior Yoga teacher who has over 20 years of experience within the Health and Fitness Industry as a qualified Exercise Professional and Yoga Teacher. Tracey started out teaching a variety of fitness classes such as Step, Aerobics, Circuits, Body Pump, Body Step and Body Balance in Milton Keynes.

After 10 years of teaching Body Balance (a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi) she fell in love with the yoga element and wanted to indulge more.

Tracey then spent several years of practicing yoga with Brigitte Riley, she attended her first yoga retreat holiday and from that moment she decided that yoga was her real passion in life.


Tracey’s own personal journey took her to Maui where she was privileged to be able to study with some world renowned masters in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga. 

Tracey’s style of teaching is alignment based Vinyasa Flow which is structured and fun, along with good humour. The emphasis is on sharing knowledge with students enabling them to deepen their practice safely and effectively. 

Retreat life enables us to switch off from our busy lives, turn inwards, nourish our bodies with delicious healthy foods and be kind to ourselves as well as opening our minds, bodies and hearts. Whilst sharing fun and laughter, learn something new and remember what it is like to experience happiness and wellbeing.


During our retreat holiday:

Our morning practice will begin by quietly centring ourselves and then moving in to a themed, alignment based Vinyasa Flow practice to awaken, invigorate and energise the body. Each session will close with meditation and Savasana.

You will have the rest of the day at leisure to either relax or explore, after all this is your holiday!

Our evening practice sessions will be more of a gentle practice mainly alignment based and fun partner work also including aspects of yoga such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.

Classes are suitable for students of all levels



Testimonials from Tracey’s last retreat

A complete eye-opener and I feel truly blessed to have been able to take part in this experience!” – Chloe

“The yoga was great,I felt myself getting stronger and more relaxed as the week went on. Tracey tailored the class to how the group were feeling energy wise which was good.” – Vivien


Tracy Mulas

Flowing Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with Tracy Mulas

Tracy is a senior 500 hr teacher, she has been teaching yoga since 2005 qualifying with fryog and completed her advanced Vinyasa style training in India.

Over the years she has trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Reiki and Yoga Therapy. She now teaches a yin and yang style of yoga which incorporates creative sequences of Dynamic Vinyasa/Hatha (yang) with a more passive and meditative yin style.

" I love teaching creative sequences and to open the body and to soothe the mind and spirit , my classes always suit the level of my students so can be challenging and dynamic but can also be restful and relaxing, meditation and pranayama are my favourite things to teach so these are things I will always include .

The holiday will focus on healing the mind body and spirit , through the practice of yoga, meditation, pranayama and deep healing relaxation. " 

Tracy is passionate about yoga and helping people to find their own practice therefore is happiest when she's on my mat teaching like minded souls who in return teach her.  She teaches students to become aware of their bodies, to learn to love their bodies and love their limitations. Each of us are unique and this should be embraced and celebrated.

Her classes include mediation, pranayama, deep healing relaxation, reiki /massage, vinyasa or Hatha flow,  yin yoga, and fun! We will incorporate this into the classes we have together so that you will leave spiritually , mentally , emotionally and physically restored

Morning practice will begin with meditation and pranayama (the day always begins in silence).  Moving into a more dynamic practice of Hatha Vinyasa Flow. We will build sequences and work towards a peak pose. We will then bring the energy down with some yin  passive postures releasing the muscles and getting deep into the connective tissues, fascia and joints. We will end our practice with deep healing relaxation, icorporating massage and reiki .

Evening practice will be a pure yin class, starting with meditation, using blocks and bolsters  to help to relax your target areas and focusing on meridians prana and emotions.
During the week we will also find time for some much loved partner work, yoga dancing, om bathing and lots of laughter.

Love light and laughter  - Hope to meet you on your mat




Dear Jilly and Debbie, firstly, a big thank you for taking over this holiday week at short notice .The centre is lovely and we were all delighted to go again and be looked after so well by Richard, Betty and all the helpers we met last year. Secondly, I can't thank you enough for introducing us to Tracy Mulas .She is an inspired teacher and a really lovely person , both to work with , and to holiday with.

 I've practiced yoga for over 25 years and have been on about 15 retreats / yoga holidays, all with excellent teachers.
 But I can honestly say that Tracy would be my first choice as teacher for any future holidays. She worked incredibly hard to make each session rewarding , interesting and unique.She was as generous with her time (some of the sessions ran well over 2 hours) as she was with her knowledge of yoga , helping everyone to challenge themselves and to develop their practice. She is a very caring & spiritual teacher but also has a great sense of humour, exactly what we hoped for.
Tracy hit just the right note between dedication to practice and lightness of being. Although her classes were carefully structured and planned, she was also creative and spontaneous in making use of our surroundings. We had an evening practice by the pool - perfectly timed for the appearance of the Moon and an early morning practice on the Solstice - perfectly timed for sunrise.

We had a practice on the beach ( quite challenging ) to tie in with a local yoga event, and she charmed  Richard into providing a picnic at short notice. Each class was quite memorable and distinct in it's theme and feel , I certainly came home both refreshed and stimulated with new ideas.

I would love to return to Source of Light with Tracy and I'm sure that she'd be as popular with new clients as she is with us .  I think she fits in beautifully with the ethos of the centre , there was a real sense of harmony and continuity between the yoga and our surroundings.

Finally, I'll certainly be recommending Free Spirit to my many yoga friends. You made going on holiday so easy and I'll be checking your website soon, again.

Best wishes,
Priscilla - Source of Light 2018

Hi Jilly, I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent holiday at grenadine lodge.  This was my first time traveling alone, and I was quite nervous before going.  As soon as I got to the hotel, however, I felt very welcome and included.  Tracy was excellent at accomodating the classes to suit all differant levels, and each class felt unique and fun.  I was never bored, and looked forward to each session with excitment.  She incorporated relaxation seamlessly into the practice, and really worked with both mind and body.  I'm so surprised at how quickly our group became close friends, and look forward to staying in touch with everyone.  Hope to participate in another holiday with Tracy soon!

Best,  Jamie Piekarski - June 2015


Hi Jilly, I never normally feel moved enough to write a testimonial, but I have just returned from one of your trips and wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I had at Grenadine Lodge with Tracy teaching the yoga. The whole trip was amazing, the hotel was beautifully peaceful and well kept and felt like a little sanctuary hidden away from the real world.  Aygul and her staff were so friendly and nothing was too much trouble, they made you feel more like friends and family than a guest in a hotel, which was lovely.

The star of the show though was Tracy, she is divine.  I have been a few yoga holidays before, but never have I come away feeling like I have formed a bond with someone or been so cared for.  Unfortunately I have a back injury so could not partake in much of the yoga, but I never felt excluded or that I should not be in the class.  Tracy also made the classes fun and adapted them to everybody's abilities and her meditation and relaxation in the evenings  left you feel wholesome and nourished. I was sad to leave at the end of the week, although I have taken with me some great memories and a bunch of lovely new friends. I wanted to thank you for organising the holiday and I would definitely be keen to book again for next year.  .

Kind regards Georgina - June 2015




Tricia Martin

Hatha Yoga with Tricia Martin


Tricia has been practising yoga for over 25 years and teaching for 23 years. She started teaching aerobics 30 years ago and her interest in health and fitness gave her a passion to find out more about the body.  She has studied with ITEC gaining a diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage.  She has a British Wheel of yoga certification and has trained for many hours with high profile teachers.

The Yoga she teaches is an eclectic mix of the experiences she has gained over the years, with a grounding in classical hatha,  using the breath and bandha as an integral part of the practice.

Tricia has had her own health challenges over the years, being diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma of the breast in 2009 and undergoing mastectomy surgery and reconstruction to one breast, more recently a sailing accident left her with a fractured lower spine.

"Yoga got me through those challenging times and I feel it has without doubt helped improve my teaching to those who attend class who have themselves gone through any surgery or health issues.

I aim to present my classes, as relaxed, informative, safe and with a gentle sense of humour.  The classes will be modified for beginners and ramped up for those with more experience."

Our morning class will begin with a gentle wake up stretch followed by some soft flow and breath work.  Our evening class will be more restorative with stretches held for a longer length of time to get those warm muscles lengthened and more flexible, and of course a nourishing relaxation at the end of the class.

Classes are suitable for all levels - beginners are more than welcome.  For anyone new to yoga who wants to learn the basic fountation poses, Tricia will offer a thirty minutes one to one if needed.

"I want everyone to feel totally relaxed and to enjoy their holiday and to go home with new friends made.  For those travelling alone - you will be made more than welcome."

Veronica Winter

Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga with Veronica Winter


Veronica began practising yoga in 1995 in London and feels blessed to have had Liz Lark and Nigel Jones as her first Yoga teachers.

In 2003 she began her Yoga Teacher training with The British Wheel of Yoga with David Charlton and Gail Reeves of Living Yoga, and began teaching shortly afterwards.  

Veronica has trained with Shiva Rea in Vinyasa Flow, completed Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson and qualified as a Yin Yoga with Norma Blair.

Most recently attended anatomy & physiology training with Gary Carter of Better Bodies. She regularly attends monthly Yoga workshops to continue her Yoga studies.

On the retreat, the morning practise is an energising vinyasa flow practise and on the afternoon/evening it will be an hour of a calming, restorative YIN yoga practise.


Morning class: we begin with pranayama/ conscious breathing then we mobilise the joints, followed by a warm up around the sun salutation, then we weave the standing asanas together to form sequences.

Seated and lying postures and stretches to conclude the practise and then we finish with Yoga NIDRA.

Afternoon/evening practise: an hour of YIN YOGA. Meditation in yoga postures as the asana are held for up to 5 minutes.

Yin is based around TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and focuses on the energy channels or "meridians" that carry our "chi" ( prana )around the body.

A YANG practise such as Hatha or Vinyasa focuses on the muscles whereas YIN aims to focus at a deeper level on the ligaments, tendons and fascia.