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Brexit and how it affects your travel


2017 - for those of you already registered for summer 2017 and beyond please  be aware that the venue may increase their costs to us for next season due to exchange rate changes and if this happens we will, sadly, have to pass the increase on to you. We would expect the increases to be minimal.

Some prices have risen due to exchange rates - sorry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the format of a yoga holiday?

Our holidays are structured so that they include yoga sessions and time for other holiday pursuits, such as swimming and sightseeing.

Typically there is a morning yoga session of around 2 hours and an evening session of around 1.5 hours, although times of day and length of session can vary if the group wants to change the format. Yoga is not compulsory, it is pefectly possible to bring non-yoga partners who will enjoy the location and the facilities just as much.

The morning session is done first thing which is a great way to start the day, and usually followed by a brunch, with great food, and a chance to meet the others in the group. The food is often organic and locally sourced, sometimes by the venue itself.

Dinner is after the evening session and again is a group affair, although in some venues it is not provided by the venue, as the local restaurants provide excellent meals at cheap rates. This will be included in the holiday details.

There will be one day when yoga is not provided which is a good opportunity to go on longer trips, try different restaurants and sleep in if required.


Do you sell yoga retreats?

We do occasionally. A retreat is a more intense experience and is typically aimed at people who are looking to focus on their yoga skills, it is more about yoga and less about holiday.

A retreat will have multiple yoga sessions per day and may well require a certain level of yoga competency beforehand to be able to join the retreat.

These will be clearly marked on the site to ensure that the difference is clear.


Can you cater for people new to yoga?

We can - all our teachers are selected to be able to include everyone whatever their previous experience, from beginners to those who are already expert.

Yoga practice is not competitive, it is normal practice in a class to see some people in advanced versions of a pose and others in much more simple versions, you do what is appropriate to you.

Even if you are a complete beginner doing 10 sessions of good yoga over the course of a week will definitely improve your ability, as well as adding great value to your holiday.


Do you sell packages with flights?

No - we are not a travel agency, flights are always additonal to the prices shown.

However we are very familiar with the airline services offered, many destinations have a limited number of operators and we will know what flights are available, who offers them and what you can expect to pay, and any alternatives that may be available.

Please call us and let us help you with getting the best deal.


Is it a good idea to wait until the last moment to book a flight - will it be cheaper?

Almost never!

The days of cheap last minute deals are almost completely gone - the credit crunch, high fuel prices and the need for airlines to make a profit mean that they will only schedule enough planes to meet the expected demand.

In fact they are more likely to cancel a service at short notice if it doesn't look like filling - if you are already bookd they will give you preference on another service which may well be amalgamated with a competitor.

If you aren't booked your options may be limited.