Niamh Dolores (Kavanagh)

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Hatha Flow Yoga with Niamh Kavanagh

Niamh, a guide and teacher of Hatha and Tantric Heart-centered Yoga and Meditation, infuses deep feminine essence and self-inquiry.

She has 20 years of teaching experience and facilitates breathwork, yoga nidra, conscious movement, and somatic immersion.

Niamh is also a guest teacher of The Subtle Body for The Banyan Tree School of Yoga, 200hr TTC (YA).

"My first yoga experience 25 years ago is still fresh in my mind today. During Ardha Matsyendrasana, I realised I wasn't breathing fully.

This turning point sparked my journey home, meeting Self. Returning home is a remembrance of our true nature that emanates an eternal, loving, rest-full-freeing being. Bringing deep relaxation and inner peace.

I aim to guide you to the centre of Self and hope to continue inspiring you as I have been by many teachers, mentors, and guides."


Gift to Self

The journey home to your hidden oasis of Self, enhancing deep relaxation, nourishment, inner peace, richness & unity. Niamh will guide you through Hatha, Flow, Yin, Pranayama, Meditation, Nidra, Somatic immersion, Conscious movement, and Mantra. In addition, Niamh will hold the space for Earth, Water, Light Inspired practices of Ritual & Ceremony, and Beach Yoga for deepening Self-connection, which are optional.


 Morning: Flow & Hatha yoga

These sessions combine dynamic movement with static postures to release tensions of the physical, mental emotional body, using energy of body mind and breath. Holding postures for sometime becoming challenging, strengthening the mind and body, bringing more dynamism.
Afternoon: Yin Yoga practice

This deep seated practise through the way of the heart gives time for the energetic structure to adjust, realign and harmonise, thus revealing deep calmness for transformative healing and inner union.

Both practises complete with guided mediations and relaxation, to experience the radiant space of the heart, the unlimited Self for more vivid healing of peace, love, kindness and health.

Niamh teaches through the perspective of Hridaya Yoga, inviting everyone to live with an open heart and discover the true potential of human life. Immerse yourself into your real and essential nature.

About Niamh

Niamh first qualified in 2004 with Sivinanda in India. Teaching for 11 years with a variety of different yoga styles such as contemporary and vinyasa, Niamh  now a teacher of Hridaya Yoga & Meditation (IYF & RYT 500) is also involved with teacher trainings in the UK for The Banyan Tree School of Yoga (YA) and is a contributing writer for Yoga Magazine as well as running her own workshops and retreats in Europe.

Her teachings are rooted in a detailed understanding of tendencies and relationship between the body and the mind. She creates a mindful and clear space for her students to develop their own understanding within their practice and ultimately their own wellbeing. Niamh looks no further than the cultivation and revelation of the true self, the spirit of who we really are, to bring the depth of contentment and joy in life.

Niamh has found the magic in yoga to actively maintain fresh attitudes toward ones life making the most of each day. She has observed growth and change available to ALL; no matter how big or small a problem appears having worked with a diverse range of clients, specialising in developing personalised Yoga practices for specific needs and various conditions.

"Niamh's classes are perfectly balanced between the physical and the spiritual, accessible to beginners with challenges for those more advanced. She takes a serious approach to the sessions that have an ever present element of fun. Wonderful"   Matt M
The yoga trip to Ecincik, Turkey was great! I had a wonderful time, with inspiring people, at a very special place. Morning classes vinyasa yoga were hard work for me and I really enjoyed it, I have done to little of that for some time, and doing this again made me feel very much alive and gave me confidence to do more yoga. Afternoon classes were yin yoga and meditation that gave me real deep relaxation, surrender to the earth it makes me be in the now. I was very lucky to have a whole week in a beautiful place to feel these energies, and to have an inspiring teacher as Niamh to guide me there.
Hope we meet again, love    Heleen Strasse

Niamh truly teaches from the heart, and her teachings help you both on and off the mat, she is such a supportive and encouraging person / mentor. Niamh's enthusiasm for life is infectious, and I always leave feeling healthy in body, mind and spirit. An inspirational teacher.   Nicola Cope

Thank-you Niamh for a wonderful yoga and meditation experience. I am grateful for the love and kindness offered from the group. I always wanted to go on a retreat and I'm so glad I found you and the beautiful olive groves of Ekincik. Yin Yoga has opened my heart and allowed me to go further into my stretches. Until the next retreat.   Zuhre