Jagoda Buchala

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Jagoda Buchala - Hatha Yoga


Jagoda is a certified 400 hour Hatha yoga instructor with over 3 years of experience in conducting yoga classes for students of all ages. 

Currently Jagoda is taking an Advanced 600 hour Teacher Training Course in Hatha yoga. 

With her extensive knowledge of yoga and meditation, she is passionate about helping others achieve their personal goals through mindful practice.


"I would like to invite you to a Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat focusing on your inner space. This is a great opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga and body, mind, and inner spirit under my experienced guidance.  Our yoga week will include all aspects of yoga and is suitable for every level of practice.

I am committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all students and I am adept at creating personalised plans that meet each individual's needs"


During our week you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself and surrender into a gentle flow into yourself, meditation practice and breath techniques followed by delicious food.

This retreat will naturally incorporate traditional techniques including pranayama and restorative yoga, which will help to take you to a state of deeper focus, calm and stability.



The morning class is based on an uplifting practice to revive and awaken our spine, heart, and mind.

Our sun salutation practice will help us energise and tap into that solar energy, to help you kickstart your day!


We will practice before dinner. This is the time when you want to wind down after your day to really stretch your fascia and connective tissues that you’ve been using throughout the day. Calm candlelit yoga, meditation, Nidra yoga, breath of fire (Kapalabhati), in a cosy candlelit atmosphere.

Over the course of the week, we will improve our yoga practice, feeling healthy and vital with improved flexibility and well-being.


This retreat is suitable for all, regardless of age and yoga experience.