Sue Royle with Sharon Buckley

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Sue Royle & Sharon Buckley : Yoga and Healing

It’s never too late to catch your Dreams

We offer more than just a physical retreat. We understand that empowerment and connection extend far beyond the boundaries of a single gathering. That’s why we provide an array of activities that invite you to delve into the depths of your being, uncovering hidden talents, passions, and dreams that have been patiently awaiting your arrival.

Our experienced ‘Dream Weavers’, wise women who have traversed similar paths, will guide you along this transformative journey, instilling you with courage, resilience, and an unwavering belief in your innate power.

Dreamcatcher is a movement—a collective of women who share a yearning for something extraordinary. We will share with you a treasure trove of tools, wisdom, and inspiration that will gently nudge you towards wellness, connection, and empowerment. Embrace the stories of others who have walked similar paths, find solace in shared experiences, and unlock the magic that resides within your soul.

Trust in the whispers of your heart and join us as we embark on a journey that transcends age and time, where the extraordinary awaits your embrace. It is never too late to spread your wings and dance upon the winds of possibility. Step into the realm of Dreamcatcher and allow the captivating melody of your dreams to guide you towards a life of fulfilment and purpose.

During our Crete Retreat, you will have the option to enjoy a variety of experiences with us, including Yoga, Meditation and Creative Wellbeing activities.

We will start each day with a beautiful meditation and gentle yoga session suitable for all levels of experience and ability.

In the evenings we will close the day with a soulful circle gathering and relaxing Yoga Nidra or meditation.

Throughout the week there will be the option to participate in some soothing and inspirational creative healing and wellbeing activities.

Meet your Dream weavers

Sharon Buckley - Emotional Wellbeing Specialist & Creative Healer

I am a dedicated healer with specialised diplomas in Grief and bereavement Counselling, Menopause Awareness, Anxiety Management, Journal Therapy, and the Emotional Freedom Technique, I bring a holistic approach to mental wellness. 

I am also a certified Spiritual Coach and Therapeutic Art Life Coach, providing a comprehensive, creative, and compassionate path to healing, well-being and personal growth for my clients.

Life hasn’t always been easy but that has given me so much strength and allowed me to genuinely help others. I choose now to work with women who are experiencing similar challenges to me in their own lives, helping them to rediscover magic and live the life of their dreams.



Sue Royle - Yogi, Earth Goddess & Heart Meditation Facilitator

I am a qualified Yoga teacher and heart meditation facilitator. I aim to share Yoga and demonstrate the many yoga lineages making this mental and physical practice accessible to all whilst demystifying some of the beliefs, postures and philosophy to ensure every experience is engaging and enjoyable and sharing how Yoga and relaxation can be incorporated into our everyday lives, capturing the elegance of the postures, breath, and the positive influences a regular practice provides.

I come from a corporate background of 25 years and have experience in the ‘work hard play hard’ environment. I followed my dreams and moved away from working in the city and into the countryside to start a new way of living. I would love the opportunity to share what I have learned with you.