Geny Caloisi

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Geny Caloisi

Geny’s Yoga teaching style blends traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha yoga with Iyengar alignment techniques.


She also teaches Yin Yoga, mindfulness and meditation and places a strong focus on to physical adjustments to improve alignment through a precise yet dynamic practice.


Through Yoga and Ayurveda we are able to achieve our highest potential and live a long, healthy and happy life. For this reason, Geny is a Ayurveda practitioner and consultant as well as a Yoga teacher.



Nourish the nervous system and feed your soul
A Yoga and Ayurveda retreat
Geny Caloisi

A healthy state of the body, mind, and spirit is the first step in building a peaceful, productive, and happy society. I firmly believe that being healthy extends beyond the realms of physical wellbeing. My focus is on total health, which encompasses physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness.

Nourish the nervous system and feed your soul is a Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat, which offers body, mind and soul nurture, an essential for a profound healing experience. The Retreat is perfect for anyone looking for a wholesome rejuvenating experience on a holy-day.

The retreat concept revolves around creating relaxed optimum health using the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda. From what and when you eat and exercise to how you can digest the food and experiences to rip the most profit from it and achieve the most beautiful rest.

Participants will walk out of the Retreat feeling rejuvenated.


Typical day

7:00 am - 1/2 hour Meditation and Pranayama
7:30 am Tea and a snack
8:00- 9:15 Yoga class, Ashtanga yoga.
10:00 Breakfast
Free time/ treatments
17:00-18:00 Yoga class (Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra or gentle Hatha Yoga)
19:30 dinner
10:00 pm Sleep