Bev Hethrington

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Beverley Hetherington - Yin & Yang Flow Yoga

Hello, I’m a Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist and Yoga Teacher and I live in Brighton.

I have been practicing yoga since being introduced to it by my mum when I was 8 years old . I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Allie Hill and Toni Ann Roberts and have been teaching since 2012.

My  post graduate yoga includes training with  Ellen Lee, John Stirk, Gary Carter, Amarjeet Bhamra, Jim Tarran, Marc Aquaviva, Tabitha Tarran and Ben Wolff to name a few, along with completing a Partner Yoga Teacher Training with Sevanti of Unity Studio Brighton.

Classes begin with a question to the students; is there any specific area you would like to focus on for your practice today?  Once the areas of focus have been established if requested the class begins, which often includes learning the mechanics of the postures as we transition and the opportunity for students to ask questions.

This way the class can be offered to benefit all levels giving each student the chance to do as much or as little as their breath, body and practice requests.

In addition I often relate to how we function internally, enabling us to gain a deeper awareness of how the postures help us to connect.

For me yoga offers the time to become aware of how the breath leads the body into movement whilst the mind observes, this gives us the opportunity to acknowledge and expand the space between our thoughts, inviting us to delve deeper into the moving meditation that is our yoga practice.

Our Weekend Of Wellness at Champneys Spa Henlow

We meet our fellow yogis and introduce ourselves.
Following getting to know each other a little we move towards our opening Hatha flow practice and observe the connection between breath, body and brain.
Our yang approach invites us to be aware of the superficial muscles in the body, which love warmth and movement enabling us to ease our journey away and settle into our body and surroundings.

After practice we freshen up and meet for dinner, if you wish to dine alone you are most welcome.


Saturday Sunrise Practice; we begin sitting in contemplation and meditation. Slowly we invite an awareness of the breath rhythm and this guides us towards our solar powered practice, we finish with pranayama (breath control) to cleanse and prepare the body for the day.

Afternoon Yin/Yang Practice; we begin with yin, slowly transition into yang and return to yin. Yin yoga gives us the opportunity to sit with ourselves and explore, as we hold the asanas (postures) for longer periods of time this evolves into a deeply meditative practice. Our yang practice by contrast to the earlier stillness will invite mantra (chanting) and mudras (hand gestures) both empowering the exit of obstacles from mind, body and soul.


Sunday Sunrise Practice; we begin sitting in contemplation and meditation. We find a friend and invite the awareness of the breath rhythm together. This offers the practice of partner yoga to unfold as we are able to support and surrender with trust at the same time. This fun, playful practice offers the opportunity to learn about our partners practice as well as our own and how some asanas are far more accessible with the support of another.
We move towards closing our practice together with hand massage and giving thanks to each other for our weekend.


During our time together I will be teaching techniques for continued self regulation so when we return home we may use these to remain grounded and calm.