Paula Inch

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Paula Inch - Hatha Flow Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and have loved every moment of it! Yoga has changed my life in many ways, it has given me the tools to cope with what life throws at you.

I currently teach at the hot pod studio, Fitmk and xcercise4less gym. I also teach my own classes at big rock climbing centre mk. I  teach teenagers meditation and Hatha flow with lots of fun added in!

I teach Hatha flow yoga, restorative yoga and yin, and I love teaching meditation and breath work. I have trained over the years with Jason Crandell, Anodea Judith and Norman Blair, James reeves, Debra Berryman.

I'm a great believer in listening to your body and sitting in poses giving you the chance to connect with the physical body and the breath and then letting go of striving for the ultimate pose! I also love a flow to energise the mind, body and breath.

I believe that we should have some fun in the class as well as focus but keeping that connection with the breath and softening when needed.

On our Yoga week:-

The morning session will begin with meditation and breath work, we will then move onto a Hatha flow which will help wake up and energise the body and mind.

Over the week we will work through different parts of our body, hips, twists, grounding, inversions, heart opening until you feel cleansed and refreshed giving you clarity and peace of mind that anything is possible.

The 60 min evening session will work alongside the morning sessions and will be a mixture of Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra helping you to feel calm and relaxed.




Dear Paula just wanted to say what a superb week I had with you at Kissamos Mavros Molos.  Your approach to yoga is always dynamic and fun. 

A great balance of work and rest time. I felt an internal strength from the classes and a sense of empowerment from the company of such lovely ladies.  Everyone had time for each other.  It was such a 'Happy Place' to be.

Thank you for making it such a special week

Fran Grayxx