Daniel Gelblum

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Feldenkrais for Yoga with Daniel Gelblum

Dan classes are much-loved and students feel immediate and long-term benefits

Dan focuses on fine movements resulting in rapid progress in flexibility and strength. Students remark at the ease with which they can achieve challenging postures at the end of each class. Dan has been teaching yoga since 1996

He trained in yoga and massage at the Limaye Clinic, Pune, India and the British Wheel of Yoga. He is a well-established yoga teacher in North West London. Dan is also a highly regarded Feldenkrais Practitioner.

This is what Dan says about Feldenkrais:-

" I can’t stress enough how useful Feldenkrais is for Yoga teachers and practitioners.
Through Feldenkrais I found I could do postures that were normally difficult with extreme ease as if something woke up in me, whether it was Yoga enlightenment or higher/deeper levels of consciousness developing or just removing the rust in my joints in a practical way.
From here the fun began - I started to introduce some of the techniques into my Yoga classes and was surprised to see how my students shared similar experiences to me and were suddenly more able not just in achieving Yoga postures, but overall improvements of better organisation, posture, mobility, flexibility, coordination and overall well being.
As a result of introducing Feldenkrais method to my classes, yoga students reported great improvements in other Yoga classes they attended, dance classes, martial arts classes, running, swimming, climbing, coping with stress, improved sleep and the list goes on.
More and more yoga teachers began attending my classes and told me how they were “stealing” my moves for other classes. I was and still am just so happy to spread something so wonderfully beneficial.
As I trained in the Feldenkrais method, I went onto do advanced training and made further self-discoveries in the infinite ways Feldenkrais can be a perfect accompaniment to Yoga and more."

Dan continues to develop this method. Yoga is like a flowing river, running workshops, Yoga holidays, classes in Triyoga, the Life Centre,  sharing this amazing method with enthusiasm.

" I am happy to share this incredible knowledge...thanks for the opportunity...is good karma and for the benefit of mankind!!!"


Daniel Gelblum
Feldenkrais Practitioner
Yoga and meditation Teacher
 Feldenkrais for yoga and beyond!


Hi Debbie, I want to thank you for this Lovely week at Mavros Malos!  Everybody was Nice, friendly and very helpful at the hotel and the yoga with Dan Gelblum is the best.  Kind regards
Tina - Kissamos July 2018