Melanie Griffiths

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Yoga Dance with Melanie Griffiths

Please note this is predominantly a dance holiday with a yogic feel.

Melanie's been passionate about dance and movement since age 2 and quickly went on to start performing locally.  
She trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern dance into her 20's and then on to study  + train in Bollywood, Brazilian Samba, Salsa, Tribal Style Bellydance and Charleston.  
Most recently she's trained in The Nia Technique, Yoga, Anatomy in Motion Movement Therapy and Barre Fitness..  She's also a qualified Aerobics + Zumba Instructor and Personal Trainer. 
She continues to explore + study dance, movement, fitness and wellbeing and offers a wide variety of classes, courses, workshops and events in Brighton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight


Our Holiday Dance Plan - do as much or as little as you wish.

Dance Groove  - Dance Fitness Class mixing Bollywood, Bellydance, Charleston, Carnival, Disco, 80s, 90s, Salsa, Samba and many more different dance styles + music genres.  Ending with balancing stretch out.

Chakra Dance and Meditation - Freestyle / Yoga Dancing through the 7 x Energy Centres in the Body into guided visualisation Meditation.

Yoga Dance (Chillax) - Barefoot, Mindful Movement set to up-beat world rhythms energising + relaxing the system.  Ending session with free-flowing stretching and / or, Meditation.

Barre - Female-centred Strength + Conditioning based around Ballet-style lengthening exercises, Arm, Floor + Core Work.  Ending with stretch out

Mindful Meditation - we'll unwind with Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) calming our systems so, that we're able to be still (sitting or, lying down) for a simple Mindful Meditation session.  We'll use guided visualisation techniques to quiet the mind and clear the energy field of unwanted frequencies that cause stress to the system.