Tina Abbey

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Hatha Yoga with Tina Abbey

Tina's fascination with the practice of yoga started over 30 years ago, at that time having no idea that yoga is a spiritual practice that has the power to quite literally change our lives.

Over time with the help and guidance of a Swami (monk) Tina began to be aware of changes not only to her body but more importantly her mind and how she was choosing to live her life in a much more positive and loving way. Then, with a serious illness she decided to take a yoga teachers training course with no intention to teach, but to develop her spiritual strengths, and whilst training realised to teach yoga was her destiny.  

Her passion for the power of the practice continues to grow and she is totally committed to passing these ancient teachings on, in a very practical and down to earth way.

Tina's classes take a slow and mindful pace, coming from the Sivananda tradition, giving the student the time to explore, feel, and to grow.

Please note: for all overseas holidays Tina prefers that her yoga students have some experience of yoga. If you are new to yoga and have very little experience please check with the Free Spirit office that the holiday is suitable for you. 

Private Weeks: If your chosen holiday is marked 'private week' then those students who go to Tina's yoga classes, or have been on yoga holidays with her before, will get priority. If this does not apply to you and you wish to join the holiday then please talk to the Free Spirit staff who will find out if it is possible to include you.

Complete beginners and the inexperienced are very welcome on Tina's weekend courses at Champneys Spa