Brigitte Riley (formerly Brigitte Rooney)

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   Brigitte Riley - Hatha Flow Yoga

Brigitte has been an established yoga teacher for 19 years.

She is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, which is the highest accolade in professional yoga teaching.

She is always evolving her teachings and is particularly recognised for her in-depth anatomy and biomechanical knowledge.

Her expertise lies in correcting mis-alignments within the outer physical body, as well as yoga practices that promote therapeutic healing for the inner subtle body.

Brigitte is also known for her love of fluid creative vinyasa flow, her unique playlists, her inspiring writings, her philosophy on life and her ‘keeping it real’ wisdom. Her authenticity, natural warmth, playfulness and heartfelt approach radiate through in to her teachings.

Her mission is to encourage students to not only open up their bodies, but also their minds, so that they may discover new levels of healing, opportunity, possibility, creativity, transformation and adventure in order to live the most amazing life possible.


Morning sessions will begin with a quiet centering, followed by Pranayama then a Creative Vinyasa Flow practice, closing with Meditation and Relaxation.

In the Evenings the sessions will be slower and will vary each day to include all aspects of yoga such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Somatics, Pranayama and Chanting.


Brigitte’s beautifully designed classes are a culmination of her years of experience and her innate ability to connect with her students. She manages to gently encourage her beginners, yet stretch her experienced yoginis; to be soulful, yet playful, all at the same time. Brigitte’s authenticity and wonderful philosophy make every session meaningful, and her teachings always inspire me to take something forward into my daily life. Whether it’s vinyasa, yin, meditation, or nidra, she brings her own unique magic every time, and her sessions and retreats always leave me feeling ‘smoothed out’ in both body and mind.  – Lorie

Brigitte’s classes are inspiring and profoundly moving, the perspective that she brings is one that always resonates on a deep level with me. The flowing commentary, instruction and spiritual reflections are simply beautiful. There is something hypnotic about her classes because the physical and mental focus are entwined to support each other. Brigitte has a soothing reassuring warmth in her voice conveying expression and real clarity, which gives me clarity over the minor tribulations in my every day life. I continually feel a freshness, depth and new energy to my own practice now, as what I have learned comes back to me in little realisations every now and again. Through Brigitte’s teachings, I actually feel different about myself and the world around me. I hope in the future many more people will get to experience and appreciate the gift of yoga practice with this special lady. – Sharon

Brigitte is an amazing person and brings all her skills, passion, compassion and joy of life in to her classes. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you always learn something new to help you on your journey. – Deborah

Brigitte teaches from the heart, underpinned by a wealth of knowledge and experience. She just seems to know when you need an easier option or when you need to be challenged. Her vinyasa classes can be strong and dynamic or smooth and soulful. Her yin classes will stretch your muscles and her restorative classes leave you nourished. She can guide you in meditation and relax you with yoga nidra. Her urban retreat days and her international retreat holidays will leave you completely refreshed and relaxed. Brigitte is a compassionate and caring person with a love of life and a sense of humour. – Karen