Tina Abbey & Ann Reilly

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Hatha Yoga with Tina Abbey and Ann Reilly - teaching together at Tigmi

Tina's fascination with the practice of yoga started over 30 years ago, at that time having no idea that yoga is a spiritual practice that has the power to quite literally change our lives.

Over time with the help and guidance of a Swami (monk) Tina began to be aware of changes not only to her body but more importantly her mind and how she was choosing to live her life in a much more positive and loving way.

Then, with a serious illness she decided to take a yoga teachers training course with no intention to teach, but to develop her spiritual strengths, and whilst training realised to teach yoga was her destiny. 

Her passion for the power of the practice continues to grow and she is totally committed to passing these ancient teachings on, in a very practical and down to earth way.

Tina's classes take a slow and mindful pace, coming from the Sivananda tradition, giving the student the time to explore, feel, and to grow.

Ann began her yoga journey at the age of eighteen under the guidance of Senior Iyengar Teacher Ruth White. She then trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in London and qualified in 1993. 

She continues to gain knowledge and has gained qualifications in other areas such as back care and mental health.

Ann has taught yoga full-time since 1993, both group classes and one-to-ones. She specialises in helping people with back pain management and believes yoga is a wonderful tool for spinal health. 

"I love the process of yoga and how it evolves as we age, revealing a deeper understanding of who we are.  Yoga is essentially a practice of refining ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It is an honour to share this way of life to help bring peace and happiness to others.".

Our Yoga classes at Tigmi:

8am Class    75 mins Iyengar Based or Mindful Hatha Flow, depending on whose teaching
5pm Class     60 mins Yin/Restorative
Morning class only on one day mid-week to give students time to explore surrounding areas.
Please note there is no yoga on arrival and departure days.