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Thomas Cook Airline Failure - what to do if it affects you

1) Get current information on everything so you can make informed decisions:-
First check with Thomas Cook's website for up to date accurate information.
If you booked via Travel Republic (who are ABTA bonded) then also check on their website, both under your individual booking and in their help section
Read your Travel Insurance Policy to see what you are covered for in the event of an airline collapse. This will depend on your level of cover.

2) Getting your money back in the event of airline collapse
If you booked via Travel Republic they should refund you as they are ABTA bonded
If you booked direct with Thomas Cook and paid with a credit card then you should be able to claim a refund from your credit card provider under section 75 rules
If you booked direct with Thomas Cook and paid with a debit card then you need to contact your bank and ask your bank to do a ‘chargeback’. This isn’t a legal protection – it is a Visa, Mastercard and Amex rule where your bank gets your money back from Thomas Cook’s bank as you didn’t receive what you paid for. It should work for most people

3) Rebook a new flight so that your holiday can go ahead.

Please Note: Any payment to Free Spirit Travel is governed by our terms and conditions, deposits are non-refundable, final payments ar refundable as per the table on your booking form. Please talk to us if your flight is cancelled and you cannot travel. If Free Spirit Travel cancels the holiday for everybody then you will receive a full refund, if you personally cancel your holiday you will only receive a refund within the booking form terms and conditions, you may however be able to claim on your insurance policy and we can assist with this.

Brexit and how it affects your travel

2019 - for those of you already registered for summer 2019 and beyond please  be aware that the venue may increase their costs to us due to exchange rate changes and if this happens we will, sadly, have to pass the increase on to you. We would expect the increases to be minimal.

Some prices have risen due to exchange rates - sorry!

Updates - flight delays

My flight has been delayed. Can I get compensation?

Check the Citizens advice website for detailed information by following this link

Also read the following

Airlines don't have to pay out for delays caused by snow because weather is classified as an "extraordinary circumstance" – though some airlines may issue a refund at their discretion. For those of you flying to India you are almost certainly on a non EU airline so contact them direct to see exactly what you are entitled to.

According to Which magazine you can challenge your airline if you don't agree there were extraordinary circumstances – for example, if you are told you can't fly due to the snow, but other flights are departing. "Airlines may stretch the definition of extraordinary circumstances further than they should."

Which Magazine  states:-

If the delay is not caused by extraordinary circumstances you will be entitled to compensation under EU rules, but only if you are flying with an airline based in the EU or with a non-EU-based airline flying from an EU airport, and only if the delay is for two hours or more. If you are flying somewhere else or with a non-EU-based airline not flying from the EU you'll have to check that carrier's terms and conditions.

If you are delayed for two hours or more you are entitled to: two free phone calls, faxes or e-mails; free food and drinks; and free hotel accommodation if you need to stay overnight.

If your flight arrives at its destination three hours or more late you will receive compensation of between €250 and €600, depending on how far your flight takes you. So you'll get €250 if your three hour-delayed flight travels 1,500km or less (ie, London to Amsterdam), but €600 if your plane is delayed by four hours or more and travels at least 3,500km (ie, London to Sydney).

My flight has been cancelled. Will I get my money back?

If your flight is cancelled you should be offered either a refund or an alternative flight to your original destination.

For compensation you will have to look to the EU rules again, though if the delay is caused by snow – and thus an extraordinary circumstance – you might not get anything. If you are covered by EU regulations you will be entitled to travel assistance (such as help with rebooking for a later date) as well as meals and accommodation etc. Check the official EU website for more on your rights.

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Welcome to Free Spirit Travel, UK's leading provider of yoga holidays

Yoga Akasha Yoga Teacher Training

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  • 2019


    Various weekends and 2 weeks intensive in Turkey to complete

Course teacher Jody Lawrence

Jody, who was a co-founder of Yoga Akasha in 2008, and the current director, is delighted to be teaching Yoga Akasha’s teacher training program (TTP). She began practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 1991 and has been teaching yoga in East Grinstead since 1999. Initially teaching Ashtanga, she now teaches Hatha Yoga, although with her Ashtanga background, a more physically challenging class than some types of Hatha yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Akasha is delighted to be offering a 250 hour teacher training program (TTP), running  March – September 2019.
This will be an intensive course, designed to give trainee teachers the best foundation to deepen their own practice and be fully prepared to go on to teach. You cannot buy this certificates – you need to earn it!
The course will be led by Jody Lawrance , she has taught regularly on yoga holidays for Free Spirit for several years to Crete, Turkey, Egypt, The Gambia and India.
The Teacher Training Programme aim is to prepare trainee teachers with a firm, well-rounded foundation, so they can teach with knowledge of and confidence in many aspects of Yoga. It would also be suitable for anyone wanting to deepen their own understanding of yoga, as well as those wanting to teach

Course Content

This course offers far more than the minimum requirements of many 200 hour teacher training programs. This is not for anyone wanting an easy ride to gain a certificate! It is for students who want to learn as much as possible for their own practice and if they choose to, how to share that knowledge with others. Aspects of yoga we will be covering are:

  •     Asana – both in terms of building up your own practice, understanding each asana and exercise, modifications for those less or more  able, verbally adjusting a student and gaining the skills to teach
  •     Pranayama – looking at various different pranayamas, their benefits and how to teach these
  •     Meditation – you will learn simple meditation techniques to deepen your own practice and utilities this in teaching
  •     Basic Sanskrit – learning the sanskrit words for each posture we practice and are likely to teach, looking at correct pronunciation
  •     Chanting – chants that can be used to open and close a practice
  •     Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – you will study the first pada (chapter), as well as chanting it in sanskrit
  •     The 8 limbs of yoga – you will study each of the 8 limbs of yoga
  •     Bandhas – mula bandha, uddiyana bandha and jalandhara bandha
  •     Kriyas – tratak, jalaneti, sutraneti, nouli and kapalabhati
  •     A & P – specific to yoga practice
  •     Establishing/maintaining a self practice
  • Teaching techniques
  • How to teach effectively and safely
  • How to start teaching/setting up a class
  • Lesson planning – how to structure a class
  • Setting up your own business
  • Teaching – both within the trainee teachers group and at Yoga Akasha

Jody, the course teacher, studies with Acharya Venkatesha and Acharye Hema in Mysore, India regularly.  They are held in high regard and are renown for delivering the toughest of courses. When looking at this TTP’s aims, objectives and outcomes it is always at the forefront of her mind that she delivers a course they can be proud of and reflect the depth of her own studies.

The course will be spread over 4 weekends in East Grinstead, West Sussex and 2 weeks in Turkey :

  • At Yoga Akasha, East Grinstead: March 1st-3rd,  April 12th-14th, June 7th-9th and July 19th-21st
  • In Turkey – 2 weeks intensive training: September 16th-30th

Weekends in West Sussex

The 4 weekends will be held at Yoga Akasha – Jody’s gorgeous yoga shala in East Grinstead, West Sussex. If you are not local to the area we will help you find a suitable place to stay. There is a Premier Inn about a mile away, and hopefully by March the Travel Lodge that is being built will be finished, which is 2 mins walk from Yoga Akasha. There are various other hotels, bed & breakfasts and guest houses in and around East Grinstead.

Each weekend will be intensive with a lot of work to get through!

Fridays: 6.00-9.00pm / Saturdays: 6.30-10.30, 11.00-1.00, 1.30-5.30 / Sundays: 6.30-10.30, 11.00-1.00

Between each weekend you will need to keep a self-practice diary, read the necessary books, plus there will be a couple of short written assignments.

Two weeks in Turkey

After the 4 weekends at Yoga Akasha, you will complete our training at the perfect venue to sink deeper into practice and studies – away from your usual distrations. As the course runs across several months, this will give you the balance needed to develop, having a combination of weekends to grow in confidence, starting to use the knowledge you are digesting, paired with the peace and serenity needed away from the responsibilites of everyday life – solidifying your new found skills.

This secluded family-run hotel is located in a peaceful setting, with views of the surrounding, uninterupted countryside aplenty. It features a pool and garden restaruant, while olive, lemon and orange trees can be found in the expansive, picturesque garden. Locally sourced ingredients are combined daily to prepare local dishes for our vegetarian buffet breakfast and supper (which are included in your stay).

The air-conditioned rooms feature a separate lounge area – perfect for studying, with a balcony or terrace overlooking the lush garden and swimming pool. Regularly used for yoga retreats our hotel has a private, air conditioned, fully equipped yoga room.

The cost of the Teacher Training Program, 250 hours is £2,800.

This includes:

  • 180 hours contact teaching
  • 14 nights single accommodation in Turkey
  • Yoga Anatomy Course
  • Breakfast and dinner for 14 days in Turkey
  • Manual
  • Certificate – upon successful completion of the course

Not included:

  • Student insurance
  • Accommodation if required for weekends at Yoga Akasha
  • Food during weekends at Yoga Akasha
  • Flights, visa, insurance and transfers to Turkey
  • All other food and beverages whilst in Turkey
  • Required books for the course – ‘Light on Yoga’ by BKS Iyengar available at Amazon here for £13.53 and Yoga Anatomy-2nd Edition by Lesley Kaminoff and Amy Matthews available from Amazon here for about £10.76.

If you wish to share a room in Turkey there is a £140 discount. You will need to give us the name of the person you will be sharing with on booking. It may be possible to pair up with someone once the course begins in March and change from a single to a shared room and recieve a refund of £140. This cannot be changed after the end of the 3rd weekend (June 9th).

If you are accepted on the course then payment of £1,400 will reserve your space. The remaining balance is due by December 31st 2018.

Payments made will not be refunded. If you are unable to start or complete the course in cases of family emergancies/health issues etc, it may be possible to defer to the next TTP.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the 250 hour TTP or have any questions, please fill in the form on Yoga Akasha's website by following this link

Yoga Akasha application form YTTC

Please note – this course is for all levels, not just those with an adept practice, if you have a genuine interest in becoming the best practitioner/ and teacher you can be, this is the course for you.

A desire to learn and share yoga with those around you is more important than which postures you can do.


Q. Where are you based?

Yoga Akasha is in East Grinstead, West Sussex, a small town between London and Brighton (30 miles from each). We are just 55 mins from London Victoria station. We have a reasonable selection of shops, many cafes and coffee bars. No nightclubs so not too noisy through the night!

Q. Where can I stay for the weekends?

We have a Premier Inn about a mile away, and a Travel Lodge is being built 2 mins walk from Yoga Akasha. Completion date not known at this point. There are various b&b’s and hotels both in the town and within a couple of miles of it.

Q. Why will the last 2 weeks be in Turkey?

For the last fortnight we will be away from all our usual distractions – family/home/work etc so we can delve deeper in the program. It is an ideal opportunity to support each other and fully immerse yourself during this important journey. The venue has been carefully selected – it has large rooms that include a living room, ideal for studying, and a terrace or balcony to each room. The yoga space is fabulous and the gardens are lovely to study in the shade, or enjoy the sun during free time.

Q. What will the food be like in Turkey?

All the food will be vegetarian, vegan if you wish. We will enjoy a hearty breakfast after a few hours of early morning practice and training.  Each evening dinner will also be provided. You will need to provide your own lunch (providing you’re not still full from breakfast!)

Q. Am I assured of qualifying?

No, to qualify you are required to:

    Attend 100% of the course
    Complete all assignments
    Satisfactually teach the required observed classes
    Be considered ready to teach

Q. What happens if I don’t qualify by the end of the course?

You will be given the opportunity to complete missed/failed assignments after the course is completed. If attendance is not 100% we will try to facilitate you making up lost days the following year. If more observed teaching is required this can be arranged at Yoga Aksha after the course ends. A fee may be due if either of these are necessary.

Q. What books are required for the course:

    ‘Light on Yoga’ – BKS Iyengar
    Anatomy of Hatha Yoga – H. David Coulter

Q. Do I need to be able to do advanced postures to do this course?

A genuine passion for yoga is far more important than what postures you can do. A regular practice is required as is a keen interest in sharing your joy of yoga with others.

Q.  Can I visit the teacher and/or your centre before the course starts?

Absolutely! You are very welcome to come to Yoga Akasha and enjoy classes with us beforehand. Jody will be delighted to meet you too. It is important that you choose your teacher training program based on as much information as possible.

Q. How do I get insured?

We use ‘Yoga-Link’ Insurance which is valid internationally. The current cost for a teacher is £61.96 per year.  This is who Jody has used since 1999 and has taught full time in health clubs, adult education, running Yoga Akasha since 2008, and dozens of yoga holidays around Europe, Africa and India. They have approved Yoga Akasha and Jody Lawrance as a teacher training school.