Sasha Norton

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Astanga-inspired Vinyasa and Hatha  Yoga with Sasha Norton

Sasha has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching for over 10 years. She has a vibrant energy and passion for sharing her experience and knowledge with others!

"Yoga helps us to rebalance ourselves in an increasingly stressful world."

Sasha first started practicing yoga to help ease her stressful lifestyle (simultaneously working full-time in IT whilst studying part-time for a degree), and to complement her more conventional exercise options at the gym.


After 17 years in IT, in 2003, she took a career break to take up a Hatha Yoga teacher training programme, studying with Bob Smith (author of Yoga for a New Age) and Ki McGraw from the Hatha Yoga Center of Seattle. She was a full-time yoga instructor for six and a half years, but now combines part-time careers in both yoga and IT.

She works mainly in health clubs but also does public classes and intensives as well as yoga retreat holidays. She has also worked with a number of athletes, educational establishments, corporates and private individuals.


Her retreats typically start with a morning Hatha class, followed by a hearty brunch.You will have free time during the day to relax, explore, take a massage or otherwise do your own thing.

There may be optional meditation sessions during the day, followed by an evening yoga session (typically Astanga-inspired Vinyasa Flow) and then supper.


The venue provides a great level of comfort, accommodation, food... and we bring the fun!


Classes are not suitable for pregnant ladies.