Emma Robinson

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Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Emma 'Yog Ganga' Robinson

 About Emma

“We don’t use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body” - Shakti Mhi

Emma has been teaching since 2008. She has trained in Yogalates, Akhanda Yoga and Tripsichore Yoga and specialises in functional movement to help combat everyday physical and emotional strains and stylised vinyasa choreography and advanced asana.

She is an Osteopath and science geek and believes that moving and thinking well is integral to maintain optimal health.


Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Weekend
Over this weekend, Emma will take you through a series of classes that focus on the art of Vinyasa Yoga; synchronised breath and movement, from the simpler through to more complex postures and how to move with control and finesse. Not suitable for beginners.
Between classes, practitioners can enjoy the facilities that Champneys has to offer, making this a weekend to explore and indulge your senses in a luxurious environment, lovely company and delicious, healthy meals.
This retreat is ideal for those who wish to explore challenging asana; if you have an already strong practice, Emma aims to provide you with a variations. If you’re still yet to master a difficult posture(s) then Emma will endeavour to make them more accessible by breaking them down.
This weekend covers the following;
•    Choreographed vinyasa sequences to focus the mind and hone the senses. Emphasising that vinyasa yoga is a method of meditation where we can train ourselves to explore our potential through our body and observing the effects of this

•    Dedicated classes that will focus on arm balances, inversions and backbends

•    Step by step instructions of postures so that everyone can work within their range and to their edge without pressure

•    Tips to improve your technique whether you’re new to that posture or looking to improve and/or explore a variation.

•    How to utilise the breath for effective and controlled transitions, avoiding carelessness and thus reduce the chance of injury

•    The importance of core stability and the breathing to support the body’s structure. Practicing with intelligence, with regard for our physical limitations without being held back by them.

For more information on Emma’s classes, retreats, workshops and blog check out www.emmalovesyoga.com