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Hatha and Flow Yoga with Divya (see below for details of Champneys Spa New Year Weekend)

Through a mindful and therapeutic practice of Yoga, Divya guides individuals into developing a calm mind, stronger body and sincere connection to the self.

Classes are based on classical Hatha Yoga, Dynamic Flow and Restorative yoga practice and philosophy. Inspiration comes from ancient eastern sources as well as modern psychological thought. Space, time and assistance is given to enable the individual to get into the 'heart' of what they're doing.   

The result is immediate: feeling lighter, stronger and happier following a class. In the long term, the effects are abiding strength and inner contentment.


Divya is a senior level qualified Yoga teacher, based in London.

She has received training from and studied with world leading teachers including: Aadhil Palkivala, Shiva Rea, the Yoga for Healing Institution in Chennai (India), Yoga India (Mysore), Sarah Powers and Judith Lasaster. She runs regular classes and workshops in central and west London, as well as retreats and holidays in the UK and abroad.


Special January Weekend at Champneys Spa Henlow Grange

A weekend using the practices of yoga, meditation, contemplation, reflection and imbibing cacao to check-in, reveal and see what our heartfelt desires and real intentions are for 2017.

Share a space away from daily attachments and distractions, plant the seeds of good intentions and let yourself unwind in the environment of this wellbeing spa hotel. 

Led by senior Hatha Yoga and Meditation teacher Divya. Practices will be a mix of yoga, Pranayama (yogic breathing), Meditation, visualization, journaling and a Saturday morning cacao ritual ceremony.

"May peace find you. May you find peace."

For further info on Flow, Hatha and Restorative classes in London, visit:



nid%3D361%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneHi Divya, Thank you again for sharing  such a wonderful weekend with us. I truly felt I had come home with your teachings.  I didn't want to take too much of your time, but just to say as it was my first "class" for a least six weeks I felt "held" and safe and now feel really ready again to return to my teachers.

That aside I also feel relaxed and ready to return to normal life, I do so with a clear mind and a better connection to my self.

Such a pleasure to spend time with you and your amma, it added a certain something, a grounding, an appreciation of relationships and support.

I wish you well, and I am glad our paths finally crossed. I realise I am already on your mailing list!

Namaste xxxxx