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Mindful Yoga and Meditation with Divya

London based and a dedicated practitioner since 2000, Divya has been a full time senior level teacher since 2006, offering drop-in classes, retreats, courses and bespoke tuition to help the individual on their path. A community has grown organically through her time in teaching, connection like-minded souls.

Divya offers a mindful practice of Asana (the physical postures), accompanied by breathing techniques (Pranayama) and Mindfulness-meditation guidance

Her inspiration is drawn from eastern sources as well as modern psychological thought. Her own teacher training spans the strong discipline of classical Indian yoga and meditation traditions, as well as the evolved approaches to the body and mind in the West.


Through a deep practice of Yoga, Divya aims to help her students develop a stronger body, calmer mind and liberating sense of self.

Yoga is an ancient practice and philosophy designed to touch and balance all parts of our being.

Yoga sages and philosophy say we are each made of our: body, mind, wellbeing, emotions, consciousness, relationships, actions and path in the world. They also say we carry an energy around us and a vital spirit that is beyond the changes and ups and downs of life. Yoga, which translates as ‘union’ or ‘to unite’, connects all these parts of our being and our awareness of our spirit that is not limited by personality or circumstance.

For us today, Yoga can provide a set of tools and wisdom for the following, which is what
Senior Yoga Teacher Divya offers through her teaching:

  • feeling well in our bodies and minds`
  • handling the stresses of modern life`
  • healing, personal growth and development
  • feeling free from within`

" I teach in a way so that Yoga's physical, philosophical and spiritual benefits can be felt as we practice. We are doing yoga so that we can find and experience an optimal state of being and inner stillness.  From this we can live in a more peaceful flow state that helps us navigate the ebbs and flows of life and to connect with others in a natural, non-stressful and fulfilling way."

"May peace find you. May you find peace."

For further info on Divya's Yoga classes in London, visit:




Hi Divya, Thank you again for sharing  such a wonderful weekend with us. I truly felt I had come home with your teachings.  I didn't want to take too much of your time, but just to say as it was my first "class" for a least six weeks I felt "held" and safe and now feel really ready again to return to my teachers.

That aside I also feel relaxed and ready to return to normal life, I do so with a clear mind and a better connection to my self.

Such a pleasure to spend time with you and your amma, it added a certain something, a grounding, an appreciation of relationships and support.

I wish you well, and I am glad our paths finally crossed. I realise I am already on your mailing list!

Namaste xxxxx