Diane Davis

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Dynamic Yoga with Diane Davis

I have been practising and studying Yoga since 1972, so from that you can tell I truly love my Yoga.

I qualified for my Yoga Teachers Diploma at The International School of Yoga, Kevala Centre. I studied Yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and nutrient, Yoga for the disabled, for Pregnancy, children, the elderly and much more.

My yoga style is Dynamic Hatha Yoga although, as I have also practiced most forms of Yoga, there are elements of Astanga, Dru, Kundalini Iyengar and Sivananda in there as well.


I have been teaching Yoga since 2002 and I have my REPS certificate to advanced teacher level. I also study sports injuries and recovery. I have taught in various leisure centres, The Athletic Club for Gifted and Talented Youths, in colleges, schools and privately.

My Yoga teaching assists a huge range of people including those with illness, injuries, births, stress and those keeping fit and healthy. They include Footballers, Golfers, Dancers, Sports people and Martial Arts, to name but a few, all have said how Yoga benefits and enhances their profession.

It is heart-warming for me, to help so many people, with their Mind, Body and Soul . I am still studying Yoga on a daily basis, as it is a never ending journey of learning.

On your holiday, at about 8am before breakfast, we will be having  a 90 minute class of Dynamic Hatha Yoga on some days and on others we will doFlowing Vinyasas.

There will be a second class before dinner where we will practise Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation.