Babs Lehner-Platts

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You can choose to transform anything in your life and a yoga retreat with Babs provides a great environment to make a start!

Having successfully led numerous international retreats, Babs teaches in a holistic and very intuitive way. Every retreat is different, as are her students. She creates a unique program, which allows everyone to learn at their own pace whilst experiencing Yoga as part of a group.

Babs teaches Vinyasa Flow, a purifying and re-balancing practice where breath and body movement are one.


She encourages you with clear instructions, giving detailed explanations and corrections on alignment throughout.


The class is designed for any age or fitness level and make it the perfect program from the beginner to the more experienced student.  Babs invites you to learn more about philosophy and the spiritual aspects of Yoga, such as meditation and self enquiry, to help you deepen your understanding and practice.


Babs understands her student's need to have a 'good time'  so there is always time to chill out and have a laugh as well!  You can enjoy your private space and/or being part of a group. 


A typical Vinyasa class will start with Pranayama (breath control), followed by flowing sequences of standing postures, incorporating balances leading into mat work to focus on core stability, stamina and flexibility.


Deep stretches, relaxation and meditation will bring the class to a close


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