Brigitte Riley (formerly Brigitte Rooney)

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   Brigitte Riley

Brigitte has been an established yoga teacher for 17 years and is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, which is the highest accolade in professional yoga teaching.

She is known for her in-depth knowledge and anatomy expertise with regards to correct body alignment and yoga for therapeutic healing. Brigitte also has a wealth of skill and experience in teaching fluid creative vinyasa as well as many other different styles of yoga.

Her philosophy on life, authenticity, natural warmth and heartfelt approach radiates through in to her teachings and students are inspired by her 'keeping it real' wisdom.

Brigitte teaches weekly classes, monthly master-classes and private one to ones in Milton Keynes, as well as vocational yoga teacher training courses and mentoring for yoga teachers. She also teaches both workshops and yoga retreats nationally and internationally.


"My intention is to encourage yoga students to not only open up their bodies but also their minds, so that they may discover new levels of possibility, transformation, healing and growth in their lives.

Thus through teaching mindfulness and yoga, I also hope to reconnect students to their sense of adventure, to their passions and their own unique creativity so that they can live the most amazing life possible."




Morning sessions will begin with a quiet centering, followed by Pranayama then a Creative Vinyasa Flow practice, closing with Meditation and Relaxation.

In the Evenings the sessions will be slower and will vary each day to include all aspects of yoga such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Alignment Technique, Inversions practice, Therapeutics, Fun Partner work, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Somatics, Pranayama and Chanting.


This yoga week is not suitable for beginners - please chat to us in the office if you have questions