Jody Lawrance

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Hatha Yoga with Jody Lawrance

Jody has been practicing Yoga since 1991.

Mainly Astanga for the first 12 years, with many inspiring teachers including Raffi, Supi, Danny Paradise, teacher training with David Swenson, and BNS Iyengar in India.

She has been teaching since 1999
Since 2001 she has enjoyed learning from other schools of Yoga, particularly with Venkatesha and Hema, founders of the Atma Vikasa School in Mysore, India with whom she trained to teach, and found a new depth to her own practice, She also trained with Maya Fiennes to teach Kundalini Yoga

She returns to India as often as possible to continue her studies with Venkatesha and Hema, now focusing more on Yogic philosophy and meditation. Her desire to access the stillness within led her to live in a Buddhist community in Brighton for 8 months and continues to attend classes and retreats there regularly.

On her yoga holidays she teaches a range of Hatha Yoga classes, enjoying the variety that different traditions offer, although teaches a more physically challenging class than some types of Hatha Yoga.

She enjoys the harmony and balance that Yoga brings to her daily life and believes Yoga can help us all get closer to true contentment and inner peace.



She loves teaching all abilities, for Jody it's not where you are in a posture that counts, what's important is how you are - inside, while in the posture.

To be with your breath, watch your mind, let go of tension, be in the moment, come back to the constant that is the breath. To find contentment, to be at peace, to draw closer to the stillness.

That is what matters. That is why she practices Yoga, that is what she wants to share with you


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