Roanna Harstad

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Dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga with Roanna Harstad

Roanna is an adventurer!   As a Yoga Instructor, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Empowerment Teacher, Sundoor Master Firewalking Instructor, Spiritual leader, Retreat/Workshop Leader, Body Worker, Therapist and Founder of Resting Buddha she leads clients into a more empowered, healthy and enjoyable way of life.

 Roanna brings a holistic, spiritual and dynamic approach to her Retreats, Classes and Workshops. Roanna brings ancient healing and fun tools into her sessions to empower our thinking and soften our being.




With her gentle, informative but deeply encouraging and motivating approach, you will find you release barriers and move into a new, stronger, more aware sense of your body and self.

I invite you to come and play, come with an open heart and a soft smile. Together lets investigate where our joy is hiding, lets be playful when remembering how fragile life can feel sometimes, lets find our power and rain our light on all that need it. Let's remember our happiness and all the gifts that we bring to this world. Let's celebrate our challenges and give thanks for the opportunity to inspire each other through this ancient and beautiful practice.