Pallavi Dodia

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Pallavi Dodia - Himalayan Hatha Yoga

Pallavi has been persistently contributing to the Health and Wellness industry since 2008 across the globe. Her diverse teaching experience comprises of teaching Yoga in Private and Government organisations in India and the UK since 2016. She designs wellness programs with a purview of prevention and cure.

She has curated many wellness retreats in exotic destinations like the Himalayas in North India, White desert in Rajasthan, Gir Forest in Gujarat, River Lea, London, etc. She has also taught in Yoga teachers training courses.

She was born and brought up in India. Her cultural ties to the ancient Yogic practices in her motherland India paved the way for a passion in deepening the inner knowing. Her passion for study and an exploration to bridge the health gap took a new turn when she learned Yoga from the authentic Gurus in Kerala and Rishikesh, the birthplace of Yoga.

She has completed 500 hours TTC from India. She completed 200 hours Hatha Yoga TTC from School of Santhi, Kerala in 2016 and 300 hours Yoga TTC from Sattva Yoga Academy, Rishikesh in 2022. With the Himalayan Yoga-Vedantic teachings, she amply realised the physical and mental benefits of Yoga quickly and fell in love with the practice on and off the mat.


She weaves her holistic knowledge of the effects of stress on the somatic or physical body and nervous system into her sessions, offering supportive and accessible techniques that you can inculcate into your daily routine and enhance your wellbeing. She is very intuitive and receptive and tailors the sessions with Yoga therapy, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation as per the individuals’ goals. She amalgamates different techniques with Mudras (hand gestures): Shambhavi, Kechari, Dhayana, Akasha, Yoni Mudra, Pranayamas (breathwork): Bhramari, Agnisar, Sudarshan Kriya, Asanas (movements), Dhyana (meditation), Kirtan/Mantra chanting.

She co-founded Astitva Wellness with a vision to cultivate a planet filled with healthy, happy and empowered people and a mission to revive and provide accessible and inspiring holistic solutions and interventions to an ageless global audience.

Join the Himalayan Yogini Pallavi Dodia for a week of Himalayan Hatha Yoga practices:

Introduction to Yoga
Understanding mind body connection- Chakras, Koshas, Karma.
Hatha - Vinyasa Asanas sequences: Improve flexibility and strength.
Meditation initiation, Mantra meditation
Kriya sets
Himalayan Kundalini
Breathwork: Pranayama techniques.
Stress management techniques and much more.

Ideal for everyone: Beginners/intermediate practitioners