Alex Reed

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Alex Reed - Hatha Yoga

I’m Alex Reed and I started Good Life Yoga in 2013 in order to share my passion for yoga with people who need some balance in their busy lives.

It is my secret weapon against stress, anxiety and aging! Keeping strong and flexible in mind and body is proven to help us live longer and more fulfilling lives.

In my practice and classes I try to bring a fresh thought to each session – to find curiosity and genuine interest in what is happening in our minds and bodies on the mat.



My personal practice is influenced by some incredible teachers who were students of an innovative Italian yoga teacher called Vanda Scaravelli. She took traditional yoga practices deep into her own body and guided her students to do the same. Inspired by the youthfulness, joy for life and twinkle in the eye of these teachers

I try to practice and teach with fresh eyes and an open mind each time, guided by the bodies and personalities in the room.

My goal is to stay young as long as possible and help my students find their joy and youthful spirit too.