Gillian Kamali

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Gillian Kamali Iyengar Yoga

I have been practising Iyengar yoga for over 30 years and teaching since qualifying in 1997. I hold the Junior Intermediate level 3 certificate.

I have been extremely lucky to have studied under many fantastic Iyengar teachers and have travelled to India to learn from the Iyengar family in the Institute in Pune.

I love the precision of Iyengar yoga, the emphasis on correct alignment, the links between the various asanas...and how it all makes so much sense!

We use props such as bricks, blocks, belts, blankets and bolsters to help us move towards asanas which challenge.

We can also become very creative with other pieces of furniture if we haven't got all the other props to hand!

Importantly, I love the clarity of mind and ease in the body that practice brings.


There will be two classes per day when we are in Ischia:

a longer early morning class, which will start gently and then become stronger, focussing on a theme, type of asana or part of the body; particular needs of the students in the class will also be addressed. 

Everyone has a favourite asana...and, quite often, a least favourite!

The evening classes will include more gentle,  restorative practice and every class will end with a 10 minute relaxation in Savasana.