Eve Niker

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Eve Niker - Astanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

Eve Niker is an Astanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. She loves to join all of these styles when she teaches her classes that are both dynamic and relaxing.

Starting classes with sun salutations, then going through a variety of asanas and finishing with calming pranayama (breath exercises).

Eve has been practicing yoga pretty much her whole life as her mother is an International Yoga teacher - it runs in the family!

She has been teaching in luxury studios in London and online (2020). She specialises in inversions and arm balances and will help her students achieve new poses with stability and confidence.

Eve prepares classes that help the students find space in their body and calmness in their mind.


As well as a yoga teacher Eve is a RADA trained actress who has performed in the West End and loves to bring her personality to each class making them as fun and rewarding as possible.


"I love Eve's yoga classes, they are the perfect mix of challenging and fun. They are also keeping me sane through lockdown!" - Jemma Sneddon, Circus Performer


"I love Eve's Classes. They are so tentative and she gives so much to each individual." - Lilia Blood, Dancer


"Her warm, wholesome personality balances perfectly with her challenging classes so you come out knowing you've worked hard but with a big smile on your face" - Fed Wooton, Bar Owner and PT