Annie Hayes-Pantony

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Annie Hayes-Pantony Vinyasa Flow Yoga

My mission is to help people on their journey to find the best version of themselves, finding strength mentally, physically and emotionally.

My hope is that I will inspire even those new to yoga, with my enthusiasm and energy.

I will always adapt and modify my teaching to allow everyone to feel included and welcome in my class, without exception.



“We can only do what we can do in this moment and that is enough”



My practice
I specialise in vinyasa flow, focusing on the breath(pranayama) through the fluidity of the postures (asanas)

Focusing on our breath helps us be in the moment while helping our body transition through a sequence of postures.

My practice will help you build body strength along with the core focus always being on the mind.

My mindful approach using yoga philosophy in my classes will help you delve deeper into your practice, and my well-being approach will serve to feed your heart, body, mind and soul.

In a loving, kind way I will lead you through stretching, strengthening and toning your body, giving gentle adjustments to allow you to deepen your practice.


RYS 200 yoga alliance in Greece
RYS 300 yoga alliance in Turkey
Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga with Yoga Mammas Putney
All qualifications meet required standards of Yoga Alliance UK