Margherita Dal Pra

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Margherita Dal Pra - Hatha Yoga

Margherita's unique yoga retreats and holidays blend inner and outer discovery with guided yoga and meditation sessions,

this is your time to break away from the usual and allow health, love and light to shine through your life.

"As a natural seeker, 24 years ago in Italy I found myself at my first yoga class, back in a time when yoga was considered strange, yet savasana and the mantra OM gave me a deep sense of relaxation and the feeling of coming home to myself. This is when yoga became the beginning of a life long journey for me.

I am devoted to continuously­­ learning, sharing and radiating this knowledge for everyone to utilise and enjoy. The more I explore and learn, the more I’m able to share my wisdom in a new and vibrant light, it is a true blessing and honour to share that journey with my students."

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Margherita's teachings are grounded in the traditional lineage of Hatha yoga and the deep philosophy of Tantric practices married with the movement of Vinyasa Flow, the precision of Anusara, the dance of Rasa Yoga – one of the most heartfelt synthesis of yoga, and the energetics of ParaYoga and Ayurveda

She honors the traditions of yoga while awakening the true potential as an individual in the modern world. She hopes for each student to experience a journey that goes beyond the body and pierces deeply into the heart by weaving together asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation and chanting, along with shadow work, ritual, and a deep connection with nature.