Laurie Blair

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Laurie Blair  'Soul Connecting Yoga'

Laurie has practised various forms of yoga for around 30 years. She originally learned to teach Hatha yoga, with the Sivananda school, she was further inspired by David Sye's Yogabeats teacher training to teach more fluidly and authentically.

Her teaching includes some fascia releasing micro movements to music, to allow the body to happily release gently into deeper stretches.

The focus is on connecting the body and soul to quickly find a yogic state of mind.

Teaching is fully supportive and safe, allowing you to be comfortable, but challenged to your own capability, therefore suitable for all abilities. Classes are fun and lighthearted, but will also have you delving deeper within, to connect to your inner Self. Laurie believes that, "yoga is a journey to the soul, allowing us to connect to our authentic Self".


Laurie is a body and soul therapist, qualified in Kinetic Chain Release Therapy (KCR), a sequence of physio mobilisations aimed to holistically correct leg length. 90% of us have one leg shorter than the other, which causes misalignment of the body and thus various conditions, such as sciatica, backache, etc.

KCR has realigned and brought balance back to clients who have suffered from Fibromyalgia, ME, depression, PTSD, post-natal depression, post surgery trauma, etc. Guests can book for KCR during their stay.

One client with Fibromyalgia, ME and depression happily exclaimed, "Laurie has given me my life back through KCR. With one treatment I was able to walk my dog again, after 6 years of not making it past the garden gate!"