Adrienne Riel

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Yoga with Adrienne Riel

Adrienne has been teaching yoga in South Oxfordshire, Reading and Henley area for just over ten years now. She has lots of experience teaching beginners and people who consider themselves ‘too stiff’ or ‘not flexible’ enough to do yoga, especially more mature students and men..

She is passionate about enabling those without confidence to stride forwards in their own personal practise to develop at their own pace in a non competitive class. Everyone is made to feel welcome.She has a gift for teaching with compassion and laughter, enabling those who doubt themselves to go beyond their own physical, emotional and spiritual expectations - leaving them full of confidence and delight in their own achievements.

‘It’s all about learning your own limitations and realising that each day we wake up our body and mind are different from the day before...’

Adrienne originally studied the Iyengar Method and became a certified teacher in 2009, she still maintains her own personal practice and professional development in her yoga teaching but presently is exploring her own style as she is free spirit ( no pun intended ) - using her experience to offer a fun environment in which students can learn and self progress.

I very much encourage people to build some home practise into their daily lives. Teaching on Zoom over lockdown has taught me a more down to earth style where people can use everyday household objects to enhance their yoga; sofa’s, chairs, walls, baked bean tins, dressing gown belts, doors and walls. I’m a great fan of walls, they teach us stability, alignment, offer support, great for simple inversions...tons of reasons to use a wall..The whole experience of being in peoples houses has been very intimate and lots of fun!’


Your Yoga Holiday

Morning classes will start with simple poses which will gradually move towards more advanced poses, ensuring we are working safely with maximum benefit to flexibility, strength and wellbeing.  We will use blocks, bricks, belts and blankets to help us achieve our full potential.  The class will end with a 15 minute relaxation leaving you energised for the day.

Evening classes will be a shorter session of recuperative passive poses, followed by deep relaxation and pranayama which will compliment the morning practice. 


'If you are travelling by yourself, so am I, so there will always be someone to chat, wine and dine with.  I aim to make everyone feel welcome into our holiday Iyengar yogic family'

"Words cannot convey the value of yoga - it has to be experienced"