Angela Hulm

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Anglea Hulm - Iyengar Yoga

Angela Hulm has practised IYENGAR yoga since 1980, and taught in schools, and colleges for over 30 years.

She qualified as an Introductory IYENGAR yoga teacher in 2005, and as a Junior Intermediate Level 1 teacher in 2008 so she can support you to practice gently, or to challenge your self with deeper practices and a fuller range of postures. Angie lives in West Wickham, Bromley, Kent and teaches in local halls. Angela also has a fully equipped At Home yoga studio with dwi pada viparita dandasana bench, rope wall and yoga swings.

Warm hearted, passionate and knowledgeable; Angie will help you to learn how to practice Iyengar yoga. 

She attends regular classes with senior Iyengar teachers, and in 2016 was taught at RIMIYI in Pune, India the home Iyengar yoga


About Iyengar Yoga

The Iyengar method of yoga is named after our teacher Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar.

The teaching helps you focus on correct alignment of the body in poses ensuring you’re working safely, with maximum benefit to your flexibility, strength and wellbeing.
Classes generally start with simple poses and gradually move towards more advanced poses, ending with a period of relaxation. Props, such as blocks and belts may be used to enable you to work correctly and achieve your full potential.

The postures are very precise and you will be guided through them by Angela who is qualified to make appropriate adjustments for different physiques. You will leave the class feeling lighter and calmer. The benefits of Iyengar yoga are greater flexibility and strength, and better physical health.

As you continue with your practice, psychological and spiritual benefits begin to appear. 


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