Daniel Gelblum

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Dynamic Hatha Yoga & Feldenkrais with Daniel Gelblum

Dan teaches his own style of dynamic Hatha yoga. His influences range from yoga sutras to martial arts. His classes are much-loved and students feel immediate and long-term benefits

Dan focuses on fine movements resulting in rapid progress in flexibility and strength. Students remark at the ease with which they can achieve challenging postures at the end of each class. Dan has been teaching yoga since 1996

He trained in yoga and massage at the Limaye Clinic, Pune, India and the British Wheel of Yoga. He is a well-established yoga teacher in North West London. Dan is also a highly regarded Feldenkrais Practitioner.



How I came to Yoga and Feldenkrais

My dad/best friend (Dr Tuvia Gelblum) was a teacher of Sanskrit and Pali specialising in Yoga philosophy. So grew up with his contagious enthusiasm for Yoga.

He sadly developed Parkinson's disease, so I wanted to help him as much as possible. This involved travelling to India with him and studying ayurveda, acupressure, Yoga, osteotherapy massage (am the only man outside of India to practice this little known technique), back in the UK studied Shiatsu, holistic massage, sports massage and yet more Yoga.

One of the best ways for my dad to keep healthy was to have deep uplifting conversations about Yoga, Buddhism and Indian philosophy.
His enthusiasm for this kept him so healthy for over 30 years with this disease.

One day my dad was totally immobile like a vegetable on the floor and he told me about classes he used to attend in Israel with a man called Moshe Feldenkrais. I had not heard of him. My dad then showed me something he did in a class and was suddenly rolling to sit up and return to lay down on the floor with great fluidity and ease....we were both surprised. So my dad put me in touch with people in Israel who knew Feldenkrais and I got sent tons of material, which I studied deeply and started to apply some of what was learning to my work with clients with MS, Parkinson's and more. Then added and adjusted some of these techniques to my regular dynamic yoga classes as a kind of body meditation.

Seeing how effective this method was, I then did the 4 year training in it (which my dad sadly did not live to see me complete) and many advanced trainings which I continue to attend.

Am continuing to develop this method alongside with Yoga like a flowing river, running workshops, Yoga holidays, classes in Triyoga, the Life Centre (where am going now) and doing my best to share this amazing method with mine and my dads enthusiasm for it.

Am happy to share this incredible knowledge...thanks for the opportunity...is good karma and for the benefit of mankind!!!


Daniel Gelblum
Feldenkrais Practitioner
Yoga and meditation Teacher
 Feldenkrais for yoga and beyond!


Hi Debbie, I want to thank you for this Lovely week at Mavros Malos!  Everybody was Nice, friendly and very helpful at the hotel and the yoga with Dan Gelblum is the best.  Kind regards
Tina - Kissamos July 2018