Mary Young

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Mary Young / Violet Lotus Yoga

Having practiced yoga for nearly a decade, Mary decided to train as a teacher in 2008 and formerly began to teach yoga in early 2009. She originally trained in a form of Dynamic Vinyasa in India with Lara Baumann of Quantum Yoga and thus keeping to the fundamental principles of these studies, movement is synchronized with breath in her Vinyasa classes. 

Mary is influenced by many teachings but is especially interested in the concept of Ayurveda, anatomy and physical alignment. She also encourages self-practice away from her yoga classes.


Mary has also formerly trained in Yin Yoga as part of the Insight Yoga Institute with her main influencing teachers being Sarah Powers and Norman Blair.

More recently she has explored the fundamental teachings of Yoga Nidra (iRest) which she interweaves into her teaching and everyday living.

With her thirst for knowledge and extensive experience, Mary’s classes are based on varied themes and she aims to cultivate a connection to the body-mind via energetic channels, beyond the physical framework.

Whether it involves Prana or Qi, she feels both have powerful effects.


On this weekend retreat we will interweave the elements of Yin and Yang into our yoga practice.

Morning sessions will focus on waking the body/mind gently with meditation & pranayama, naturally leading towards an energising flowing practise to set the scene for the rest of the day.

 Evening sessions will be all things Yin, slowly nourishing our energetic bodies using the principles of Chinese Meridian Theory to stimulate chi.

There will also be an opportunity to experience Yoga Nidra  - a form of self enquiry that can provide a deep sense of calm, relaxation and overall sense of well-being for practitioners.

This practice is not advisable in pregnancy and some experience of a Vinyasa based practice (surya namaskar/sun salutations) is recommended.

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