Ali Dyer

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Ali has been a yoga practitioner for 20+ years and a teacher since 2007.

Over the years Ali’s style has changed being a reflection of the extensive study she has undertaken and the thousands of classes she has taught.  What remains constant is her passion to keep learning and to keep sharing with her students.  Her current influences are working somatically with the mind-body to facilitate a deeper connection to and understanding of ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.  Ali’s sense of humour and warmth keep classes fun and engaging whilst progressing students at their own level.



Her yoga tutelage includes Anusara teacher training with Bridget Woods Kramer, Yin teacher training with Sarah Lo, iRest Yoga Nidra and Meditation training Level 1 & 2 with James Reeves, Restorative Yoga training with Judith Hansen Lassater.

Ali currently teaches privately and at the well-respected WhiteSpace Yoga Studio in Stony Stratford where she teaches Hatha flow, Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and beginners’ classes along with a variety of workshops.  Prior to teaching Ali was an event producer, personal assistant to Brian Ferry and before that a Mounted Military Policewoman.

“Yoga has taught me many things but without doubt it has empowered me to make healthy choices and let go of what no longer brings me peace and happiness”


During this holiday there will be three classes per day:

Early morning Meditation [optional].  This will be a guided practice and suitable for all levels of experience.  For newcomers a chance to learn in a progressive way and for seasoned meditators the opportunity to dive in a little deeper.

Morning Yoga sessions will begin with centering, after which we will awaken the body with gentle stretching before moving into a sweet and well-structured hatha flow.  We will wind down with cooling floor sequences, a little more stretching, a short meditation and Savasana.   You can expect to feel rejuvenated, energized and ready for the delights of the day.

In the Evenings the sessions will be gentle and tender enabling you to: connect with your mind-body; ease patterns of long held stress and tension and induce healing and wellbeing.  Each day will vary and include aspects of yoga such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra.



Ali's style of teaching is structured and fun.  The emphasis is on empowering students – through the sharing of knowledge and key teaching principles - to deepen their practice safely and effectively.  Suitable if you are a complete beginner or seasoned practitioner.  An opportunity to take time out of your busy life, to share fun and laughter, learn something new and remember what it is like to experience happiness and wellbeing.



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