Mandy Crook

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Mandy's very first “exercise class” that she went to at the age of 16, was Yoga in an old church hall in her home town of Buxton,Derbyshire. She became hooked and has been practising Yoga on and off for most of her adult life, never dreaming that one day she would become a teacher.

After a 19 year career in the civil service Mandy explored the idea of becoming a Pilates teacher. A year later she qualified to teach not only Pilates but Aerobics, Step, Body Pump and Body Balance and this has been her "very enjoyable" work since 2000.

Mandy has been practising yoga regularly for several years with Brigitte Riley, and has attended many of her retreats.  She trained to teach with Claire Murphy "probably one of the most challenging, fun, bonding and enlightening experiences of my life".




Mandy's yoga teaching is alignment based Vinyasa Flow, she also teaches Body Balance (a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates). She is always looking to broaden her knowledge so she can pass it on to her students. She also learns from her students, their bodies and the changes in her own body as she get older.




During our retreat holiday: 

Our morning practice will usually start quietly with centring and Pranayama, we will then move into a themed, alignment based Vinyasa Flow practice. Each session will close with meditation and relaxation.

Our evening practice will be more varied. Some sessions will be playful with partner work; others will be slow flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra or Restorative Yoga.


Classes are suitable for students of all levels.


"My philosophy on Yoga as in life is work hard to get results, enjoy life and have fun!,  Namaste"



For more information on Mandy and her yoga visit her web


You did a brilliant job facilitating & teaching the Yoga Retreat.  I liked starting with sitting & the Anusara prayer -- a good way to anchor each class.  The poems you read out were inspiring.  In fact, your structuring was perfect -- a more vigorous class in the morning working towards a challenging posture and then variety in the afternoon-- I personally really like partner work -- people get to know each other & learn in a different way.
Great to finish with a Yoga Nidra -- though I prefer the more traditional one that rotates the consciousness around the body in a specific way, starting with the right hand thumb -- that order does something to the brain that works for me.  I felt very comfortable with your directions & confidence in teaching -- nothing you did made me nervous -- you knew what you were doing & we could relax.  Thanks for a great time!