Nigel Gilderson

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 Strong Hatha Yoga with Nigel Gilderson


Nigel has been teaching yoga for 20 years and is one of the original Free Spirit teachers.


He is the founder and senior teacher of the yoga classes available at the Brockwell Lido in South London; and is the founder and director of the Amrita School of Yoga Teacher Training. He also teaches at Yoga Point, and many private clientele throughout London.



Nigel began his career in health and fitness as a P.E. teacher and tennis coach giving him a concrete and pragmatic understanding of anatomy and physiology, and was drawn to the deeply therapeutic effects of yoga. He has evolved his own personal style of Hatha yoga drawing on influences from the Sivananda, Iyengar, Scaravelli and Shadow yoga traditions.


Nigel's classes incorporate a unique blend of mindfulness of breath and opening through relaxation, to integrate the internal energetic system as a preparation for dynamic action.


His teaching has evolved over the years and incorporates a blend of many yoga styles, with influences from tai chi and shadow yoga and Alexander technique; integrating the celebration of the heart, universal principles of alignment, and balanced energetic action in the performance of asana.


Each student's abilities and limitations are deeply respected and honoured. The practice builds strength, flexibility, and stamina as well as bringing awareness to the internal; creating, capturing and cultivating energy.


Students move from one posture to another in a continual flow and link movements to breath. The use of vinyasa enables the natural progression from one asana to another with a sense of ease and fluidity, ending in a deep and peaceful relaxation