Effie Love

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Flowing Vinyasa Yoga with Effie Love

Effie has been practising yoga for the better part of the last 15 years. She's studied in Israel, India, Thailand and of course, the UK, where she's been a resident in the people's republic of Brighton for the last decade.  She is also an acupuncturist (BSc (hons), LicAc, MBAcC), and a massage therapist, she has a very deep level of knowledge when it comes to the physical and energetical anatomy of the body, which becomes apparent in her classes.  Effie runs About Balance a low cost, fair trade, wellbeing centre in Brighton - a place that helps therapists to make a living from their work and helps the people of Brighton to achieve affordable well being.  She  also  works as a therapist at the Google offices in London.

She believes yoga makes you a better person, not by magic, or some weird hippie voodoo stuff, but simply because when you practice yoga you give yourself love, you learn to accept yourself, (Ahimsa- the first yama of patanjali yoga sutras) by doing so, you learn, with time, to accept others, other situations, other people, and that makes you a better person, if you like it or not :)  Her approach to yoga is not about becoming more flexible and strong (though you would),it's not about touching your toes (though, again, with time, you would) but it's about learning to turn the focus inside, to how we breath, to how we move, to how we feel, to who we are and to use yoga as a path to freedom.

On her retreat

Morning sessions:  will start with a 30 min meditation (optional) followed by pranayama.  We will then start with warming up our body with sun salutations, and flow into a vinyasa  session that will focus on different areas of the body each day. (opening shoulders, strengthening core, opening hips, lengthening hamstrings, etc.) we will look into the anatomy of each area and understand the complex movement of it (hand outs will be given on course) and what that area needs. By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of the anatomy of yoga and how to maintain a personal practice that will be good for your own body needs…

Evening sessions:  will be made out of a 60 min yin class (related to the morning session) followed by yoga nidra (yogic sleep). Helping you to get your body and mind ready for a sweet good night sleep.


For more information on Effie, please visit her website: