Mina Semyon

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Yoga and Mindfulness

My teaching and practice of Yoga and Mindfulness is about awakening to the unified sense of our whole being -body, mind, spirit.

It is about listening inside, gradually realizing that wholeness can only be retrieved by identifying and letting go of unnecessary holding on

If you can stop straining you might discover that inside the tense unbalanced body there is a sensible body, which can be effortlessly at ease with the energy flowing freely and the mind becoming calm. In the midst of the storm there is stillness where we can experience our presence.
Practice of Yoga with Mindfulness opens your heart to spontaneous joy and compassion and puts a smile on your face!

I have written two books 'The Distracted Centipede - a Yoga experience' and 'Yoga Stories for Healthy Living'

My books are for everybody, regardless of age, physical condition, sex, religious beliefs. They are based on the common sense that our mental, physical and spiritual health depends on our being able to take on the, management of our inner world by entering the journey of becoming aware, letting go of our restrictive conditioning and opening our heart to love.
It is never too early and never too late to start and continue.

For me the only time I can say I am truly relaxed and not a danger to myself or others is when I am in a state of acceptance, even acceptance of my non acceptance.

Mina Semyon
September 2015