Tina Abbey & Penny Raggett

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Champneys weekends with Tina and Penny

Refining Your Asana Practice
One Weekend Two Teachers.   

Our Weekend of Cultivating Balance begins on Friday, our first class together. We will introduce ourselves, talk a little about the weekend ahead, find out if there are any requests or concerns.

This first class on Friday will give you the space to ease yourself into your asana practice after your journey to Champneys and for many the end of a busy week.

Saturday morning we will be inspired by the nature that surrounds us and enjoy a heart opening joyful practice .

Saturday afternoon taking our Yang practice for those who wish to, too a more dynamic level, which will evolve into welcoming in a gentle Yin practice towards the end.

Sunday morning practice we will bring together all of the previous classes, reflecting on what we have learnt, what we could let go of, and the possibility of bringing  more balance into our lives.

This weekend is for all levels.  The less experienced will be guided, reminded of the do's and don'ts.  The more experienced will have the opportunity to explore more challenging postures if they wish.  Complete beginners are advised to speak to Penny or Tina before signing up.

Tina and Penny have 40 years teaching experience between them, coming from Sivananda and Iyegar backgrounds.  The pace of the class will be dynamic but mindful.  Tina's passion is the philosophy, and the ability that the practice has to literally change one's life.  Penny's passion is bringing yoga to all, children, teens and those with injuris and sharing her love of the spirituality of yoga.

Be prepared to laugh and to groan, as they both warmly welcome you to their weekend.


Tina qualified in India and has studied Yoga and Meditation for more than 30 years. She brings a spiritual awareness into her teachings, yet with a down to earth approach. When not teaching she runs a busy health clinic in Kingston. 

Penny originally started attending yoga classes in 2000 because of a back issue and to ease the stress of working in the hotel industry. Her desire to learn more about the wonder of yoga led her to become a teacher.