Emily-Clare Hill

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Emily-Clare Hill

Coming to dance late, she fell in love with it, dance became her mediation, an escape into oneself, a journey of being free of all barriers and insecurities, a chance to express everything through the body.

It wasn't until stage school that her Yoga journey began and the revelation of meditation through movement was revealed.

It was the complete polar opposite to the industry that came with dancing,  allowed to look and feel however she wished on that day, the body and posture didn't need to be perfect or look like everyone else's, there is a freedom to being your own person when on the mat, this drawing her in to learning more.


Emily's passion for yoga is ever present and evolving, her journey as a teacher has been very active from the word go, she's excited by the fact that you can always continue to learn and loves the quote;

"Once you stop learning, you stop living" 


Emily's Classes

Emily's ability to offer a fun dynamic stretchy practise with fluid mindful technique, a lot of love and a little banter stands her aside from the crowd. Her knowledge of anatomy allows her to weave together a creative sequence that will leave you feeling inspired, fearless and ready.

Classes are themed around an inspirational topic to offer an intention for practise...supported by the breath and always encouraging, Emily installs a mindful, conscious practise of being in the moment.




"Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit."