Lisa Gibbs

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Yoga with Lisa Gibbs

Lisa arrived in Spain fresh from training as an Astanga Yoga teacher in 2001.

Lisa brings an air of inspiration to the class and although trained in Astanga she is able to adapt the class for those who need a more gentle approach whilst still maintaining the synchronisation of breath and movement that has been her forte.   

Classes are adapted to each individual so that not one person feels stuck: bringing in new adaptations through her continual study of the yoga practice.


"Classes involve a series of moving and stationary poses, combined with deep breathing. Allowing the heart to open within each person, to move through creating a form (asana) continuing to flow through our connection with breath (Prana), generating an inner peace and balance which opens our path for spiritual growth. Each individual obtains confidence to love and be loved and to shine throughout their daily lives, creating a peace and harmony not just within each of us but in everybody we come in contact with"   


Lisa was certified to teach yoga from the Lay Buddhist monk Kisen whose own third lineage to Sri T Krishnamacharya made him such a sort after master in 80's and 90's.

She has also studied with Laura Henderson (Hatha yoga with Alexander technique) and Earnest Coates (Living Yoga).   


Classes with Lisa are pre-arranged with the client.

You may choose private classes at your villa, or you can join her drop-in classes held either in the yoga space behind the church ovelooking the sea, or, if weather does not permit this, then at her small yoga studio close to her home.