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Hatha  Flow & Yin Yoga with Meryl

Meryl is passionate about Yoga and the changes that she knows from personal experience it can make to people's lives - physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Meryl says; “It is inconceivable to me that I would ever be without my Yoga practice and the feeling of revitalisation, calm, grounding and equilibrium that it gives to me - my aim is to always teach in a way that embodies these qualities for my Students.”

Meryl teaches breath led Hatha Flow classes and Yin Yoga.  Hatha Flow sessions incorporate an initial centring/grounding, followed by a pranayama practice, warm up prep exercises, leading into a Hatha Flow asana sequence.

This is followed by a cooling down period, a final pranayama practice to end the physical aspect of the practice and then a Mindfulness meditation practice.

The Hatha Flow sessions will enhance energy and balance. Meryl’s Yin Yoga sessions will consist of a series of passive floor asanas held from between 2 - 5 minutes with the use of bolsters, these asanas will focus on the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine as these areas are especially rich in connective tissues, this will improve the energy flow and enhances the flow of chi in the organs, a Yin practice can also offer huge mental and emotional benefits too.

Meryl's aims for the weeks Yoga is that first and foremost it will be fun, non-competitive, safe and nurturing, with an overall theme of revitalisation, mindfulness, a sense of self and serenity.  The classes will be suitable to all levels of students, including beginners and modifications will be available to all the asanas that will be practised. Meryl will encourage Students to work totally within their own capabilities.

Morning session:  Before breakfast, the session will incorporate a vibrant Hatha Flow asana sequence, followed by a Mindfulness meditation, the aim will be to feel revitalised, balanced and open to the day ahead.

Evening session:  Prior to our evening meal, a lovely slow-paced Yin practice - with an extended meditation / relaxation period at the end of the practice leaving all feeling calm, grounded and balanced.

About Meryl

After spending many years working in incredibly stressful yet dynamic and fast moving environments, Meryl’s Yoga journey began over 20 years ago, initially with a weekly Yoga practice.  However, in a short space of time Meryl became acutely aware of the breadth of Yoga with all its many facets. Meryl’s interest deepened, strengthened and expanded, studying the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Courses 1 and 2, after which she felt compelled to teach and gained her British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma (500 hrs). 

Meryl has since undertaken numerous continuous professional development courses and additional training and is a qualified Yin Yoga (Yoga Alliance) and Mindfulness meditation instructor.