Nicolette Wilson

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Nicolette is the Founder and Director of Self Love yoga and Pilates.
Having trained as a professional dancer, a Personal Trainer, Sports Masseur, a Pilates teacher, a yoga teacher, a Pre/Post Natal yoga teacher and a Yoga as Medicine teacher, Nicolette has taken the time to build her knowledge as a passionate yoga teacher.

She has a BSc (Hons) in Health Studies together with a diploma in nutrition and is continually updating her knowledge on the wonders of the mind and body.  She has studied with Sivananda yoga on the subjects of yoga psychology and pranayama and taken courses in Ayurvedic cooking. 

As a yoga teacher, her passion is about finding excellence in everything we do therefore being the best we can be every day.  She reminds us that this is very different to the desire of perfection.


Yoga is a way of life, a philosophy and an art form, so rather than trying to perfect everything, Nicolette encourages acceptance. 


With acceptance we can see things clearly and with clarity, we can make change.  Like all living things, we evolve let's do it well!


Nicolette's yoga holidays will give you time to rebalance your mind and body, allowing space to return to or find your true self (Sat Nam).


Having trained originally in Astanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga in India as well as two UK yoga qualifications, Nicolette's teachings are now influenced by a plethora of yoga styles.

She enjoys the freedom and spirituality of Jivamukti, the expression and grace of Anusara, the precision of Iyengar, the discipline of Sivananda and the pure love experienced within Kundalini.

Her classes/workshops will nurture both your mind and body and guide you towards the joy of being the very best you.