Tracy Mulus

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Strong Flowing Yoga plus Deep Relaxation with Tracy Mulas

Tracy teaches Hatha Flow Yoga and incorporate reiki and deep  healing relaxation into her classes.

She is very passionate about  yoga  and likes to make the classes fun and informative . I believe  yoga is a personal practice and guide students into variations of postures that suit their  bodies .

"I work intuitively  which has been a great tool for me as a teacher ,feeling the energy of the class and knowing how to use that energy. 
Yoga really is my passion and i love nothing more than  to roll  out my mat and share  this wonderful gift with like minded people . 
Love light and laughter"

Tracy has been practicing yoga for over ten years. In 2005 she completed a two year teacher and training course with Fryog (friends of yoga society) tutored by Carole Kertin. Carole has over 30 years of knowledge and experience.  

"There was nothing Carole did not know. Carole took me deeper into the vast and wonderful subject of yoga which gave me grounding, understanding, knowledge and a passion for teaching. Something that I have. My passion for yoga continually grows and I continue my own personal development through workshops, classes and reading materials."

"I am at my happiest when I am on my mat teaching like minded souls, who in return teach me. My students are my biggest teachers and for that I give them thanks. I teach my students to become totally aware of their body using yoga postures for proper alignment, pranayama for control and total deep healing relaxation to help them completely release and let go. In today's society everybody seems to rush, here there and everywhere with stress continually building. I give my students time to release their day and just be... I make sure that relaxation and pranayama is a very important part of the practice.
My philosophy for my students is to make them aware that yoga is their own personal practice, I am only their guide. I help my students to learn to love their limitations as we are all different. Over my six years of teaching I have learnt to read my students energy and understand exactly what they need when they walk into my class.
I have learnt to never push the body beyond its limitations and understand that it is ok to adjust certain postures to suit particular student's needs, to working safely within the practice guidelines, I always work with the three basic principles of yoga, grounding, breathing and lengthening the spine."
Tracy's yoga classes are a mixture of gentle and dynamic flow , focusing on body, breath and mind. She loves yoga sequences and this contributes to a large part of her class, the rest of her class focuses on deep healing meditation, relaxation and pranayama . Tracy's classes are suitable for both beginners and improvers



nid%3D1031%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneFEEDBACK FROM TRACYS STUDENTS

Hi Jilly, I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent holiday at grenadine lodge.  This was my first time traveling alone, and I was quite nervous before going.  As soon as I got to the hotel, however, I felt very welcome and included.  Tracy was excellent at accomodating the classes to suit all differant levels, and each class felt unique and fun.  I was never bored, and looked forward to each session with excitment.  She incorporated relaxation seamlessly into the practice, and really worked with both mind and body.  I'm so surprised at how quickly our group became close friends, and look forward to staying in touch with everyone.  Hope to participate in another holiday with Tracy soon!

Best,  Jamie Piekarski - June 2015



Hi Jilly, I never normally feel moved enough to write a testimonial, but I have just returned from one of your trips and wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I had at Grenadine Lodge with Tracy teaching the yoga. The whole trip was amazing, the hotel was beautifully peaceful and well kept and felt like a little sanctuary hidden away from the real world.  Aygul and her staff were so friendly and nothing was too much trouble, they made you feel more like friends and family than a guest in a hotel, which was lovely.

The star of the show though was Tracy, she is divine.  I have been a few yoga holidays before, but never have I come away feeling like I have formed a bond with someone or been so cared for.  Unfortunately I have a back injury so could not partake in much of the yoga, but I never felt excluded or that I should not be in the class.  Tracy also made the classes fun and adapted them to everybody's abilities and her meditation and relaxation in the evenings  left you feel wholesome and nourished. I was sad to leave at the end of the week, although I have taken with me some great memories and a bunch of lovely new friends. I wanted to thank you for organising the holiday and I would definitely be keen to book again for next year.  .

Kind regards Georgina - June 2015