Caroline Wickham

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Caroline Wickham - Yoga & Qigong Fusion

‘Enthusiasm, Energy & Experience’  This is how Caroline’s students have described her and why they enjoy her classes so much!  She has a long-standing teaching background, originally trained as Physical Education teacher specialising in Movement Studies.

She started her Yoga teaching career in Guernsey back in 2006 and has witnessed many shifts and changes in the yoga world. She has enjoyed taking Free Spirit retreats since 2013.

It was during lockdown in 2020-21 that Caroline used her time to pursue her fascination and interest in Qigong, one of the ancient pillars of Traditional Chinese medicine. She found an excellent teacher online, practiced daily and was truly astounded at how the movements helped her feel much more grounded, more relaxed in the joints and with more energy running throughout her body. She continued her studies enthusiastically and pursued her qualification to become a Yoga & Qigong teacher in 2020.

She has since crafted her own blend of Yoga and Qigong Fusion into a flowing and mindful movement practice. It offers the perfect combination and balance of Yang and Yin and she believes is the exact practice we need right now in the uncertain and ever challenging times we are facing.

Yoga & Qigong Fusion is open to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced students and teachers. It particularly appeals to yogis who may have become a little disheartened or ‘stuck’ in their practice and looking for more balance, more vitality and connection in their lives. The translation from Chinese to English literally means the ‘cultivation of life energy’.

The practices encourage us to ‘Be brave, be firm and take action in tough times through connecting to our hearts whisper and to our inner strength’.


Caroline holds the Advanced BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) Diploma and is recognised by the European Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation, the world governing body of Yoga.

She is a Budokon Teacher and has studied martial arts under the tuition of Cameron & Melayne Shayne since 2010.

Her most outstanding achievement as a Yoga teacher has been a long-standing commitment to teaching in the Guernsey Prison (with  the Prison Phoenix Trust) and helping inmates find meaning, purpose and healing in their lives.


FOR CHAMPNEYS WEEKENDS ONLY :  SunPower & Restorative / Yin Yoga

Morning Sessions

During your stay at Champneys, Caroline will be offering SunPower Yoga for your morning yoga sessions. SunPower Yoga is a flourishing, dynamic and innovative style, perfect for our modern times yet still laced with traditional yoga principles. It includes Iyengar for alignment, Sivananda for subtle mind and body-work and Astanga for heat, flexibility and stamina. SunPower Yoga uses the image of the sun as a symbol of empowerment, hope, determination, letting go, warmth and light. A sun inside that allows us to shine from within, as a symbol of regeneration and healing.

Afternon Sessions

The afternoon yoga sessions will complement the morning ones so that we maintain a balance of Yin and Yang, dynamic and yielding, energising and healing.   Restorative  / Yin Yoga offers our body the chance to rebalance and heal itself, switching on the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Poses are held longer, with a relaxed and meditative awareness. When we rest in this non-stressful state, our energy body rebalances naturally. As our energy harmonises, not only do our bodies open more easily, but our minds settle into an effortless contemplative repose.

"Breathe deep, take the challenge and transform your life!"
Caroline’s style of teaching welcomes all levels from experienced teachers to complete beginners - all will be nurtured and at the same time challenged!  That is the true essence of Yoga!

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